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Birthday Parties For All Ages

Updated on October 12, 2013

Babys First Birthday

Baby's first birthday party is a celebration that begins years of wonderful birthday memories for baby and family. A one year old isn't aware of the actual date and what the cake, candle, balloons and presents are all about, but they do enjoy the special attention and the good treats! At one year the tot will be pleased with any birthday party on any day! The main focus for baby's first birthday is to take good pictures and cam-cord the event. When they get older the pictures will amaze them. Baby's first birthday pictures are priceless!

Tots Birthday Parties

The cake and other party favorites will be easy to choose from for children at this age.

Plan fun activities with other tots the same age. Preschoolers have the best time playing with other kids their age. Cousins and your friends kids are usually close by for playmates. The warm weather is great for kids this age to play at the park, some parks have nice pavilion's for parties and are usually free. The parks have swings slides and other kiddie amusements so that's great fun for all the kids. An outside backyard picnic is another idea, set up little games to occupy the kids or maybe have someone dress up as a character and entertain them with balloons and magic.

Colder months inside parties require more planning. Some restaurants have play areas and offer party arrangements for a fee, these type parties have to be planned several weeks in advance normally. If inside the house, entertainment with a clown and other little kiddie games will be fun to. Sometimes the little kiddie birthday parties can become a little stressful. The best way to eliminate stress is to plan the party no more than a couple hours. Kids this age may become hyped and fussy, especially when considering in the sugar factor!

Elemtary and Jr.High Parties

The fun begins! The choices for birthday party ideas for this age group is endless. Kids at this age enjoy activities such as roller skating, camping, music, pizza, and interactiing with peers. The popular idea is to have a themed based party focused on the kids unique interest and personality. Need to be frugal? Keep in mind not every single year requires an extravagant all out birthday bash!The main birthday party items haven't changed. Cake with candles, ice cream, best friends, family fun and affordable gifts. Make a wish, blow out the candles and sing happy birthday!

Sweet 16

The sweet 16 is particularly important to girls. 16 year old girls have many ideas about what they want to do for fun on this special night and, will probably ask parents about their plans for this big event in advance. If ideas conflict, try making the plans together so everyone can be happy. Remember sweet 16 only happens once in a lifetime! If it's your son turning 16 he may be easier to make plans with, maybe he will ask to borrow your car for awhile instead of asking you to buy him his own car!

21 And Legal Happy 21st Birthday

What's on your mind grasshopper? Excited about celebrating your 21st birthday and, going out for a night of clubbing with friends? It's miserable to end up your first day of becoming legal drinking age with the toilet! Sick and hungover.

You have many great things ahead. Be safe, and enjoy yourself! Alternate alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Limit one drink per hour. Eat snacks. Don't leave drinks unattended or accept an open beverage from a stranger. Be sure to take along your designated driver for a safe ride home. (we luv you) as mother I had to add this even though it's a little bit off the path.

Adults And Seniors

Surprise! Happy Birthday To You! Adults and our seniors sometimes want to shrug off their birthdays. We hear "Don't make a fuss it's just another day". We also hear " Who wants to celebrate being another year older?"

Don't let them off the hook so easily. Adult birthdays are just as important as the first birthday. Important but in a different way. No matter what your age from birth to old enough to appear on the Smuckers jar, on Good Morning America, you are special you have loved ones and friends.

For a low key year a nice birthday dinner out at a favorite restaurant is special. The waiters and waitresses who bring a desert after dinner and sing happy birthday while clapping their hands may be a bit to much for some  people. Personally the strangers singing and clapping sort of annoy and embarrass me. It's just an individual preference. You wouldn't want to agitate or embarrass anyone. A nice dinner and cute card is often all that is needed to show a person that you care and they are special to you.

If you have a family member or friend who has been a little blue or down on their luck, throw them a great big suprise party and shower them with attention and love. Show that person how special they are. It will be a memory they will never forget, and will help to pick up their spirits. Everyone wants love and needs to feel special and know that people care for them. The greatest gift of all is love!



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