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Blue Costume Wigs

Updated on December 27, 2013

Blue Wigs For Your Halloween Costume Ideas

Do you need a Blue Wig to finish your Halloween costume? There are lots to choose from including a blue clown wig, a blue Katy Perry wig, a blue mohawk wig, light blue, dark blue, just about any color blue and style wig you could want. If you really like the color blue take a look at my Blue Halloween Costumes lens where you will find over 50 blue Halloween costume ideas!

Katy Perry Blue Wigs

Katy Perry is a hot Halloween costume these days. Who wouldn't have fun dressing up in one of her famous blue wig looks!

Glamorous Blue Wigs

Feeling glamorous this Halloween but want to add a bit of whimsy to your costume? Here's are some whimsical and glam blue wigs for you to pick from!

The Long Blue Curly Glamorous Wig - The Ice Blue Wig

Well, it's long, blue and curly! This ice blue wig is a glamorous and interesting look to pair with your costume this Halloween.

Here's another long, blue curly wig and it's a black and blue wig too. It's cute, it's sexy, and it's a wild look for Halloween.

The Blue Bob Is A Fun Costume Wig

Which Bob is your favorite? These are perfect to pair with your 1920's Flapper costume ideas.

Thing 1 Blue Wig

Who Is Thing 1?

The Thing 1 Blue Wig is part of the costume for a character in a Dr. Seuss book, The Cat In The Hat. The cat had Thing 1 and Thing 2 in a box and they got out...that's when the trouble started. This wig is for Thing 1 and Thing 2 since they have the same hair.

The Cindy Blue Wig

Here's a blue doo and it's called the Cindy blue wig...I have no idea who Cindy is. Do you?

The Blue Super Model Wig

So Glamorous!

Want to look like a super model? Well here's a long, blue wig so you can do just that.

The Blue Troll Wig

Perfect For That Troll Costume

Are you getting dressed up as a Troll this Halloween? If you are, here's the wig for you...and it's blue, just like a Troll's hair should be.

The Funky, Punk Blue Wig

This sure is a funky, punky look! Wild man, wild hair...of course, you ladies can wear it too.

Is This A Marge Simpson Blue Beehive Wig?

I Think It Is!

I say, yes, it's absolutely a Marge Simpson Blue Beehive Wig...well, at least the first one is. The second wig is a plain blue Beehive's for anyone who wants to wear a blue beehive hair doo but doesn't want to be mistaken for Marge Simpson! It reminds me of the B 52s!

The Aqua Blue Cheerleader Wig

Yes, Aqua Is Blue

Someone asked me about an Aqua Blue Cheerleader Wig and this is the closest thing I could find to's cute isn't it!

The Black And Blue Wig

I Love This Wig

It ROCKS! It's funky, punky, glam, sharp, cool, wild and it's black and blue. It's called the black and blue rave wig and it would look great with so many Halloween costume looks...definitely for the rock star, funky punky girl costume.

The Blue Mohawk Wig

Now, This Is A Punk Wig! Perfect For The 1980's Costume

WOW...check out this blue mohawk's great! It's a black and blue wig with a mohawk look...perfect for the rock look of the 80s. They call it a Cyber Punk Wig.

The Blue Afro

Giant Blue Afro Wig And A Blue Glitter Afro Wig

It's funky and it's cool. The Blue Afro Wig is a great disco or 80s hair style for men and women.

The Corpse Bride Blue Wig For Adults

The Corpse Bride is a great Halloween costume and here's the blue wig to help you finish that costume look.

Monster High Lagoona Blue Wig

Lagoona Blue Costume Wig

Monster High costumes are a popular item and each character has their very own distinctive look. Here's Lagoona Blue with her aquamarine and blonde hair.

What's Your Favorite Blue Wig? - I'm Blue When You Don't Leave Comments!

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