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Unique & Fun Kids Theme Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies

Updated on January 20, 2017

Recommended Birthday Party Idea Book

Kid's Theme Birthday Parties

I love hosting theme birthday parties for my children. My children choose the party theme and we go from there! The birthday party planning includes personalized birthday invitations, custom party favors, party games, birthday cake or cupcakes, decorations and theme partyware. My children are all unique, so I feel there parties should be as well. Let's face it, celebrating birthdays are really for children anyway so why not make them more memorable and fun?

In this lens, I will cover everything involved with creating a specia theme-based birthday party for your child. I will also spotlight a few of my children's theme birthday parties to give you an idea of what you can do. As one of my daughter's party guests said a few years ago at her 6th Birthday Party (its was a Dress Up/Tea Party), "This is the best birthday party EVER!" It is hearing things like that and seeing the smile on my children's faces, that makes all the planning and running around so worth it.

Party Table
Party Table

Theme Birthday Party Supplies

Have your child choose their party theme ~ decide on the partyware design ~ purchase party supplies.

The first step in planning your child's birthday party is to have them select a theme for their party. They could choose a favorite television show, favorite movie, and any other interest they have at the time. You can create a party around ANY theme, so don't be alarmed if they chose a theme that is unusual.

For many birthday party themes there are theme party packs available. These party supplies are available in over 140 birthday themes! The standard pack comes with invitations, tableware, balloons & ribbon. There are many items you can add on including Pinatas, favors, theme related crafts, plus fun personalized birthday banners, stickers and buttons! You have the option of purchasing the complete party pack or selecting your party supplies ala carte. Very often the partyware sets the stage for the rest of the party décor, therefore, it is good to select what partyware design you will be using before you start planning the other aspects of the party.

If there isn't party supplies available for the theme your child has chosen, don't worry! There are many other partyware ideas you can use for your birthday party such as selecting appropriate colors to coordinate with theme or using a fabric tablecover (see below).

The partyware pictured here was for my sons's Under Construction Theme Party.

Party Planning
Party Planning

Planning The Birthday Party

Have the birthday child involved in the party planning activities.

One of the most important things you can do when planning the birthday party, is to have your child involved as much as you can. It will make the entire experience that much more fun for them!

Some of the ways they can help out include: writing out the guest list (if they are old enough), making suggestions for food and snacks, picking out their party favors, filling the party favor bags, decorating the day of the party, etc.

Party Invitations
Party Invitations

Theme Birthday Party Invitations

Make your own invitations ~ purchase personalized invitations ~ VIP Pass invites ~ ticket invitations

I usually do one of the following: use the invitations that come in the party pack, create my own invitations or order personalized invitations.

If you decide to make your own birthday party invitations, you can use colored cardstock and embellish the invites with theme stickers and clipart.

If you choose to purchase your kid's birthday party invitations, Zazzle and My Candy Bar Wrappers both carry a large selection of birthday invitation designs. There are coordinating birthday party supplies available for many of these custom invites.

Another invitation idea would be to purchase VIP Pass invites or ticket style invitations. These are the latest trend in kid's birthday party invitations. I have used both of these styles of invites at my kid's birthday parties and the reaction from the party guests was wonderful!

Please visit my Top 10 Trendiest Kid's Birthday Party Invitations page for more birthday party invitation ideas.

The invitations pictured here were from my son's Space Theme Party

Party Decorations
Party Decorations

Birthday Party Decorations

Balloons ~ Birthday Banner ~ Streamers

For my children's birthday parties, I use balloons and many times streamers to decorate the party room. Sometimes I purchase a birthday banner to hang up as well. There are many personalized birthday banners available. For the party table, you can add a fun table centerpiece, a vase of flowers and more.

On the cake table, I usually put a bunch of balloons, the party favors, the birthday cake or cupcakes and a few other party theme related items.

One of my favorite birthday party decorations are birthday party cutout decorations. These decorations are great and come in many different kid's birthday party themes. You can purchase large cardboard cutouts, dangling cutouts, life-size cardboard cutouts, standees, and photo stand-ins.

You can also use things you already have around the house to decorate the party area. For instance, if your son is having a 'Cars & Trucks' themed party, gather all of his cars, trucks, car books, car games, etc. and place them around the party room and on the party table. This costs nothing and is a great touch! You can do this for many party themes.

The birthday party cutout decorations pictured here were from my daughter's Movie Night Party.

party cupcakes
party cupcakes

Birthday Cake and Cupcake Ideas

edible cake toppers ~ theme cupcakes ~ specialty cake pans

I always bake a cake or cupcakes related to the party theme. I am not a baking expert, but I do the best I can and am usually very happy with the results.

There are so many birthday cake and cupcake supplies on the market to help you make a wonderful treat for your child's birthday party guests. Some of the supplies include personalized edible cake and cupcake toppers, cupcake picks & rings, specialty cake pans, cake decorating kits and more. You can also make your own paper cupcake toppers.

