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Birthday Traditions: Birthday Book

Updated on March 1, 2011

Preserve Your Child's Memories with a Birthday Journal Book

Looking for a great idea to commemorate your kid's birthdays? How about a Birthday Book?

I've often searched for the perfect birthday scrapbooking idea, but never found a project that I really had time for. While my best intention is to create a photo memory book of my children's birthday parties, complete with all the details of their lives, the day-to-day realities usually get in the way. I just don't have the time to put together what I envision!

Until I do, I've found the perfect solution: Birthday Journals and Books. These low-tech alternatives provide a perfect space to hold all those childhood memories.

Whether it waits until I'm ready to create my kid's memoir or just acts as the record keeper itself, it's an easy way to get all the details in one place and enjoy the year ahead.

Image Credit: Martha Stewart

Happy Birthday to Me: A Keepsake Album


This fun and clever keepsake journal is perfect for keeping a lasting record of a child's celebrations as he grows up. Roomy pockets pages hold invitations, and there's space to fill in guest lists, party locations, gifts received, and any other moments of a child's special day.

Don't worry if you haven't started from birth. Record what you can and make it a new tradition in your family.

Your Birthday Book


This birthday book was born from the simple idea that birthdays provide the perfect annual opportunity to preserve a sweet moment in time as your child changes from year to year. So it's a multi-layered confection: annual touchstone, cherished ritual, and eternal keepsake. This journal provides fun, fast, and casual birthday activities for ages 1-18 as well as space to stick birthday photos and a random picture from each year, amusing and thought-provoking questions to ask your kid, and a time-capsule envelope for stashing away odds and ends (artwork, school papers, hand tracings, birthday cards, invitations, and other memorabilia).

From toddler hood to young adulthood to every hood in between, you'll return to the same four activities for each birthday. The questions prompts, and tone may shift each year, but the essence intentionally remains intact.

A Birthday Journal for the Whole Family

This book will help you remember all of your family's birthdays with this easy to fill-in format. The Birthday Journal is formatted with prompts to document 100 birthdays and include: How I celebrated, Who I celebrated with, Cards that I received, Gifts received, and Special foods, cakes, goodies. The backside of every page is lined for Highlights of the past year. Make sure you capture your child's handwriting each year or some well wishes from your guests.

This is a great gift for new baby, busy parent, and especially for yourself special!

This one is great if you have multiple really only need one for the whole family. And if you forget to write a few things down at one party, when the next family member's birthday rolls around, the information will still be fresh so you can fill in some of the blanks.

Life is an adventure, Write it Down & treasure the memory forever!

Do You Journal Your Birthdays?

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