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Bubble Bath Day

Updated on December 9, 2016

What Are You Doing On Bubble Bath Day?

I plan to take a bath filled with my favorite scented bubble bath mix on January 8. I always knew that January 8th was Elvis Presley's birthday, but I just found out it's also Bubble Bath Day! To celebrate this grand and unusual holiday I am going to enjoy a nice long soak in a luxurious tub full of hot water and lots and lots of bubbles! Sounds just great, don't you agree?

Now, ladies and gents, a bubble bath is certainly a relaxing event, it can be a romantic affair for a couple, a total slice of heaven for the solo bather, a healing event for someone who is feeling ill, and pick me up for someone who is feeling down. Picture your bath tub, steaming, bubbling, add a few candles, a glass of the grape and a book - yes, I said a book - and you're in for a delightful night of soaking. I want so many bubbles that I am unrecognizable in that tub.

Do you remember the Mr. Bubbles commercial with Hubert and his grandma? The little boy is in the tub along with thousands of bubbles, and he makes himself a moustache with the foam. His grandma walks in and yells, "There's A Man In My Bathtub"!

Mr Bubbles Video - And Mr Bubbles Is Only 49 Cents!

"There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them." Sylvia Plath

Bubble Baths Galore

There are lots of reasons to take a bubble bath and there are lots of bubble baths for you to choose from. You can see some different ones pictured below. Some will smell good, some will make lots of bubbles, some will help you to relax, just pick the one you like best and you are ready to de-stress. There is even one to help with colds or the flu it's got some Eucalyptus in it.

Grab A Book To Read In Your Bubble Filled Tub


“Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression.” Dodie Smith

Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe

Spoil yourself with Burt's Bees Bubble Bath or some other brand you love...or make your own homemade bubble bath. Here's a quick and easy recipe:

  • 1 1/2 cups of liquid Castile Soap
  • 2 tablespoons of Vegetable Glycerin
  • 1/2 tablespoons of White Sugar
  • A couple drops of your favorite Essential Oil for aroma

Mix your ingredients, let them sit in a dark bottle for at least a day or two (at least 24 hours) and keep it in a dark area. Then use it ... pour about a 1/2 cup into a tub and fill it with water in the temperature you like to soak in. Enjoy!

"I love doing normal things - movies, shopping, going out with friends, writing, reading, taking hot bubble baths - that's a big one for relaxation." Christina Aguilera

When Was The Last Time You Took A Bubble Bath?

In the hurry up and bustle of today's world I find that most people take a shower rather than a bath. So think back and tell me when the last time you took a slow, relaxing bubble bath was.

A Glass Of Champagne To Enjoy While You Soak In Your Bubble Bath.
A Glass Of Champagne To Enjoy While You Soak In Your Bubble Bath.

Bubbles With Your Bubble Bath

I like to light candles and drink some bubbly while I am soaking in my tub. Champagne in your favorite glass is an extra special treat for times like this, times when you can lay back and relax, think and check out your toes. Lean back, sink deep in the tub, let entire body be submerged in that hot water, rest your head, close your eyes ... doesn't that sound wonderful!

You can always get yourself an inflatable bath pillow. Add drops of your favorite essential oils, or some rose petals, and don't forget some of your favorite music to relax with. Take a sip of your champagne and relax in your bubble filled tub. What a fabulous treat to give yourself.

How To Make A Bubble Bath

I love Peach bubble bath mix but there are plenty of others, which one if your favorite?

Reasons To Take A Bubble Bath

  1. I Want To Relax
  2. I Am Feeling Stressed
  3. I Have A Headache
  4. It's Been A Crazy Day
  5. I Deserve It!


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