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Best Butterfly Gifts For Pre-teens

Updated on December 30, 2014

Cool Butterfly Gifts for Creativity & Fun

Fluttering butterflies are one of the first bugs that most children can identify. They may be similar in shape, but they vary enormously in color.

The beauty of butterflies has inspired jewelers, craft designers and toy makers for years. They have produced beautiful craft and art ideas to stimulate creativity, butterfly kites to encourage exercise, and challenging butterfly puzzles, as well as gifts just for fun.

Finding cool birthday gifts for tweens and pre-teens can be expensive, challenging and time-consuming. If your pre-teen is interested in nature and wildlife, you will find some great ideas on this page.

This photo shows engraving art of a butterfly - more information below.

Just like the butterfly, I too will awaken in my own time.

— Deborah Chaskin

Crafty Butterflies

I like to make things. Whether it be crafting or completing a puzzle, I find it relaxing and enjoyable. In fact, mental challenges are thought to have beneficial effects on the health of the brain, perhaps even staving off Alzheimer's.

In these days of high-speed, super-charged teen life, why not encourage your pre-teen to "slow down and smell the roses". Puzzles and crafts can give hours of fun for one person, or for the family, and you could be helping to set up a good habit for a life time.

Royal Brush 5 by 7-Inch Rainbow Foil Engraving Art Kit, Mini, Butterflies
Royal Brush 5 by 7-Inch Rainbow Foil Engraving Art Kit, Mini, Butterflies

For children ages 8 and up, this engraving kit contains an engraving tool, a practice board and a pre-printed butterfly boards.


Cool Butterfly Jewelry and Jewelry Boxes

Bug jewellery - a bug necklace or bug earrings - can be a great gift for a nature fan. Bees have an air of risk and danger. Ladybugs are just plain cute. Beautiful butterflies have an air of tranquillity and peace, reflected in the pretty design of the butterfly mood necklace.

Tapp Collections trade; Mood Pendant Necklace - Butterfly
Tapp Collections trade; Mood Pendant Necklace - Butterfly

Are you cool? In love? Happy? This lovely butterfly pendant changes color with your body heat and mood: blue for at ease and relaxed, purple for love, red for unsettled, and more.


Musical Jewelry Box

This is a beautiful, musical jewelry box, with butterfly figurine. Excellent for storing small treasures, like earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The box has 4 drawers, and is lined with velvet flocked paper. Plays "Isle of Capri".

Enchantmints Monarchs Butterfly Music Jewelry Box
Enchantmints Monarchs Butterfly Music Jewelry Box

Musical jewelry box, 6 inches x 4 inches x 6 inches, with front and back drawers and two side drawers. It has a hinged top, with mirror.


Butterflies in the Great Outdoors

With so many indoor distractions, we tend to sit for too long. A butterfly kite is a fun way to inspire a youngster to take some exercise.

X-Kites 3D Butterfly
X-Kites 3D Butterfly

For ages 8 and up, this large 3-D Butterfly Kite, has a wingspan of 42" and is easy to assemble. It is great fun to fly on the beach or at the park.


Butterflies for Family Fun

The colorful appearance and gentle fluttering flight of butterflies has inspired artists and toy-makers to produce a wide range of fun gifts.

Lucy Hammet Bingo Games LH3677 Butterfly Bingo
Lucy Hammet Bingo Games LH3677 Butterfly Bingo

For ages 3 to adult, the Butterfly Bingo game includes beautiful photos printed on the bingo game boards and cards, and bingo chips to mark your spot. One player will be the card caller, a player wins by being the first to cover their board and shout "BINGO" or "PUPA."


Do You Like These Butterfly Gifts? - Have I missed something really cool?

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