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birthday wishes for birthday cards

Updated on September 4, 2013

Importance of Birthdays and Birthday wishes

May be Birthday are the most common function attended by us in our life. We attend our birthdays, our kids birthday and our wife's as well as we will be attending our friends birthdays, their kids birthdays and our relatives. So easily this can be most attended function in our life. While attending the birthday is fun and Intersting, the selection of suitable birthday gift is very time consuming. We will be looking for unique birthday wishes, so that our gift will stand alone in the crowd. Even after selecting the best birthday gift you may stumble upon selecting best birthday wishes suitable for that card. Here you can find some great birthday wishes which can me use for your cards.

Happy birthday
Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Wishes and Best Birthday Wishes

Birthday WishesFor Best Friend

Please Find some happy birthday wishes for your friend. These wishes are suitable for friends, relatives and colleagues

Happy Birthday to you

May this birthday brings you

Happiness and Joy

Birthday are the time

to enjoy and celebrate

Happy birthday to you

When you celebrate the birthday

I feel exited because you are my best friend

Birthdays will come and go

But the memories will last

Wishing you a birthday that gives you

Sweet memories to last

Your birthday will stand alone in the crowd

Because it is my best friends Birthday

Happy Birthday to you

Another day to enjoy and celebrate

Another day for party

Another day to dance and fun

Happy birthday to you

Your birthday is So special

Because you are so special

Happy Birthday to you

Birthdays are common

But the birthday of a special person

will be always Special

Happy Birthday to you






Happy birthday to you

Time has come to celebrate

Venue is ready

Come Let us celebrate

Happy birthday to you

Birthday Brother
Birthday Brother

Birthday Wishes For Brother

Happy birthday wishes for brother, Brother Birthday Wishes

Please Find some hilarious birthday wishes and messages for your Brother. You are welcome to cut and copy this to your Facebook and greeting cards.

Photo Credit: FuntasticCards

You are my sweet brother

Happy Birthday to you

On child hood I get upset

When mom and dad give you cake

Before me on your birthday

But now I want to feed birthday cake

In place of our sweet mom and dad

I am sure they will rejoice from Heave

Because they bought up with family values

And this little sister will be happy as ever

Happy birthday to you

On your birthday give me the birthday cake

Before everybody, Because I am your little sister

As I have nobody else to look for Cake

Happy birthday to you

I am blessed and was lucky to born

As your sister and live together

Happy birthday to you brother

Happy birthday to a special brother

Who is having high family bod and love

You kids will be rejoicing as well as mine

Because they knows that it is the birthday of

of a person whom I keep in my heart

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to the

nicest brother in the world

When they feed you Birthday Cake

I get upset in childhood

Because it is only in your birthday

I get second Chance as all other time

You used to tell mom to give me first

And on your birthday mom never listened you

I was so silly and small that time

Now I want to give the cake first to you

Happy Birthday Dear Brother

No all blessed and lucky

But I know I am blessed

Because I got a brother

Who understands and encourage me

And the day he came to this world

is a special day to me to celebrate

Happy birthday Brother

-From Sweet sister

Birthday Wishes to Husband
Birthday Wishes to Husband

Birthday Wishes For Husband

Birthday messages and wishes to Husband

When it is your husbands birthday it is different game for you. His happiness is your happiness. So please find these messages which will bring smile on him

You are my love of my life

Happy birthday to you

I won't be here today if

I had not got an husband like you

Happy Birthday my dear husband

You made me what I am

you supported me when I lost feet

You cared when I was sick

You protected when I need

you inspired me when i depressed

You made happy when I was sad

you are the husband of my dreams

Happy birthday my dear husband

Birthday wishes for sun and Daughter

Happy birthday my dearest Son

Happy birthday my sweet daughter

I am so proud to have a son like you

Happy birthday to you

You are my sweet daughter

Who cares me and your mom

Happy birthday daughter

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    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      These are really nice birthday wishes, I just bookmarked this lens. Thanks :)