The cupcakes pictured here are from my daughter's Horse Theme Party. Cupcakes were displayed in a fun cupcake stand.

Party Animal Cakes: 15 Fantastic Designs
Party Animal Cakes: 15 Fantastic Designs

The eye-catching animal cakes featured on the cover and back of PARTY ANIMAL CAKES may look difficult to make, but with Lindy Smith's step-by-step, color photo enhanced directions in hand, it's a piece of cake to produce them.-A Review

Theme Party Favors
Theme Party Favors

Kid's Theme Birthday Party Favors

Lollipops ~ Cookies ~ Candy Wrappers ~ Prefilled Favor Boxes

Party favors are so much fun! Putting together the party favors is one of my favorite aspects of planning my kid's theme birthday parties. There are so many different things you can do to create a favor that the birthday party guests will love. Here are a few ideas:

Purchase prefilled party favor kits Chocolate lollipop favors You can purchase chocolate lollipops or make your own! Personalized chocolate candy wrappers Chocolate candy bars always make a wonderful party favor! You can purchase personalized wrappers in a variety of party themes for your candy bars. Many of the candy wrapper designs come with matching birthday party invitations. Bottle cap necklace favors Bottle caps are the hottest trend right now, therefore, a bottle cap necklace would make a wonderful party favor. We recently handed out bottle cap necklaces at my daughter's Pink Skull Party and the girls loved them.Top 10 Kid's Party Favor Ideas Candy wrappers, personalized labels, fabric favor bags, gable boxes, mini pinatas, coloring books, crayons and more. Novelty Toys and Games A wonderful assortment of inexpensive toys and games in many popular kids birthday party themes.Personalized Party Favors Bookmarks, magnets, party favor bag stickers, buttons, placemats and more.Please visit my Kid's Birthday Blog for more party ideas including M &M's, bookmarks, dinnerware, custom favor tags, placemats, rubber duck favors and more.

Custom Birthday Party Shirts - Personalized shirts available in many popular kids birthday party themes.

Personalized Birthday Shirts
Personalized Birthday Shirts

Party Attire

It is always a lot of fun to dress your child in their theme! There are lots of great shirts and outfits that will really add that special touch to your child's birthday celebration. Many of the shirts can be personalized with your child's name and age.

Personalized Birthday Shirts

Another fun idea would be to have your child wear a character costume on their party day.

The personalized birthday shrit pictured here was from my daughter's Puppy Party.

Which Is Your Favorite Childhood Party Game?

See results

Character Mascot Costumes for Your Theme Party

many popular characters available!

Your child would absolutely love a visit from their favorite character at their birthday party! This is a great activity to have at the parties for younger children between the ages of one and five. You could purchase or rent the costume yourself or hire a paid entertainer to come to the birthday party wearing the costume.

If you prefer to purchase the mascot costume, there are many characters available including Mickey, Minnie, Elmo, Dora, Diego, Spongebob, Super Mario, Backyardigans, Wubbzy, Yo Gabba Gabba, Pooh, Curious George, Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake, Thomas the Tank Engine, Transformers, plus many more!

Character Mascot Costumes

Party Games
Party Games

Kid's Birthday Party Games

classic games ~ bingo ~ toss games

Depending on the length of the birthday party, I generally have 2-4 party games planned.

Kid's Party Games & Activities

The party game pictured here I made for my son's Thomas The Tank EngineParty.

Party Crafts
Party Crafts

Kid's Birthday Party Crafts

set up a craft for your theme birthday party

I always recommend setting up a craft related to your party theme at your kid's birthday party. An easy party craft for younger kids are coloring pages. Print out coloring pages from the Internet related to your party theme and set them out on the party table with some crayons. This is a great craft for the kids to do when they first arrive at the birthday party.

Another simple craft is decorating white lunch style bags. You could put the lunch bags on the table with crayons, theme stickers, jewels, etc. and have the kids decorate them. They can use the completed bags to store all of their party goodies!

Celebrate Express carries a large selection of birthday party crafts.

The stain glass party craft pictured here was from my daughter's Girly Frog Party.

Party Pinatas
Party Pinatas

Pinata Party Activity

this birthday party game is fun for all ages!

I have pinatas at most of my kid's parties. The kids love them! You can find pinatas in almost any theme. You can purchase a traditional style pinata that the kids can hit with a stick or you can use a pull-string pinata. They also sell pull-string attachment kits if you want to convert a traditional pinata into a pull-string pinata.

I would personally suggest not purchasing those pinata filler bags. They usually come with junky candy nobody likes and plastic toys nobody will play with. I usually go to my local party store and get a large bag of the better candy: Hersey Chocolates, Starbursts, Jolly Ranchers, Tootsie Roll Pops, etc. Then, I sometimes add in small theme related toys. (small figures, keychains, tattoos, jewelry, bubbles, etc.)

