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Bose QuietComfort 15 Headphones

Updated on December 30, 2013

These headphones consistently get amazing reviews for their sound quality, and I'm not at all surprised as I eventually bought myself a pair of them a few years ago at a Bose outlet.

Ultra Popular

Every time my family and I travel on any long flight, I know what's in store for me when we board the aircraft. You know the feeling as you settle in to your seat and prepare your reading material and/or your personal entertainment for the trip, and then get issued with those basic earplugs from a member of the crew. This is when I know that my carefully planned packing of all that's sacred to my flight's enjoyment is about to come to an end.

Yes, I'm already seated and surreptitiously unpacking my Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones because I know what's coming, and then all hell lets loose. "Please can I borrow your headphones, they're the best?" Then another burst "can I have them on this flight then you can have them on the return one". Oh yeah!

Enough is Enough!

Why were the family bombarding me for the constant use of MY headphones? Says it all, doesn't it? What could I do about it for future trips? There was only one thing I could do, which was pretty drastic I know, but for piece and QuietComfort mind, I had to buy at least another set. Since then it's up to all to share that second set as they know I had now drawn the line and my Bose headphones are MINE!

Noise Cancelling

Bose have long been associated with high quality sound systems, and when it comes to the ultimate in entertainment listening, the QuietComfort 15 Noise Cancelling headphones stand head and shoulders over the competition. Just try them out one day. When you flick the noise cancelling switch, you'll be amazed at how effective it is at cutting out all that background noise.

The headphones are extremely comfortable to wear, and people on flights have been known just to switch on the cancellation and listen to the sound of silence.


  • The headphones fold flat neatly into a strong black carrying case.

    In the case: airplane adapter, long detachable audio cable, and one AAA battery.

  • Activation of the noise-cancellation is by a switch on the right earcup, which must be on to hear any audio. To block noise, just unplug the cable. By doing this, you won't have a dangling cable getting in the way.
  • The ear cups are soft-cushioned and fit snugly around the ears.
  • Bose estimates the battery life to be about 35 hours, but I've never tested it. It depends how frequently you use them.

Out of most of the gadgets I own, my Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones are probably the most treasured of them all. The enjoyment of listening to music or watching an in-flight movie makes owning these such a joy. I even connect them up to the system at home occasionally and experience the ultimate in peaceful relaxation.


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    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 4 years ago

      Love that these fold up neatly and include an airplane adapter.