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Blue Ninja Costume

Updated on April 17, 2013

Blue Ninja Costumes for Kids and Adults

So you're looking for a blue Ninja costume. Here you'll find ideas for dressing up as your favorite blue ninja for Halloween or role play and blue ninja outfits that can be used for martial arts as well as dressing up.

Maybe blue is the favorite color of your ninja, or they are a fan of LEGO Ninjago Jay or Power Rangers Blue Ranger. You'll find lots of ideas for blue ninja costumes on this page.

Image: Blue Ninja Costume

Blue Ninja Costume

This fun blue ninja costume comes with blue ninja pants and a matching shirt. You also get the blue ninja hood and a vest with a sash and belt on it.

The costume is available from toddler and preschooler sizes through to preteens.

Blue Ninja Toy Weapons

Would you like blue ninja weapons to match a blue ninja costume? Here's a selection.

Katana Ninja Turtle Weapon

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Deluxe Ninja LED Light up Sword with Motion Activated Clanging Sounds

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24" Costume Accessory Toy Ninja Samurai Sword & Sheath

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Blue Ninja Molded Armor Jumpsuit Costume Child

Or how about a blue ninja suit with armor? This is a jumpsuit costume with a hood and bright blue plastic armor.

Have fun as your favorite Power Ranger in this blue ranger costume. It's a jumpsuit costume with built in muscle suit and comes with a blue hood.

Available in a range of kid sizes for little and big power rangers fans.

Power Rangers Costume Blue Ranger T-Shirt (M)

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Power Rangers SAMURAI Ranger BLUE Uniform Monster Toddler T-shirt

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14 oz Super-Heavyweight Traditional Judo/Jiu-Jitsu Uniform Blue

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Another option when dressing up as a blue ninja is to choose a blue martial arts uniform. This is typically a more expensive option that choosing a costume. But you'll have a more durable outfit that can be used for martial arts.

This blue Gi uniform comes in a range of child sizes and adult sizes.

Baby Grappling Baby Gi Blue

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Do you want a mini blue ninja? This Baby Grappling Baby Gi Blue outfit is adorable! Available in baby and infant sizes up to two years.

The knot is sewn on for safety and the suit is designed to be confortable for mini martial arts pretenders.

Did Ninja Really Wear Blue?

You probably associate ninja with the color black. This is actually a theater tradition. Historical ninja wore an outfit appropriate for their mission. Blue wasn't a common ninja color, but it's not impossible.

Of course if you're a kid or adult dressing up as a ninja then you can choose whatever color you like!

More Blue Ninja Costumes

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Blue Ninja Costumes

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