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This Cookbook Review is Not Only for Halloween : Ghoulish Goodies

Updated on March 18, 2013

Amazon Review: Ghoulish Goodies Cookbook

I wrote this when Halloween was just around the corner and after I was searching for some recipe books...cookbooks that would be tasty, fun, creepy and imaginative.

More importantly I wanted a cookbook that would be good to use at other times of the year too.

And, yes, I have found a really great one to share with you! It is written by Sharon Bowers and the best thing for you is that it is available on Amazon so easily accessible to everyone!

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kids baking
kids baking

Great for Kids to Share!

What I love about this book is it has a step by step guide. It's written for kids to share in the baking process and because of that it's EASY!

Each recipe has a step by step process. Depending on the age of the kids you can choose what you would like them to share in.

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Is it important to be able to let the kids cook with you?

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pumpkin brownie
pumpkin brownie

Recipes not Just For Halloween!

Swirled Chocolate-Pumpkin Brownies

As I mentioned I didn't want a book that only served for Halloween and this recipe works well on that aspect!

I love Brownies and also pumpkin so this is a real treat. These can be made whenever pumpkin is in season. And they can be used as a dessert with a scoop of ice cream.

The spicy pumpkin mixture is swirled with the chocolate mix. Your baking can be stored for up to four days -- that's if it lasts that long!

Photo by Lyn Bell

Halloween Cupcakes

RIP Cupkaes
RIP Cupkaes

Easy as recipes that the kids can share in the baking process.

Spidery Cupcakes. Let the kids decorate the 'Spidery Cupcakes'. All they need is red licorice strings for legs, red MM for eyes and chocolate sprinkles for the body. The recipe calls for mini-marshmallows for eyes but MM and Smarties would do. To me the sprinkles is chocolate vermicelli. That's the interpretation for non-USA people!

Tombstone Cupcakes I'm a chocoholic so love things with chocolate. These tasty, moist devil's fool cupcakes have a little treasure of a miniature peanut butter cup inside...yumm. The author suggests if you don't want to make the shortbread tombstones that you just decorate an oblong biscuit.

Photo by Lyn Bell

I Scream Cake

Ice cream
Ice cream

I loved the look of this cake based on the famous Edvard Munch's painting The Scream. Reading though the recipe I guessed there was ice cream included and yes there is. It is recommended that you serve it at once but I liked the note that the author put that it could be made and frozen for up to two days. Much better as far as I'm concerned! You only need to thaw it for 20 to 30 minutes...

Photo by Lyn Bell

What are the Contents?

There are six chapters. Just because there are only six chapters doesn't mean it is short of content. The book has 150 pages of recipes and ideas.

These cover:

  1. Candy and Goodies: Monster Eyeballs, Orange Popcorn Balls, Swamp Creature Toes and others...
  2. Cookies: Gingerbread Jack-O'-Lantern, Spiderweb Sugar Cookies, Ladies Fingers and many more.
  3. Cakes and Cupcakes: Whistling Past the Graveyard Cake, Witch's Hat Sheet Cake, and others as well as those already mentioned...
  4. Party Food Snacks and Drinks: Witch's Knuckles, Cheddar Eyeballs, Haunted Drinking Chocolate, Screaming Red Punch with a Hand, and more...
  5. Halloween Supper: Pumpkin Soup with Cheese Croutons, Candy Corn Pizza....
  6. Scary Party Food: Bat Wings, Cup of Worms, Bag O' Dirt....

Is it important for Halloween Recipes to be able to be used for other occasions and not just scary?

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Are there any negatives?

You are probably wondering if there is anything wrong with the book. One disadvantage is that not all recipes have a photo and relies on the title. Not a biggie really as there are some great illustrations.

Ice cream
Ice cream

Ghoulish Goodies:

Creature Feature Cupcakes, Monster Eyeballs, Bat Wings, Funny Bones, Witches' Knuckles, and Much More!

(Frightful Cookbook)

Are you ready to get your own copy? There's no need to scream! But don't miss out...Halloween is just around the corner!

As I said no need to get it just for Halloween...

Let me know you dropped by...

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