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Interesting Birthday Party Ideas for Mom

Updated on June 13, 2013

Unique Birthday Party Themes and Ideas for Mom

A mother is a giver to her children and it is the duty of the children to return her love and affection. A great birthday party which will be memorable to her is a great idea to make your mom happy. The birthday party ideas are given here can be done quite easily if you want.

Dear reader do not feel shy to add your own ideas. It would be so exciting if you share what you did on that day to make it interesting.

Mother Earth Party

Mother of every human being is the Earth. So, it would be an interesting idea to use mother earth theme on your mom’s birthday. You can stick stickers of various natural scenes. Guests may be requested to wear green or sea blue dresses. Or you can provide green head bands to everyone. Your house can be decorated with some live plants. Use your ideas and imaginations and you shall get many such ideas. The food should be more natural looking on this party. Green salads and fruits should be more in the menu.

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History Party

If your mom is interested on history then you can do it. The house should be decorated with historical personas images. Guest can be dressed as Victorian gentlemen and ladies. You can enact a small historical play with kids. Old and ancient style food items can be brought to table.

Queen of Our Heart Party

Make your mother queen for a day. She is the real queen of your hearts. Give your Mom an outfit like a queen. Let her sit on a throne with a scepter. Crown her and give her drinks and food as she wishes.


You, the children along with your mother and father can spend a whole day of outdoor activity on her birthday. You can go to cinema or a Mall. Let your mother shop as she wishes by your expense. Some hours of outdoor activities will strengthen the bond between you.

Birthday party ideas for mother
Birthday party ideas for mother | Source

Long Drive

The whole family can go on a long drive to celebrate the mom’s birthday. You can take food baskets and go for a long drive. You can eat your meal on an exotic place on the lap of nature. You can have some fun on a quiet county side and can come back to home at evening.

Surprise Party for Mom

A surprise birthday party is good idea to make your mother happy without much labor or cost. Tell dad about the plan. Dad will take her away from the home to the nearby market or any other place (may be a friend’s house). It will be the time for action for you. Decorate the home with balloons and paper cuttings. Organize everything on a beautiful way. Cook cakes and chocolates for her. Make her surprised after returning home. What do you think about this idea?

Give Her Rest

A birthday celebration idea for mom could be giving her complete rest for every household mundane job. You do everything and let her sit and enjoy the day. She deserves a day of rest, does not she?

Spa Party for Mom

Borrow a local beautician and give your mother full professional treatment at home. You can also do it yourself to her if you have some ideas about pedicures, manicures, massages and facials. In this way you can make her beautiful and ready for the birthday party.

Tea Party for Mom

Any list of mom's birthday party ideas should consist a tea party. This is a traditional theme for any birthday party. Arrange a tea party for mom with all the members of the family and also some selected guests. You can do it indoors or you may choose the yard or garden.

With various types of tea and snake you need to prepare appropriate snakes for the event. A tea party will be best fitted with traditional European or English dress style.

50th Birthday Party Ideas for Mother

If your mother is on her 50th birthday then you need to arrange a special birthday party themed with her age because it is a milestone birthday. You can make a home made cake for mom in which the words "happy 50th" will be written with cream. You can decorate the room with photos from the film stars and music stars of 50 years ago. You may play old music or arrange a movie show from 50 years ago using a LCD projector.


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    • pinappu profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from India

      That kind of birthday party treatment to mom is more common among the girls @Pinkchic18.

    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 

      5 years ago from Minnesota

      I love giving my mom gifts that pamper, like pedicures or massages. She usually never treats herself to them otherwise. Nice hub!


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