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Disney Brave Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies - Merida Theme

Updated on July 4, 2013

It's time to party with Princess Merida

I love it when a new princess comes in town and even if Merida is not your usual girly girl princess (which to be honest I like even more) she makes a great inspiration for a princess party. Brave birthday is a great theme!

I have come up with some ideas that will hopefully help you out in planning your Merida party. Browse through these ideas for birthday food, drinks, games, activities, favors and much, much more! I also featured supplies so you really do have everything at one place.

Enjoy the read, and if you wish leave a comment! Good or bad, feedback is always welcome and much appreciated. New ideas will be added on regular basis so do check back!

I feel I should share a few words about Merida as she would be someone I could relate too when I was a kid. I was adventurous but also felt like I live my life the way others want me to live it (now find me a kid that doesn't feel this way). I wanted to be free even if I wasn't trapped, but you of all people know how kids react to when you say no to them or ask them to do something.

Photos on this page are taken by me unless othervise stated

Intro Photo Credit: mydisneyadventures via Flickr CC

Free Printable Brave Birthday Party Invitations

You are destined for adventure

I think planing a party should start with picking out the perfect invitations (and sending them).

Whenever I plan a party I am really appreciative of any freebie I can use, but quality always comes first! I was really happy to see Disney have a free printable invite designed for this theme and it looks great.

I am sure these lovely printable invitations will work perfectly for your celebration!

Print them out (as many as you need), fill in the information and send them out! If you are skilled with computers you can add the text using a photo editing software if not you can always write the details with your hand.

As we are at invitations why not have some free thank you notes too :)

Brave party supplies - Plates, napkins, invites...

There is a nice selection of cute official Brave Party Supplies already available!

If you do not like them you can always improvise with gold, green and lavender. These are the colors that will go really well with this theme in my opinion. You can spice it up with some red here and there as princess Merida has hair to remember!

I personally would go with the official tableware and add the gold royal goblet cups which you can get in some stores or online and gold plastic cutlery. This will add the royal touch and I do think it look amazing!



Disney's Brave Party Invitations, 8 Pack
Disney's Brave Party Invitations, 8 Pack

If you didn't like the freebies (or you don't have the printer at home) you can get the official invites.


Free Activity Book

Print it at home

Another lovely free treat!

A super sweat activity book with a chance to create your own family crest, do a word search, maze and word scramble! 6 lovely colorful pages capturing the fun moments of Brave and Merida.

Kids will love it! You can either let them have their fun at the party or you can slip these in to the party favor bag.

I suggest printing out the cover pages on harder paper for best effect!

Hurry up and print it!

Get Free Brave Activity Book

Brave Cake Ideas - Merida Cake

Use Merida doll to make a doll cake

I think a doll cake can be a great Brave cake as you can turn it into a Merida cake. Use a red haired doll (there are also official Merida dolls available, it will make a great gift) and just make your favorite flavored (doll) cake. Make the dress in one of the Merida's dress colors.

If you have a big guest list you can even make more doll cakes, you can make Meridas family, or clan cakes whichever you want!

Original Photo Credit Dragozov via Flickr CC

Party Favors

Ideas for the treat bags

Fill those party favor bags with goodies! There is only a handful of official Brave merchandise to fill the bag on the market at this moment but more than enough to bring a smile on a child's face, all that is available currently is featured on this page.

My favourite ones are certainly the tattoos (kids just love them) and lip-gloss necklace that girls will just love.

As for the non-official party favour I think adding a blue glow stick (blue wisps from the movie) will be a winner!

Goodies for the favor bags! - Something for the kids to remember the party

I know kids love parties but I also know for a fact they like to get something before they leave.

You can make some of them at home. For example you could be making horse shaped cookie pops (cookies on a stick) which you can wrap in a cellophane and give out (you know as Merida's horse Angus).

I recommend you do a mix of home made favors and store bought ones (stickers and tattoos!)

