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Bizarre, Strange Halloween Costumes

Updated on August 15, 2012

Shocking Halloween Costumes

Dressing up in Halloween costumes are a lot of fun, and most of us are content with a fun and interesting choice, but others of us are not, and that's what this article is all about - showcasing and generating some ideas on costumes that will knock the socks off of those at the party or event.

That means there are going to be some unique twists on many costumes, and some of the ones you see below will get you laughing and thinking, "I wouldn't be caught dead in that?" - all the while wondering in your mind where you could get hold of one yourself.

While there are some interesting commercial costumes and accessories available to make up some very unique and different costumes, just as many people choose to go the homemade route, where the variety is unlimited.

Either way, if you look at these costumes and let your creative juices flow, you may be surprised at some of the things you may come up with for a bizarre Halloween costume that offers some great "shock" factor..

Just think of some of the weirdest scenes in a movie or artwork you've seen and it won't take long to conjure up some of the very macabre or weirdest things to make a replica costume of.

Mousetrap Costume

This first costume of a mouse caught in a trap is one you can get commercially, and is really hilarious. It would make a very interesting first impression when others see it.

Mouse in Trap Costume

Toilet Costume with Commode as Halloween Bag

I wonder if your child or grandchild would really be smiling if they were told they had to wear a toilet as a costume? What's really funny about this is that the commode itself is actually the Halloween bag where people would have to place the candy into. Now that's especially humorous, and I bet some wouldn't think of taking that step.

Child Toilet Costume

Fantasy Halloween Costumes

I really like these couples costumes, which appear to be some type of mythological fauns. But what makes it to me is the head of the man. It sets the stage for the entire look of the couple.

The white hair with the dark black face really works well together. The ears on both make the look what it is though, pointing to the probability of them both being fauns.

Also working great is the way both fronts are using a similar way of tying them up. The black on white works well there too.

Fantasy Medieval Costumes

Lego Halloween Costumes

If you've ever played with a set of Legos in your life, you'll easily recognize these two people characters included with most sets. What makes it even more compelling is the Lego couple being dressed as a bride and groom. Cool!

Lego Couples' Costumes

Costumes of People Appearing to be Carried in Cages

These people-in-a-cage costumes are always great to look at, and it's always fascinating to see how they are put together. While both of these work fantastic, my favorite is the top one with the woman. It's superior to me because of the way she made the fake legs to give the appearance of really being carried. Awesome.

How these are usually designed are to include a backpack of some sort on the back with the character attached in a way that makes it appear it's doing the heavy lifting.

People Caged Halloween Costumes

Gruesome Alien Costume of Baby Bursting from Chest

Being a fan of the Alien franchise, it's always interesting for me to see how someone will portray characters from the story with a costume. This one is a more gruesome one of course, but it no doubt will cause a lot of squeals and laughs when it is looked upon. One thing he should have done was to hide the tail underneath the shirt to make it even more real.

Alien Bursting Through Chest Costume

Ostrich Costumes

I always like the sleight-of-hand tricks incorporated into a costume to make one wonder at a glance about how it was done. These ostrich costumes do that, and it's great to see those dangling legs as they strut down the street.

Ostrich Group Costumes

Costume with Two Heads

This is a scary costume, and that second head underneath is really cool. It does give you the creeps when you look at it, and would great in a dimly lit area to see someone in this costume walking toward a crowd of people to see their reactions.

Monster Halloween Costume

Cow Costumes with Udders

Wearing this cow with the udders would take a lot of guts, or maybe, a lot of stupidity. But it can't be denied that it is funny and would draw a lot of chuckles; although I think some would be offended by it, or think the entire thing was udderly ridiculous (I had to say it).

Cow with Udders Costume

Bizarre and Strange Halloween Costumes

That was a lot of fun, as it's always an interesting task to seek out some of the more bizarre and disturbing costumes out there. It's hard to choose from because they span across a lot of themes and tastes, and can get pretty outrageous at times. These were among those I thought would appeal to most of you, and which would generate ideas you may actually choose to use.


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