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Birthday Gift Ideas For Husband He Will Love

Updated on December 6, 2014
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Enda offers some great advice on buying gifts for men. Here he offers a range of great gift ideas for the man who has everything

Lifetime Friends

Find The Perfect Gifts For Your Husband From Someone Who Knows

As a husband of close to 40 years, I know what birthday gifts I like and hopefully I can offer some great ideas for those special days in a man's life. It can be difficult when you are married, and especially for any length of time, to find the ideal gift for the "hubby."

It is difficult in the early days, but only gets more difficult the longer you are married. When you take into account his birthday, Christmas, Valentines, the anniversary dates etc, there are four or five times a year when you will like to buy your husband a present which is a nice gift.

I think the age is also important as you want to try to get the right kind of gift for him at the right age and that is not always an easy thing to achieve. Hopefully this article will inspire you with some new and different ideas of gifts that will make your other half happy. That is certainly the purpose of writing this anyway.

I will concentrate here on birthday gift ideas for the husband but they could also be used at other special occasions.

Images: My own and some from Amazon

Birthday Gifts To Avoid
Birthday Gifts To Avoid | Source

What Makes The Perfect Gift For A Husband?

And What Type of Gifts To Avoid

Now I know every man is slightly different in what he likes and doesn't like when it comes to a gift. As such, I can only make general statements based on the guys that I associate with. I am now retired but worked for a large Corporate for many years and have a large number of male friends.

I also play golf, love walking, play the guitar badly and like to read. So my opinions are based on what these other guys have said and what I know myself. Men do talk about the gifts and presents that they like. If you ever have a look at their wish lists on Amazon, you do start to get a real insight into the types of presents that they "really" want to receive.

In fact a top tip is to get your hubby to create a wish list on Amazon as that will make your own task a great deal easier. I have one and I think every man and woman should as well. It makes gift buying so much easier. That is why wedding lists are so useful, helpful and popular.

Gifts to Avoid

We all need clothes but honestly most men see these as just part of living expenses. We need them, we like them and many of them can look great. I doubt very much if any man has ever got really excited about receiving a pair of socks and I am sure your husband is the same. Now if he played golf for example, then buying him a golfing jacket is a great idea. Yes I know we are weird but that is how we think.

Avoid at all costs those silly gadgets and especially ones that have no purpose. Think of things like clip on braces, wooden puzzles, shoe shine kits, cheap multi-part tool kits etc and you will get my meaning. They are the sort of thing that are sold on store shelves that look interesting, but are a man's worst nightmare. Here is why - what the heck do you do with them? Trust me, on receipt of any of this type of gift, we will smile, leave it sitting around for a few days, and then bury it somewhere in a drawer.

That is just disappointing and a waste of your time, effort and money.

My other advice is to avoid gifts like jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzle books and really any type of book that is very generic in nature like "The 1,000 best golf courses" type of product. I would also avoid a lot of the man care style of products that seem to be everywhere. You will know your man better than me and you will already know what types of after shaves he likes. The bottom line again is that these types of gifts although "nice," to receive are not that different or exciting. Shaving foam I can pick up in any drug store. I really don't need one where it is packaged in a box with pre-shave that will never get used.

So that is more than enough about what not to buy and I am guessing you know most of that already. Now let's have a look at some great ideas that I know I would love and I am sure he would as well.

Set-Up Guide for the Chromecast

Some Great Ideas That Will Make Your Husband's Birthday Special

The male race has it easy. We actually know that though we would seldom or never admit to that. That said we do love to be spoiled and at heart I think you know we are all really just big kids at heart.

I have put a short list below of four ideas ranging from as little as $12 to about $140 as an example of the things we really love. I hope that you find it useful.

The Family Handyman
The Family Handyman

This is one of the best gifts I ever received from my wife.

This is a magazine subscription to a Handyman magazine and I get 12 copies a year.

There are many different types of magazines available for men depending on what they like.

I really look forward to getting my mag every month and it reminds me every month of the gift I got and yet, it is both cheap and very cheerful.


Great Birthday Surprise


Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband Turning 30

My 30th birthday was the worst birthday ever for me for one reason only. It was the end of my 20's and I did not like that one little bit. There was just something about that age that I did not like being. When I hit my 40th Birthday I loved every second of that, but it just wasn't like that for my 30th.

I also know many men who loved their 30th birthday and had a ball. They also say that 30 is the new 20 and I think there is some truth in that. The social structure has changed in that more people tend to get married around this age and are having their children later.

That is just the way of the world but irrespective of all of that that birthday will come ticking around for Mr husband. Here is a short list of gifts that I know are ideal for that age group of males.

I know one lady who bought her hubby 30 gifts, one for each year. They were all small but I thought it was a really good and very thoughtful and fun.

BigMouth Inc The Gun Mug
BigMouth Inc The Gun Mug

This is just something that looks cool and is just a lot of fun and a little unusual.


Think Different


Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband Turning 40

This was my favourite birthday of all. It felt really special to me and deep inside I just felt so good it is hard to explain. Yet again, I do know men who are not looking forward to that one at all. I know that you will want to organise something special for this one like a nice meal, or a party if he wants and likes that type of thing.

Here are some gift ideas to go along with whatever you are planning.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband Turning 50

I turned 50 a few years back and that was a birthday I was unsure about. When my wife surprised me with a trip to Geneva, and a watch designed by a maker from Geneva (Raymond Veil) then you can guess what I thought of that.

I was truly over the moon and the five days we spent there were the best ever. I loved every single moment of that. My colleagues at work also sprung a surprise party and that was awesome.

Here are some clever ideas for your husband who is turning 50.

Cards Against Humanity On Video

Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity

The best selling fun card game in the world. This has sold in its thousands and is a great game to play with friends.


Oster Wine Opener In Action

Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller
Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller

A super gift that he will love if he likes his wine


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      noner 4 years ago

      Oooh...My husband had a jigsaw puzzle on his gift list this year.