Disney Brave Tattoo Sheets (2) Party Accessory
Disney Brave Tattoo Sheets (2) Party Accessory

As a kid I would always walk around covered with temporary tattoos. I can say I was lucky as a close family family friend worked at the candy factory (every kid's dream come true eh?). She wasn't allowed to take a lot of candy but she was able to get the misprinted tattoos and wrappers and they were always in abundance and I really didn't mind if the tattoos were lacking something. I was feeling pretty cool. I don't know a kid who wouldn't love a temporary tattoo and they are always a hit at parties.

Fun Central U1 1.5 Inch Glow Sticks - Blue 50ct
Fun Central U1 1.5 Inch Glow Sticks - Blue 50ct

I as an adult am still a bit crazy about glow sticks so I can imagine what joy they bring to kids. I think these would make a fun party favor as they kind of resemble the wisps from the movie.


Brave Birthday Party Games

Fun ideas for everyone

Arrow shooting contest

If you have a chance to host this party outdoors do consider a shooting contest! Get (or even make!) a few bow toys, arrows (with rubber tips) and targets and have your kids compete! I loved to shoot my bow as a kid (you can read my story if you scroll down a little bit)

Play games in clans

In the movie there are 4 clans (kingdoms) so you can make groups that can compete against each other! I am a very competitive person, I always was and as a kid there was nothing I loved more than playing team sports again other teams. Even if I am competitive it's always more fun to win as a group than solo.

Pin the arrow on the target

A variation of pin the tail on the donkey, a popular birthday game. I officially suck at this game by the way.

Find the wisps

Easter egg hunt game where instead of eggs kids search for blue wisps

via Flickr CC

Brave Merida Easy Cupcake Topper

My attempt at easy cake topper

If you have no experience with fondant I advise you use the one from the market otherwise you can make it yourself (in my experience a bit harder to shape and color but once you get used to it it can be a cheaper alternative).

Roll your cream colored or yellow colored fondant on your working surface (thin layer, not to thin so it wont break). Cut a round circle with a cookie cutter or if you do not have one with a wine glass.

Take the red fondant (or gumpaste as it will be easier) and roll it into thin rolls.

With a brush apply some water on the yellow circle and start applying (curling) red rolls. This way you will make curls.

When done take some of the red fondant and make lips and with some blue fondant (or blue candy for extra big eyes) make the eyes.">

More ideas

You can make the target practice cupcakes.

I think the bear shaped ones, or horse shaped ones would also be great for this party.

You could also be making a royal feast - decorating your cupcakes with royal crowns.

Pin The Arrow on The Target - Or do some bow training

This image is public domain so you are free to use it however you like. Just right click and save it.

This will work great as a pin the arrow on the target game. You could also use it as a regular target and have the kids shoot some bows and arrows.

When I was a kid, me and my friends were playing around in the attic of my house and we stumbled upon a real bow and arrows with pointy and sharp tips. Naturally we ran downstairs (with all the sharp objects in our hands, thinking back it was a pretty dangerous thing to do) and started shooting. The arrow didn't fly far as it was quite heavy and the bow was hard to pull but we still enjoyed it and couldn't get enough of it. Well until my father came home when all hell brake loose. I thought his head would pop. I didn't understand at that time but he wasn't angry at us because we took the bow but because someone could get hurt.

The next day when me and my friends gathered at my place my father came with a bunch of thin tree branches we were a bit terrified as we didn't have a clue what he was going to do with them (mind you was I never physically punished but seeing your old man with hands full of branches and knowing your friends have had unpleasant experiences with branches and their fathers does make your knees shaking a bit, considering what had happened the day before). We were quit as he approached. But then he said something that brought a lot of excitement to all of us. He said "Come now, we will make you all your own bows and arrows". And so we did. We each got our own bow and arrows that were dull and light (we even added the chicken feathers at one side to make them more authentic). And the arrows started to fly - we were shooting them all over the place.

Dress Up - Add to the magic

I think there's nothing more cool for a kid than to see their parents dressing up for their party! Your little princess can become a Merida while you can dress up as the Queen. Does she have brothers or sisters? I think they would look great as little bears.


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