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The Best Birthday Gifts For A Guy That Brews Beer

Updated on October 13, 2014

Simple Gifts That Home Brewers Would Appriciate

Does your boyfriend or husband enjoy brewing his own beer? He may or may not make palatable beer but if he enjoys trying it's a good idea to encourage his interests by giving him a complimentary gift.

Brewers are notoriously creative and their breweries can sometimes be the thorn in the side of a spouse. Whether you buy him something that helps keep his equipment clean or a high end piece of equipment remember to focus on presentation. Don't just buy him a mop and tell him to make sure to clean up better next time.

Below I've tried to feature a wide variety of home brew gifts for the beer enthusiast. Some of these are more expensive than others and some are more novelty in nature. No matter what it's important to remember that one of the best gifts a man gets for a birthday is the support of a loving girlfriend or wife.

If you support his hobbies he will be a much happier man in the long run.

Best Gifts For People Who Brew Their Own Beer

Home breweries can be quite sophisticated and they can be fairly pedestrian. When most guys start out brewing beer they typically start out with a beer making kit and a guide book. Some men hodge-podge equipment together at first to forgo the financial investment at least in the beginning. When guys really enjoy the hobby and make their own beer more frequently it can be very special if you take the time to see what equipment they have and buy upgraded versions of that equipment. Sometimes less necessary items are omitted altogether and if you can identify these then you have identified a perfect gift for your birthday boy. Below I've listed out many excellent and functional gifts for home breweries. Lower on the page I've included a few novelty items that brewers of home made beer might appreciate.

Novelty Gifts For The Birthday Brew Maker

Don't want to get into the nitty-gritty of home beer making? The following fun and sometimes funny gifts would be perfect accent gifts to give someone who likes to brew his own beer. Just make sure to give him a bit extra otherwise his birthday might seem a bit underwhelming.

How About A More Conventional Birthday Gift?

Second guessing a gift themed around your man's love for brewing beer? See the following page outlining a whole bunch of different birthday gift ideas for the special men in your life.

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