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Birthday Gifts for Her

Updated on December 23, 2013

Birthday Gifts for Her

Is your girlfriend's, fiancee's or wife's birthday coming up soon? Are you looking for the perfect gift to mark her special day? Sometimes finding the perfect birthday present for your significant other can be a daunting task because birthdays are celebrated every year and if you have been together for a long time one could run out of good ideas.

Never give a lady a gift card or cash as a gift. It shows you didn't put any effort into thinking of a present to surprise her with. The thrill in a gift for a lady isn't just that you spent your money to buy her a present. It is equally impressive to see another person devote their time to think of something she may like. Think about how much time you spend looking at different products before you eventually find the one you like. Wouldn't you be impressed that someone else followed the same process and was able to pick something you like? Of course you would!

I present to you the top 10 gift ideas you can thrill your lover with on her birthday.


Like every other jewellery earrings help enhance the beauty of a lady. If you decide to go with this option try to make your purchase unique (a little different from what she already has in her collection). I assure you if you show up with these as a gift on her birthday with a little story on what made you choose the particular earrings she will be touched that you noticed one of the minutest jewellery.

It’s okay if you can’t afford expensive gold. There are cheaper options out there. I’ve gotten an 11 karat gold earring for fewer than fifty dollars and I was shocked at how inexpensive it was. You will be surprised to find out how much some of these ladies stuff cost.

Video Game

Some people might disagree with me for including this option on the list. They may argue by saying "Why give her something that will eventually lead to her spending less time with you". The truth is that although compared to guy, a lot of ladies aren't into video games. But the ones that are absolutely love it big time.

Remember your goal is to get her something she would cherish. And if she loves video games that much that you fear it may drag her attention away from you, she would eventually get the game anyways. So what's the point!

Try to get her something trendy and related to a genre of game she enjoys.

A Fancy Pair of Socks

A pair of fancy pair of socks is an inexpensive, but precious option. One of the things I hear girls say often is that guys are so “plain”. I don’t disagree, neither do I concur. Getting your lover fancy socks for her birthday could prove to her that you are one of those guys that isn’t so plain after all.

Before you discount this option, I will like to bring it to your notice that these socks aren’t as cheap as you think they are. A good one should be within the range of $6- $10. I would rather get my girl this than chocolate bars.


You can never go wrong with flowers. Everybody appreciates flowers because they are beautiful and convey a message. Please while choosing a flower for your lover do a little research on what message it conveys and share it with her, verbally. That way you don’t appear uncoordinated and she can better appreciate the ornament.

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