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Bubble Guppies Party Supplies

Updated on February 14, 2014

Bubble Guppies Party Ideas

Bubble Guppies Party supplies are not easy to find but If your little one spends more time pretending to be under the sea than above it, then a Bubble Guppies birthday party might be what will make their big day unforgettable and its up to you to deliver.

Bubble Guppies is also a great choice because it will let you throw in some educational aspects and activities while still perfectly matching the theme of the party! Now I know planning the perfect party for your little one can be overwhelming, trust me Ive been there. But Ive found some great ideas that are tried and true that will be sure to get the party on the right foot and make it very easy!

Bubble Guppies Invitation Ideas

We start off with the invitations because without them, no one will show up and well the party won't be much fun. has some free Bubble Guppies printable invitations that you can use to make your own invites to the party. Just print them out on cardstock and fill in your information!

If you a want something with a custom design or that is personalized, there are plenty of digital artists on Etsy that have Bubble Guppies invitations that have all your information and can include your child's picture. Just print the design out on cardstock and you are ready to go!

Another wonderful idea would be to make bubble style invites as seen on the pleated poppy blog for each guest. You can do this by simply printing the wording on cardstock paper and then cutting the paper into a bubble. The aim is to make it look like a trail of bubbles, so smaller paper bubbles can be cut out and glued to the edges of the big paper bubble with the invitation message on it to complete the effect. You could even add glitter to make the bubble invites sparkle a little.

Bubble Guppies Party Decorations

When it comes to Bubble Guppies decorations there are plenty of great and easy options that you can put to good use. Matthew Parker Events created this stunning undersea themed room using just some paper cones, streamers and balloon/paper fish.

All you need to create the same effect is construction paper, plenty of royal blue and light blue streamers, balloons and a little bit of time. The tissue paper coral is also a great touch. What I love about this is how great it looks and how simple and affordable it is.

You can even use balloons to make larger fish or other cool sea creature accents to really make the party a big splash. To make balloon fishes; Simply blow up a balloon, draw on a face and cut some fish fins and a tail out of construction paper, then stick them on the balloon. You could have a school of multicolored fishes and even include some big fish too like this balloon shark here.

When I throw parties I like to have the theme everywhere and that is so easy when it comes to Bubble Guppies because NickJr does all the work for you. Their website offers tons of great decorations that you can just print out, put together and decorate. You'll find free Bubble Guppies birthday banner, Bubble Guppies hanging decorations and Bubble Guppies centerpiece templates complete with instructions there. It is a great resource so be sure to use it!

Offically Licensed Bubble Guppies Party Supplies

Bubble Guppies Party Pack
Bubble Guppies Party Pack

Licensed plates, cups, tablecover, centerpieces, balloons and more. Official bubble Guppies Party packs are available to buy now. There are plenty of different sized party packs to choose from so you'll find party pieces whatever your budget and all the items available look great and feature all of the Bubble Guppies characters.

Bubble Guppies Wall Decals

Bubble Guppies Set of 8 Removable Wall Stickers 10" Inch Bubble Guppies
Bubble Guppies Set of 8 Removable Wall Stickers 10" Inch Bubble Guppies

To liven up the party room walls use these licensed Bubble Guppies wall decals. Stick a few on the wall behind the party table or simply spread these from wall to wall. Either way they will make a great impression on kids,parents and your little one. They will also double up as an extra gift for your little one - after the party you can remove these and stick them in your childs bedroom.


Bubble Guppies Balloons

Bubble Guppies Balloon Kit (Each)
Bubble Guppies Balloon Kit (Each)

This Bubble Guppies balloon set includes two 18inch square Bubble Guppies themed balloons and a large circle 22 inch one. Comes with 2 blue bubble shaped balloons and white curling ribbon to tie up balloons with. There is also a ballon weight included in the set to hold balloons in place if you decide to use helium. The set is more than enough by itself but if you looking to decorate a large room simply include some cheap royal blue,light blue, white and see through balloons (dollar store) and make balloon bouquets with one of these better designed ones as the center balloon.


Bubble Guppies Party Food Ideas

Okay so your next big obstacle is the Bubble Guppies party food, but don't worry because it is not a big obstacle at all. One great idea that I love for putting together a great themed treat is jello! Come Together Kids posted this great idea for making jello cups with gummy fish and a whipped cream wave. If you don't want to use gummy fish you can also cut fruit into fish shapes or even coral shapes to create a beautiful undersea theme. This is a simple and healthy treat that kids love.

An idea that I love to use for parties is finding a cookie cutter that fits the theme, this is good not only for cookies but other snacks. For this theme you could use a fish cookie cutter to cut cheese, fruit, sandwiches, and even rice krispies to make fun themed snacks. This helps encourage the kids to choose snacks that on a normal day would seem boring but presented in this way appear fun and fitting of the theme.

Of course, no Bubble Guppies party would be complete without a goldfish snack to represent Mr Grouper. There are so many different flavors of goldfish crackers now that you can easily make a fun sampler platter that allows the kids to choose from sweet and savory goldfish options.

Here are some more ideas for food and drink that you can serve to your hungry little fishes:

Gold Fish Marshmallows

*Whip up a batch of gold fish Marshmallow pops. Place candy sticks in the middle of a large marshmallow. Prepare white chocolate by melting it and tinting it blue. Let the chocolate cool a bit before you dip the marshmallows (you don't want to melt them). Now coat the bottom and a bit of the sides of this treat with cookie crumbs. Add a Goldfish cracker or candy to front. Chill. More in depth recipe can be found here.

