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black friday deals 2009

Updated on November 18, 2009

Black Friday Deals 2009

 Black Friday is upon us, and with it come incredible bargains and deals.  And long line ups.  And probably fist fights, stabbings and shootings as well.

But lets ignore the sad state of our consumerism and bask in the sweet glory of the great black friday deals of 2009!  A ton of big box stores are holding some incredible sales, all of which will give you great products at record-low prices.  You won't be getting much sleep, becase you're going to be getting up at around 4:00am in order to be the first in line at your store of choice...  You and everyone else!

Walmart Black Friday Deals 2009

Walmart is holding some incredible deals this black friday. Namely, we're talking about the lowest prices you've ever seen, on all the latest and hottest electronics. What is Walmart going to sell you for record-breaking low prices? Let's take a look.

  • Emerson 32" LCD 720p HDTV - A bargain at $248.00
  • Samsung 50" 720p Plasma HDTV - 50" of bliss for $698.00 (and one of the best brands, too)
  • Samsung Blu-ray player - What good is an HDTV without a blu-ray player!?
  • Emerson 42" Plasma 720p HDTV - 42" of bliss for $448.00
  • Sony Bravia 46" LCD 1080p HDTV - $798.00 for true 1080 (unheard of at this size)
  • Philips 4gb MP3/Video Player - $29.00 (for those who dont care about the prestige assosciated with owning an Ipod!
  • HP Pavilion All-in-one computer - $598.00. 500gb HD, wireless keyboard/mouse.
  • Western Digital 1tb external HD - $78.00 (you'll never run out of hard drive space again)
  • HP G71 Laptop Computer - 4GB memory, 320GB HD, Windows 7 64bit, $398.00
  • Ipod Touch - Apple 8gb Ipod touch, $195. (for those who absolutely have to impress the barista at Starbucks!)
  • SanDisk Cruzer 8GB USB Flash Drive - $14.00
  • Nintendo DS Lite - $98.00 (lowest price on the planet)
  • Playstation 3 - $299.00 120gb HD, blu-ray, free games (Infamous, Batman, Dark Knight blu-ray)
  • Xbox 360 Arcade - $199.00
  • TOMTOM GPS - $59.00
  • DVD Movies - Hundreds of titles, $2.00 each. (yes, two bucks!)
  • Blu-Ray Movies - Thirty titles at $10.00

So that's their electronics and other nerd related stuff, how about stuff like furniture?

  • Executive Chair - $35.00. Look like a CEO while you surf the net!

Okay so who really cares about furniture? How about toys? Every one loves toys!

  • Power Wheels Jeep - Inlcuding battery and charger - $88.00
  • Electric Scooters - Including battery and charger - $49.00
  • Basketball Hoop - $99.00
  • 14' Trampoline - With safety net $170.00 (Everyone wants and needs a trampoline!)
  • Barbie and Bratz - Some with heads, some without!* $5.00 each.
  • Disney 30" guitar - $15.00

Black Friday - The origins of the name?

 I just spent a while cruising the net, looking at various discussions related to black friday's name.  An unusually high number of people were discussing the potential sources for the "black" in the name.  It seems that trolls and the uninformed are out en-masse, stating as though it is fact that black friday is a day for "poor African Americans", as one poster stated, so that they can enjoy some luxury item's, too.  Clearly, that isn't true.  The true source of the black friday name is simple:

People are up and out of bed early in the morning on black friday, between 3 and 5am.  At this time in the morning, the sun hasn't come up, and it is dark.  Hence black.  If you can't figure out where the Friday comes from, please don't procreate.  :-P

Why black friday? What's the point?

Black Friday is the day that follows Thanksgiving. Unlike most common holidays, Black friday is infact an unoficial holiday. Despite not being an official holiday, most employee's still have the day off from work, which increases the numbers of potential shoppers to businesses. Because of the huge influx of customers, businesses open early, typically at 5:00am in order to meet demand. Some of the largest retailers open as early as midnight.

Retailers spend a ton of time preparing for black friday, even despite the fact that black friday is not neccesarily the most hectic day of the year. In 2002 and 2004, black friday ranked second place for busiest day of the year.

Controversy: With great deals comes a lack of common sense. People are often in such a frenzy that they do things they would not do otherwise. Case in point - On Nov 28, 2008, a worker at a Walmart store in New York was trampled to death, after customers had smashed through the glass doors minutes before the store was set to open. On the same day, two people were shot to death in Palm Desert, California, as a result of an argument in a Toys R Us.

The most sharply discounted and most popular items are also the items with the lowest surplus. HDTV's are incredibly popular on black friday, and are all sold nearly instantly. The morning "door crashing" incidents are always caused by a stampede of people who're racing to get to the TV section first.

Consumerism Causing Deaths

It's a sad commentary on our society when people are killed due to our extreme levels of consumerism.  A man making an honest living, working at Walmart was trampled to death because not a single person was courteous enough to help him to his feet.  Every single person who crashes the doors first thing in the morning, every last one of you, is guilty of that mans death.

Good night.


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