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Unique Birthday Wishes and Poems for Mom

Updated on November 7, 2013

My mom likes to get sweet messages from his sons (me and my brothers) on her birthday. She especially loves birthday poems. What about your mom? What is your plan to write on the card for her?

The bond between a mom and her children is nothing but a heavenly one. It is a relationship based on love, gratitude and sympathy. So, you should celebrate her birthday accordingly.

Writing birthday wishes for your mother is not as easy as it sounds. You will take a pen and a notebook. You will start with “My dear mom…”. After that you will be stuck there for half an hour. No appropriate words will come from your head to your pen.

To solve your problem, I have compiled this collection of great birthday wishes, messages and poems for you. Feel free to use these to make your mom happy. Your mom’s smiling face will be my highest achievement.

A cool birthday card for mom
A cool birthday card for mom | Source

The Collection of Birthday Wishes for Mom

1. The relationship between mother and child is eternal. I wish a great birthday for my dear mother!

2. From you I have learned what the true meaning of goodness is. May God bless you on that special day!

3. Your best strength is your love and care. No one is capable enough to compete with my mom.

4. You are not only my mother, but also my teacher, friend, philosopher and guide. Happy Birthday!

5. Our family is lucky to get such a person like you. You are an ideal person and a very good mom. Celebrate the day with all the bells and whistles!

6. There is no language strong enough to express my exact feeling for you. It is not possible to express my love and gratitude for you in words.

7. It is very much true that you are my ideal in life. I have not seen such a great woman in life like you. May you have a superb birthday!

8. The difference of thousands of miles is not enough to separate our hearts. My mind is always attached with yours. Enjoy the day, mom!

9. I know there is a God because I have seen his reflection in my mom. You are the very embodiment of God to me, my dear mom!

10. I am truly blessed to have a mom like you during my childhood. I would not be able to get any success in life without your teachings. Happy birthday to you!

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A good cake is essential to celebrate the dayWish your mom with a special birthday cake.A cute cardWish your mom on her birthday.
A good cake is essential to celebrate the day
A good cake is essential to celebrate the day
Wish your mom with a special birthday cake.
Wish your mom with a special birthday cake.
A cute card
A cute card
Wish your mom on her birthday.
Wish your mom on her birthday.

Mother's Birthday Poems

Poem 1

Your love and care

Has brighten my life,

Like the new sun

That arises from the east,

From the unseen laps of

His mother, the night.

Poem 2

My mother is very special and rare;

She is the embodiment of love and care.

I am indebted to her which I can never repay,

I love you, Mom on your happy birthday!

Poem 3

Let us sing and cheer,

For my mother dear,

Without whose love and care,

I would not be here.

A Cool Video Card for Mom

Birthday Greetings to Mother from Daughter

These greetings are most suitable for daughters to wish their mama's birthday. The relationship between a daughter and mother is quite different from that of the mother and son. There are some times ego and personality clashes, but always the eternal friendship remains intact.

Here are some great birthday greeting messages which reflect the mother-daughter relationship flawlessly:

  • It is impossible to comprehend a mother without being a mother. I know you now. Happy birthday!
  • Enjoy the day Mom! Let us spend some quality time between us and enjoy the moments as much as possible.
  • You are my inspiration in life. I have not seen such a complete woman like you. My dad is a lucky guy.
  • The bright light of the sun will shine upon my mother just like her love shines upon us. May the Almighty give you much happiness!
  • I wish good health and longer life for my mom. Happy birthday to you!
  • There were moments when I had strongly disliked you. There were times when I did not want to see you again. But, still I have loved you will love you forever.
  • Hey Mom, nobody can make cookies like you. Celebrate the special day with fun!
  • You is the live example to me of an ideal woman. I have tried to copy you unsuccessfully. Happy 50/60/70th birthday to you!


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