Ocean Juice

*2 bottles of sprite and 2 drops of blue food coloring is enough to make what can be labelled as Ocean juice for guests to enjoy. As an added touch you could use round ice cubes to resemble bubbles and serve in clear tumblers.

How to make Octopus Sausages/Weiners

Bubble Guppies Cake
Bubble Guppies Cake

Bubble Guppies Birthday Cake Decorations

For your Bubble guppies birthday cake you have several options ranging from super easy to mildly challenging. If you want to save yourself the trouble and don't mind the expense you can have someone create you a Bubble Guppies cake.

If you go to a cake decorator and ask for something really fancy you can expect to pay quite a bit, but it will be worth it. For a cheaper but a little more hands on route, you can use an edible Bubble Guppies cake topper, these can are found on ebay and would be quick and easy way to decorate your cake. A buttercream border can also be applied around the edges of the edible topper just to frame the image and make it stand out.

Another suggestion and something I would probably attempt is the NickJr tutorial showing you how to make a Bubble Guppies Cake featuring Gill and Molly. Yes I know it's become a running theme but it is the best resource. They offer a complete tutorial with templates for making the fondant characters.

As decoration for Bubble Guppies cupcakes, frost your cupcakes with blue icing and sprinkle some white sparkling sugar or sugar pearls to give it that underwater bubble effect and then compliment with Bubble Guppies cupcake wrappers and toppers. The printable Bubble Guppies cupcake toppers and wrappers are available here.

Photo Credit: Bubble Guppies Cake by Frosted with Emotion

Prefilled Bubble Guppies Party Favor Boxes

Prefilled Bubble Guppies Party Favor Boxes
Prefilled Bubble Guppies Party Favor Boxes

Licensed Prefilled Bubble Guppies party favor boxes are available for anyone who would want the favors sorted with as little hassle as possible. Available in stock at Birthday Express, each specially designed under the sea themed favor box contains a Bubble Guppies sticker set,Crab squirter, plush Gold fish, sea life popup and fish lollipop. It has a nice mix of goodies to please guests of all types..(click the image to find out more).

DIY Bubble Guppies Party Favor Ideas

The final touch is something fun to send the kids home with. If you don't mind getting your hands a little dirty here are a few fun DIY party favor ideas to make and fill up their favor bags with:

Bubble Favors

A fun and easy idea is to make your own bubble solution and then to pour the solution into bubble containers, you then make your own custom labels or use the cup label templates from NickJr.

Fish in a jar favors

*Use recycled water bottles with labels peeled off

*Put sand or aquarium gravel in the bottom and fill with blue-tinted water

*Add clear beads or seashells

*Pop in a grow toy, mermaid or fish, dolphin etc (dollar store). The toys in these bottles will grow as they absorb the water

*A nice label with thanks for coming can also be placed around the neck of the bottle

Homemade Bubble Guppies Puzzle

This simple idea which I found here would make make great favors for guests. To make these all you would need are some craft/ice cream sticks, a printed Bubble Guppies image, some scissors, glue and a marker or sticky numbers.

Goldfish party favors

Another idea is to give the kids their own goldfish in a little fishbowl. HOWEVER I would clear this favor up with all the parents before moving forward. No parent wants to go to a party and unexpectedly come home with a new pet. I know I would be not so pleased if this happened but would probably agree if I knew beforehand

Photo credit: Nick See

More Bubble Guppies Party Favors

Bubble Guppies Stikys Pack of 10
Bubble Guppies Stikys Pack of 10

Kids will love sticking these all over the place.. Stickers include 5 designs and are a pack of 75 stickers in total. Colorful, bright and at 2.5" a good size, what's not to love.

12 Bubble Guppies Party Favor Lanyards
12 Bubble Guppies Party Favor Lanyards

Lanyards make great favors because they can be used well after the party to carry keys and other valuable items . Each Lanyard has Bubble Guppies design and comes with namecards so you can personalize each lanyard with your guests name.

Bubble Guppies Party Hats/ Masks, 8 Count, Party Supplies
Bubble Guppies Party Hats/ Masks, 8 Count, Party Supplies

A great way to keep the party mood high is with these Bubble Guppies party masks... Kids will love putting these on and pretending to be the characters.There are masks of Gil, Nonny, Molly and Bubby Puppy.

Bubble Guppies Coloring page
Bubble Guppies Coloring page

Bubble Guppies Party Games and Activities

For some fun games and activities, you won't believe how fun and easy some of these activities are. Many of them I have tried just for cheap afternoons of fun. One idea is to take pipe cleaners and set them on a table with dishes of bubble soap. That's it! The trick is that the kids can create their own bubble wands just by bending the pipe cleaners into different shapes.

*Another fun idea is to create giant bubbles using a wading pool and a hula hoop. There are several recipes online for making a cheap bubble mix for this activity.

*Print off free Bubble Guppies coloring pages and provide some crayons or coloring pencils and watch as kids color in their favorite characters with.

*No party is complete without a game of Pin the tail on the donkey but for this theme it will be pin the tail on bubble Guppy, here are some free printables for playing the game at your party.

*As a crafty activity you could have the kids make their own recyced bottle fishes, its simple to make and lots of fun. They can even make Paper cup fishes or Fish shakers, depending on your preference and the resources you have available.

A bubble guppy party is sure to be a huge hit. Look for other ways to utilize the stuff you have on hand and add to these ideas. Stick to your theme and let the kids have a fabulous fishy day filled with fun and frolick.

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