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Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Updated on February 26, 2014

Looking for Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend?

It can be tough to come up with birthday gift ideas for a girlfriend, especially if the relationship is still new. With so many things to choose from, shopping can become overwhelming, especially if your girlfriend doesn't drop any hints! But finding a great gift doesn't have to be stressful.

Take a deep breath and remember that, if she is the kind of girl worth dating, she will appreciate your effort and thought. Think about the things she loves and look through these gift ideas. You're sure to find the perfect birthday present!

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Chocolates and Candies

Flowers and chocolate are always a good stand-by gift. They may not be the most creative birthday present idea, but if you are stuck for ideas they make a good go-to present.

DVDs and Blu-Rays

If you pick the right one, a DVD or blu-ray can make a fantastic birthday gift idea for your girlfriend. However, you have to think about what would make the movie special for her. If you've been together for a while, one great idea is to get a copy of a movie that you saw together. This is a romantic gesture that will really mean something! If you haven't been together very long or you don't normally go to the movies, think about her favorite films and choose a film that would fit in.

The Notebook [Blu-ray]
The Notebook [Blu-ray]

The Notebook is one of the most romantic movies of all times. If your girlfriend doesn't have a copy already, this makes a great choice for a birthday present. Make sure there is tissue around!


Gifts for the Home

Candles and picture frames are always classic gifts (especially if you fill the picture frame with an image that is sentimental). Artwork is another great option. Something to make her home a little more beautiful with always be appreciated.

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Don't panic! Getting jewelry for your girlfriend doesn't mean spending hundreds of dollars on something with diamonds! For many guys, buying jewelry is a daunting task that they avoid, but it doesn't need to be that way. A beautiful necklace or bracelet is something she can wear and be reminded of you, which is sentimental and sweet.

Before purchasing jewelry for your girlfriend's birthday, take a moment to pay attention to what kind of jewelry she actually wears. The next time you go out, see if she has on earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet. Also, check to see if she is wearing gold or silver - many women have a preference of one over the other! By looking to see what she already has and likes, you will improve your odds of buying something she will appreciate.

Hearts are a classic idea for pendants and bracelets, but only go for these if you have been dating for a while. There are pendants available in nearly every shape, size, and price range. Try a star, butterfly, or even a simple gemstone if you aren't sure hearts are the best option.

Jewelry Buying Tip: Don't give her birthday jewelry in a box that is the size of an engagement ring, especially if you've been together long enough that she might be hoping for one!

Sometimes, you can find a good deal on a set of pendants. This set includes five different color gemstone pendants for you to give (and Amazon typically sells it for 50% or more below the list price). Don't worry if price is a factor in your decision-making process. Sometimes we have to be practical about what we can afford to give, and a good girlfriend will appreciate your gesture. If you keep an eye out for bargains, you can get her something extra special for a reasonable price.

Sterling Silver Necklace Set with Five Pendant Gemstones
Sterling Silver Necklace Set with Five Pendant Gemstones

This set features sterling silver pendants in Peridot, Garnet, Amethyst, Blue Topaz and Citrine. This gives you five completely different colors. The pendant shapes are classic and simple, which many different types of women will appreciate.


Have you bought a present for a girlfriend that she loved? Or, what was the best present you ever got from your significant other? Share your ideas here and you might give someone the perfect suggestion!

Do you have any suggestions I've missed?

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