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Slinky Black Cat and Stunning Bat Costumes for Women

Updated on January 11, 2015
Frisky Feline Costume
Frisky Feline Costume

Costume Parties and Masked Balls

Costume parties are popular in contemporary Western lifestyle, particularly at Halloween and Mardi Gras. In some countries, including the United Kingdom and Australia, they are generally called Fancy Dress parties. Modern day costume parties are thought to have descended from Masquerade Balls, popular during the carnival season in 15th century Europe.

Masquerade Balls were elaborate affairs and pompous pageants, often celebrating a royal birth or marriage or perhaps a battle. Gradually, over the centuries, they became more open to the public, and included dancing and games, along with some unseemly behaviour and secret assignations.

Masked balls, social events where the participants wear masks, were popular in the 18th century in the United Kingdom. A masked ball was generally easier to organise, and with lower costs for the participants. One advantage, and disadvantage, depending on your point of view, is that the party-goers are disguised. For some, it adds fun and mystery. For others, it allows them to get away with some naughtiness...

Slinky Cat and Bat Costumes

Cat costumes are popular for a reason! You can look slinky and sexy in a cool black cat costume. Or if you're looking for cute party costumes, you can choose a cheerful, colorful Cheshire cat costume. Here I show you how to put your costume together with a cat mask and tail. Although, if you prefer, you can hire or buy a complete costume.

For a more "edgy" look, you should choose a bat costume. Look cool and sexy, with a black jumpsuit or mini-dress, finished with a bat mask and intriguing bat wings.

Whether you are looking for a costume for a birthday party or for Halloween costume ideas, I hope this will help. Have fun!

Leg Avenue Women's 3 Piece Frisky Feline Catsuit Costume
Leg Avenue Women's 3 Piece Frisky Feline Catsuit Costume

Super slinky three piece catsuit with attached tail, belt, and ear headband. Made by Leg Avenue, hand washable, 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex, so fits well to the body shape.


Cat Masks - Cat Halloween costume accessories

A mask can add a touch of mystery or fun to any costume. A simple black cat mask, giving the impression of cat's eyes and ears may suit you well. An alternative, which contact lens wearers may prefer (as the mask doesn't interfere with eye movement), is a cat cap, with pointy ears. With these great accessories, and a simple black dress, leotard, or jumpsuit, you can create your own cat costumes for a theme party or Halloween.

Leg Avenue Feline Femme Fatale Mask
Leg Avenue Feline Femme Fatale Mask

Cute, black cat ears, by Leg Avenue. Made of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. Can be hand washed.


Cat Tails

Every cat needs a soft, swishy tail to go along with their kitty mask or headband. A plush poseable tail, with velcro straps attached, can add a cute, feline swish to your costume.

SeasonsTrading Long Black Plush Cat Tail Costume Accessory ~ Halloween Party
SeasonsTrading Long Black Plush Cat Tail Costume Accessory ~ Halloween Party

Long black plush cat tail, bendable & poseable. Has velcro straps, for secure and easy wear. One size to fit most adults & teens.


Slinky Cat Costumes for Women

If you prefer someone to design and make your Halloween costume, you will need to choose between jumpsuit, dress or skirt and corset. To be the cat's whiskers next Halloween, your costume should also include a cat mask, ears and tail.

Secret Wishes  Licensed Playboy Costume, Cat Dress And Headpiece, Black, X-Small
Secret Wishes Licensed Playboy Costume, Cat Dress And Headpiece, Black, X-Small

This slinky Playboy cat costume includes a black mini dress with pink satin ribbons, an attached tail and a matching cat ear headpiece. Exclusively licensed by Playboy, it features a paw print on the hip and the official playboy logo on the headpiece. Hand washable.


Cheshire Cat

Alternatively, you could choose a bright and colorful Cheshire Cat costume to show off your fun side. Perhaps a pretty Cheshire cat costume, with pink and purple stripes and a faux fur trim would fit the bill...

Moustache for Movember : the Men's Health Initiative
Moustache for Movember : the Men's Health Initiative

Costume Party Themes

Costume parties are fun for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, and are popular all year round in some countries, like England and France. To keep the idea fresh, they often have themes:

  • Vicars and Tarts - a British classic theme
  • Pop Stars - Madonna, David Bowie or Lady Gaga
  • Superheros - Spiderman, Batman, Wonderwoman
  • Animals - Bats, Cats, Gorillas
  • Films - Star Wars, James Bond or Grease
  • Novels - Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter
  • Wigs - this one seems popular amongst my French friends
  • Masks - any mask, or with a theme
  • Moustaches - particularly in Movember

What Kind of Costume Would You Wear?

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Bat Masks - Bat Halloween costume accessories

For you own original Halloween costume ideas, you can combine a bat mask and wings with a black dress or t-shirt and leggings. Or model yourself on a superhero with a simple Batgirl costume. Just a personal opinion, but I think the officially licensed Batman mask are more suitable for men. They also tend to be made of plastic, which is not particularly comfortable or hygienc. So, I prefer the batman/batgirl sunglasses.

Batman Mask Sunglasses Dark Knight Batgirl Cat Woman Semi Masquerade Masks
Batman Mask Sunglasses Dark Knight Batgirl Cat Woman Semi Masquerade Masks

Add the perfect touch to your bat girl costume with these cool and cute black glasses shaped as a bat. They have plastic frames and tinted lenses, and provide 100% UV protection.


Bat Wings

Of course, all bats need wings - a lovely pair of bat wings, preferably with have elastic straps for a comfortable fit.

Rubie's Chiffon Bat Wings Costume Accessory
Rubie's Chiffon Bat Wings Costume Accessory

A pair of very pretty chiffon bat wings. Make them "flap" back by putting your hands on your hips. Adult sized, and well-proportioned.


Stunning Batgirl Costumes

You might have outgrown trick or treating, but you're never too old wear a Halloween costume. With a stunning batgirl costume, you can stop the meanies and the bad guys in their tracks! A full costume might include a dress or corset and skirt, along with cape, wings, gauntlets and mask.

DC Comics Deluxe Batgirl Adult Costume
DC Comics Deluxe Batgirl Adult Costume

Batgirl costume with black mini dress, black cape, glovelettes, and mask. Available in 4 bust and waist sizes. An officially licensed batgirl costume.


Do you like slinky cat costumes? Or do you prefer cool bat costumes?

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    • Nancy Hardin profile image

      Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I like 'em all, but I think if it was for me, I'd prefer the bat costumes. Bats are fascinating creatures, and I'd like the idea of that! I enjoyed this lens so much!