It is always a good idea to keep a small stash of pinata goodies aside. Since there will always be a child or two that just can't get to any of the candy and you really don't want anyone upset. Once all the goodies are picked up, you can them give some of the reserved candy & toys to any of the children who did not get any or as much. That way everyone is happy! Trust me, I learned this the hard way.

Please visit my Pinatas page for a large assortment of pinatas including custom made pinatas in many hard to find birthday party themes!

The clapboard pinata pictured here was from my daughter's Movie Night party. .

Party Table Décor
Party Table Décor

Unique Fabric Tablecover Idea

make your own party tablecloth for hard to find party themes!

A nice way to add some fun to your party table is to use a cotton fabric coordinating with your birthday theme.

I have done tihis a few times already and the results are great! I recently did this for my daughter's frog theme party. She had this theme for her 10th birthday sleepover. Since all of the party tablecloths I saw came with more of a boy's frogs/lizards theme as opposed to a girly froggy theme, I opted to use the frog fabric instead. It was pink and cute!

You can purchase fabric by the yard at your local fabric store (keep your eyes open for any sales!) or on Ebay. Depending on the size of your table, decide how much fabric you will need. If you are handy with a needle and thread, you can finish off the ends. If you are not (like me!), don't worry about the ends, nobody will notice. :)

If your table is wider than the standard fabric width of 44", or the if the fabric does not cover the shape of your table, that is not a problem. For instance, my table is wider. I just purchase an inexpensive coordinating solid tablecloth at the party store to put underneath the fabric cloth. And, overlaying the two cloths gives the table some nice dimension and just adds to the look.

Party Planning
Party Planning

How Long Should the Party Be & How Many Guests?

The general rule of thumb regarding how long the party should be and how many guests you should have is based on the age of the birthday child.

Party Duration:

Preschool age- 1 hour

5-6 year olds - 1 1/2 to 2 hours

7-8 year olds - 2 1/2 hours

Over 8 - 3 hours

As far as the number of party guests go, experts say you should have about the same number of guests as the age of the birthday child. Ex. 6 guests for a 6 year old's Birthday Party.

Now, I usually come pretty close to following the party duration rule for my kids parties, however, I almost always have more guests than is suggested. I personally have never had a problem with doing it that way. You just have to do what you think is best for your child. If you think too many kids will be overwhelming for them, or for you, then certainly keep the party guest down to what is advised.

Party Food and Snacks
Party Food and Snacks

More Kid's Party Planning Tips

party music ~ being a good party host ~ food/snacks

Food & SnacksIf you can find a food or snack that goes with your theme, that is great. If not, pizza, chips and the usual kid foods are always a big hit! The photo displayed here is from my daughter's Art and Crafts theme birthday party. We served the snacks in plastic art palettes to coordinate with the party theme.

Party Music:I think it is nice to have music playing in the background at the birthday party. If you can find music related to your theme such as Jonas Brothers music at your Jonas Brothers party, that would be good. If not, have you child play his/her favorite music.

Prepare for the Parents Depending on the age of the birthday child, parents may or may not stay during the party. However, always be prepared for a few of them to stay. Put out some appetizers and set up a drink table so they can help themselves. Don't forget to be a good host, though, and find some time to socialize with the parents during the party.

Extra ActivitiesIt is a good idea to always have a few extra activities on hand incase there is any downtime.

Party Checklist
Party Checklist

Create a Party Checklist

Before the party, create a birthday party checklist by writing down each activity and estimating how much time it will take to complete it.

Here is a sample plan for a 2 hour Party:

12:00-12:30- Decorate goodie bags and complete Craft Project.

12:30-12:45- Eat Pizza

12:45-1:15- Games

1:15-1:30- Cake

1:30-1:45- Open Presents

1:45-2:00- Pinata

I just leave the paper on the counter and glance at it occasionally to see how the party is progressing and if we are on time. If you see things are taking longer than expected, you can move things along faster by eliminating an activity or shortening one. If the party is moving slower than expected, you can make the activities longer. For instance, give each child two turns at a game that maybe you had only planned on giving one turn.

You will be amazed how a little piece of paper can prove to be so valuable. There is nothing worse than having all the parents arrive at the end of the party to pick up their kids and you have many activities not yet done.

Cupcake Recipes

Hey There, Cupcake! 35 Yummy Fun Cupcake Recipes for All Occasions
Hey There, Cupcake! 35 Yummy Fun Cupcake Recipes for All Occasions

Cute, accessible, and colorful, this cookbook contains 35 wildly inventive recipes.


Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Cupcakes!: From the Cake Mix Doctor
Cupcakes!: From the Cake Mix Doctor

I don't often give cookbooks a 5 star, just because many of them have only a few new recipes that I would try, or because the format is poor. Oftentimes, I check out cookbooks from my local library, pick out the recipes that I want to try, and jot them down. When I started to do that with this book, however, I noticed that I was marking several pages in a row, and pretty soon had most of the pages bookmarked! I stopped marking, returned the book to the library, and purchased my own copy.-An Amazon Review


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