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Play Time Boys Batman Costumes

Updated on April 4, 2013

Batman Halloween Cosutmes For Boys

In my home boys and batman costumes just go together. The mysterious look of the long cape and black mask draws the attention of my boys minds and active imaginations.

Over the past years we have had many batman costumes bless our house but never one just the same as the other.

Batman Halloween costumes for boys comes in many styles and types. The character of Batman it self has changed so much over the years it gives costumes creativity to create different costume appearances.

My sons favorite batman character is one that is more of a Retro Batman Costume and is designed from his costume in comics in the 80's. He has the cool utility belt that goes with it and puts his little gadgets in and pretends to do good around the community. Then he pretends to get into his Batmobile and got to the Bat-Cave to get snacks.

Pajama Batman Costume

The most worn costume and piece of clothing in my home is the pj's costume, its a pair of comfy pajamas designed to look like a costume. The costume has its own small sewn in cape and its easy to wash. One of my boys wore it for a costume party at preschool and also go a lot of wear out of it as pajamas.

Boys Muscle Batman Costumes - Show Me Your Muscle Costume

What boy does not like to pretend they have big muscles. My boys will play in muscle costumes as they are picking up their toys pretending they are using their big muscles to pick up heavy dump trucks and big boulders to save the day.

Batman and Robin make great matching costumes for brothers.

How To Make A Batman Mask

You can never have to many superhero masks when it comes to boys who love superheros. Batman mask are easy to make and can be made with several different types of material. The video below shows how to make a foam batman mask. You can also use Batman mask printables found online to print out and use as a craft project.

Batman's Utility Belt

Although simple in appearance, the utility belt is one the most important aspects of Batman's costume. The utility belt is a normal strap belt with a large buckle and cylindrical cartridges for carrying things he needed, such as his car keys and his phone.

Over the many years of batman the utility belt has changed dramatically. In the first series of batman he wore more of a workman's belt, then progressed to a more high tech gadget belt. To read more on the history of the batman's belt go to

Batman Wing Cape Costume
Batman Wing Cape Costume

How To Make A Batman Cape

Batman capes can be made at home as part of a easy superhero costume.

Homemade capes will wear and wash better if made from thick and durable fabric. However, if you are just making a play batman cape for a child to play in you can make a simple one from cutting up an old t-shirt. For safe play its best to cut the neck whole a use Velcro to hold the collar together.

Different Types Of Batman Capes - History Of Batmans Cape

The original batman cape was inspired by a drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci that had a wing like design. As the idea of batman grew the cape went threw many changes. Depending on the artist the cape was sometimes long and sometimes short.

Batman Gloves

While most store bought costumes do not come with gloves, gloves can really complete a Batman costumes. If you do not have gloves for the costume you can try to use regular winter gloves that match the color of the costume, typically blue glove or black gloves.

Batman The Dark Knight Child Gauntlet Gloves for Batman
Batman The Dark Knight Child Gauntlet Gloves for Batman

This is a official licensed Batman accessory for a kids costume. It is marked as a ones size fit all glove made of sturdy latex foam. The glove is durable and also comes in blue.


Batman's Superpower Boots

In the comics batman's boots had superpower gadgets with propellers and bat sonar.

For a child's batman costume you can cover their shoes with black material or have them wear black boots.

Baby Batman Costume

If your older boys love dressing up as superheros get baby into the action too with a baby batman costume.

Batman The Brave And The Bold Baby Bunting, Batman Print, 0-9 Months Costume
Batman The Brave And The Bold Baby Bunting, Batman Print, 0-9 Months Costume

Gray bunting with bat wing symbol and printed utility belt. Attached cape. Headpiece with bat ear accent.


What Is Your Favorite Character In Batman? - Please Leave A Comment

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