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Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

Updated on January 3, 2011

Gift selection is always far difficult than gift purchasing. At times we can not decide about a gift and purchase a gift which is not suitable for the age or likes of the person to whom it has to be gifted. Specially wen one has to gift something to a person who is older or younger to their age it becomes difficult to decide what to gift! Its far easy to gift something to somebody who is of your age or belong from your peer group, because you know their likes and their preferences. Kids are often most difficult to gift something. On their birthdays you have to gift something that is different from previous year and at the same time better than your previous gift so it becomes too difficult. There are certain ideas that will help you in gift selection for your loved ones pre-school children.

Pet Shop Books
Pet Shop Books
Photo frames for kids
Photo frames for kids
Audio book of animals
Audio book of animals
Colorful puzzle
Colorful puzzle
Children puzzle book
Children puzzle book
Audio book with pop-out characters
Audio book with pop-out characters
Spelling Bee kids dictionary
Spelling Bee kids dictionary
Pet shop book with nursery rhymes
Pet shop book with nursery rhymes
  1. Pet Shops: Pet shops are available in 3-D forms as well in the form of books. In books the children can assemble them by himself and in this way he will earn how to match similar things and how to organize things. Pet shops also help the children learn the names of various pets and their spellings. They are very colorful and, therefore attracts children. In some of the pet shop books there are rhymes and stories too which may be very good for the kids. Again they will be able to increase their vocabulary and learn rhyming words too. They are perfect to give to a kid who is interested in organizing and assembling things.
  2. Photo Frames: Photo frames may sound clichéd but in reality they will be not if you develop one of the best photo of the kid and insert it in the photo frame. The kid may not be able to use it but the parents will be definitely happy. It will show them your dedication and your interest with which you decided about the gift. Don't select a photo frame which suits elders. There are photo frames with cartoon characters and other smart kiddy writings, they will be suitable. 
  3. Audio Books: Audio books are recent addition to the kids books list. These books have sounds that make them very interesting. These books have a theme and the sound is recorded, inside it in the battery, that suits the theme. These books are very colorful and as they have sounds too they are better than simple books to gift. These books may help the kid learn a new concept in better manner because he/she is involved with most of his senses, hearing, vision and touch. The involvement of the children is greater in audio books than in other simple books. Its fun reading and listening to these books.
  4. Puzzles and Puzzle Books: Puzzles were previously available in packets now they are also available in books. The children can take out the puzzles create things and can replace them in the book. This is fun to do and the children learns to organize things. Puzzle books also have a them and are colorful. Some of them have other features too like sound and 3-d objects. Puzzles are very good for mental exercise as well as for learning hand movement and control. 
  5. Cartoon Series DVDs: Though cartoon series are available online but its good to have your own collection. Some kids are very much into cartoons and cartoon DVDs can be a very interesting gift for them. Some cartoons are educational too so they are better to gift to a child because he/she will be able to learn simple concepts with the help of many senses.   
  6. Pop-out Books: Pop-out books give an impression of 3-D objects. Children do not have developed abstract thinking therefore these books may provide them a whole new world. They will consider these books to have real objects that pop-out when they open. Pop-out books are available in wide amount of themes and characters. Some of them are very helpful even for school going children because in 3-D shapes each and every object of the character is described so children can learn a whole new set of things from it. 
  7. Children Dictionaries: Children dictionaries have words meanings of simple words that are very useful for children to learn. These dictionaries are even helpful for parents because they will get to know what to teach them. Some of these dictionaries are illustrated and colorful and other have just text in them. 

What to Consider While Selecting Gifts?

  1. Age of the Children: Age of the children is very important in deciding about the gift. Children develop at faster rated than we do. With every birthday they have been developed manifold in physical as well as mental and motor skills. The requirements change and so the gift should also be suitable to the age.   
  2. Likes and Dislikes: Children are often neglected in thinking about their likes and dislikes. People often think that children have less exposure and understanding of the world so they have similar inborn capabilities and personalities but this is a wrong perception. Every child is different, one child may be interested in games and cartoons the other may like to have books and nursery rhymes series. You should know about their likes and dislikes before deciding about the gift. 
  3. Resources: Your resources, time, money and availability of things may also effect the choice of gift. 
  4. Your Creativity: All things apart but your creativity can make a simple gift something that is the best one. The gift wrapping matters too. Some people make gifts at home which is more creative and loving to give. 


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