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Bird Ornaments for the Christmas Tree

Updated on April 10, 2013

Decorate your tree with beautiful bird ornaments

What's a more natural ornament for a Christmas tree than a bird? Bird ornaments look great hanging from the branches of any tree. Whether you're a bird watcher or bird lover looking to decorate your own tree, or are looking for a gift for someone else who enjoys birds, this page can help you find the perfect bird Christmas tree ornament. We've gathered ornaments from merchants around the web to make it easy to find just what you need in one spot. I hope you find something here to enjoy!

(Image of Jim Shore bird ornament provided by amazon)

Enesco Foundations Believe Bird with Star OrnamentCHECK PRICE

Enesco Foundations Love Bird with Heart OrnamentCHECK PRICE

Enesco Foundations Joy Bird with Music Charm OrnamentCHECK PRICE

Enesco Foundations Kindness Bird OrnamentCHECK PRICE

Enesco Foundations Dove OrnamentCHECK PRICE

Enesco Foundations Hope Bird with Acorn OrnamentCHECK PRICE

Enesco has been making home decor products for over 50 years, and the quality and experience shines through in these beautiful bird ornaments. Each one is hand crafted and hand painted by an artisan who painstakingly adds each detail in these lovely tree ornaments.

Bird Ornaments for the Christmas Tree: Dove OrnamentCHECK PRICE

More Bird Ornaments for the Tree

From tiny hummingbirds to majestic eagles

These ornaments would look great on your own tree or would make wonderful gifts for your favorite bird lover.

Pale Yellow Bird OrnamentCHECK PRICE

Cardinal on Egg OrnamentCHECK PRICE

Gold Birds in Cage OrnamentCHECK PRICE

Birdhouse Watering CanCHECK PRICE

Cardinal on a Pine BranchCHECK PRICE

Bird Feeder with CardinalCHECK PRICE

American Bald Eagle OrnamentCHECK PRICE

Hummingbird OrnamentCHECK PRICE

Pheasant Christmas Tree OrnamentCHECK PRICE

Cardinal in the Snow

Trivia: Unlike many other birds, cardinals do not migrate. They're often seen on holiday cards and ornaments because their red color is brilliantly striking against snowy white backgrounds.

(Image from AllPosters)

Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Bird Ornaments

Designs by Jim Shore

If you're a fan of Jim Shore's artwork, you'll love these beautiful bird ornaments.

Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Jingle Birds Cardinal OrnamentCHECK PRICE

Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Jingle Birds Bluebird OrnamentCHECK PRICE

Love Birds Ornament

Perfect for newlyweds

Whether you just got married or know someone who tied the knot, this ornament will make a perfect addition to the Christmas tree.

Personalized Love Birds Ornament for ChristmasCHECK PRICE

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    • Deadicated LM profile image

      Deadicated LM 4 years ago

      Great selection! I'm honored to be your 20th Squid Like on this one.

    • Niagara Ghosts profile image

      Niagara Ghosts 4 years ago

      Very pretty!

    • iamraincrystal profile image

      Rosyel Sawali 4 years ago from Manila Philippines

      Lovely bird ornaments! ^_^

    • LornsA178 profile image

      LornsA178 4 years ago

      I love them! They are so cool!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      "Here pretty bird, here pretty bird" ... I just love birds! Ornaments would make a great, inexpensive gift to get someone for their tree at Christmas time.