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Bird Costume

Updated on October 3, 2014

Homemade Bird Costume

reproduced under CC BY 2.0 license.
reproduced under CC BY 2.0 license. | Source

Suit Up in a Bird Costume this Halloween

Take inspiration from our winged friends and sport a bird costume for your Halloween parties. Whether you are looking to create your own Halloween costume or purchase one you will find a selection of bird costumes and handmade bird costume instructions to suit your needs. From famous birds like Daffy and Big Bird to beautiful parrots or swans you will find a variety of bird costume ideas.

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Costume Inspiration

Think like a bird

Every costume starts with inspiration. An idea can come to you from anywhere. It could be from an image, words, or products. Sometimes it is easy and you find a costume company that has designed the costume that reflects your ideas perfectly and other times finding the costume you want can take some work. You may decide to give up on your dream and settle for something else or take a more creative approach and make your own costume. Either way finding your perfect costume is rewarding.

You could have a broad ideas of what you want but need to take some time to determine what aspect of the costume you want to portray. Most likely you have arrived at this page because you are interest in becoming a bird, but maybe you have not determined which bird you would like to be. Looking through a bunch of different options can help you pinpoint the things you like. If your looking for a bird costume that is right for you scroll through this page and explore the different costume ideas.


Peacock Costume - Strut Your Stuff

When we think about Peacocks we usually note the large tale feathers but this is only a distinctive feature of male peacocks. The fanned tail is an exercise in courtship. It is used to attract female peacocks. It is interesting to note that the Peacock costumes exhibit this male tail - even costumes designed for women.

Rasta Women's Imposta Peacock Costume, Multi, Small/Medium
Rasta Women's Imposta Peacock Costume, Multi, Small/Medium

Show off your tail feathers with this Peacock women's costume. This costume fits women sized 4-10. It comes complete with dress, tail and headband..


Homemade Bird Costumes

Adult Chicken Costume - Funky Costume

Chicken Costume

Adult Chicken Costume - Funny Giant Chicken

Waddle to your next costume party with the humorous Funky Chicken Costume. Giant Chicken Costume features jumpsuit, mask, gloves and shoe covers. Costume can be hand washed in cold water and line dried.

Price: $94.95 USD

How to Make a Bird Mask

Big Bird

Big Bird Costume - Straight from Sesame Street

Big Bird is the yellow 8ft 2" bird from sesame street. This muppet loves his ABC's and has been appearing on sesame street since 1969. Big Birds is a favorite of young kids and nostalgoic grown ups. For a bit of fun why not try on a Big Bird costume for fun.

Angry Birds

Angry Bird Costume - What is the right bird for you?

Angry birds is a popular video game where you use sling shots to send your birds flying towards a bunch of pigs. The goal is for your birds to rid the screen of the pigs. From this franchise has come Halloween costumes so now fans of the game have the opportunity to dress up like their favorite angry bird character.

Red Bird

Paper Magic Group Angry Birds Red Bird Costume
Paper Magic Group Angry Birds Red Bird Costume

The Red Angry Bird costume is based on the successful mobile app. This costume slips over your clothes. It is a 100% polyester and needs to be hand washed.


Parrot, Raven and Crow Costume

Run with the Ostrich this Halloween - Dress up in an Ostrich Costume

Big Boys' Inflatable Ostrich Costume, One Size for 5-7 Years
Big Boys' Inflatable Ostrich Costume, One Size for 5-7 Years

The Ostrich has a long neck and legs. There are two species of these birds and they have the ability to run at speeds up to 97.5 km. The Ostrich has an overpowering presence. Why not dress up like this African flightless bird for Halloween and try on this inflatable Ostrich costume for size.


Tweet Bird, Daffy & Donald Duck

Donald Duck Costume Hat - Blue and White Bird Hat

Donald Duck is a beloved animated character from Walt Disney Productions. The character was first created in 1934. He is a white duck and wears a blue sailor suit with cap. Donald is easily provoked and has a short temper. He is known to say, "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy" when he is happy or excited.

Disney Parks Exclusive Long Bill Donald Duck Hat
Disney Parks Exclusive Long Bill Donald Duck Hat

Don this Donald Duck hat this Halloween and become this sometimes frustrated animated duck from Disney.


Daffy Duck & Tweety Bird Costumes - Birds that are famous

Daffy Duck is animated cartoon character from Warner Bros. studios. He first made his debut in Porky's Duck Hunt (1937). Daffy is a black duck who is Bugs Bunny's best friend and sometimes competitor. He has also appeared on Loony Toons.

Tweety Bird is also a Warner Bros. character. He is a yellow canary. He is famous for saying "I tawt I saw a puddy cat"

Below find costumes for Daffy and Tweety.

Owl Costumes

Girls Infant Holly Owl Costume

The Infant Girls Owl costume features a bubble body & a cute head piece. Wash costumes in cold water and dry flat. Leggings pictured not included.

Price: $54.95 USD

Duck Costumes

Duck Costumes - A webbed feet experience

Lil' Ducky Baby Infant Costume - Infant Small
Lil' Ducky Baby Infant Costume - Infant Small

Who doesn't love this adorable ducky infant costume? The beak hood and webbed feet make this costume a must have.


Fun Bird Costume & Accessories

Costume Challenge - It is up to you

Considering all your costume options for Halloween what do you think you will choose to do?

Are you thinking about wearing a bird costume this Halloween?

See results

When Birds Attack Costume - Beware of the birds on Halloween

When Birds Attack Costume - Women Std. (6-12)
When Birds Attack Costume - Women Std. (6-12)

Be the talk of the party with this When Birds Attack Costume. This costume includes an olive dress and jacket. Other items included are: a headband, belt, cuffs and black birds. The costume is made from 100% polyester.


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