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Butterfly Face Painting for Children: Designs, Tips and Tutorials

Updated on August 18, 2015

Face Painting a Butterfly on Your Child

About the only thing better than wearing a butterfly costume for a little girl (and a few older ladies as well), is to have their face painted with a butterfly, which when combined with a costume, makes for a fantastically cute look on Halloween or other special times.

And if it's at a local event where face painting is part of the festivities, having a butterfly painted on the face is great on its own.

Because butterflies come in a wide array of colors and designs, it offers all sorts of limitless possibilities as to how to design on for the face, as you'll see in the photos and video tutorials below.

To that end I included a variety of butterfly face paintings, being sure to have each one portray a different color and design in order to give you a number of options and choices to consider and/or be inspired by.

What's also positive about butterflies in relationship to Halloween, are the options concerning colors, as mentioned, are endless, and so if you're looking for a butterfly costume, once you've found the one you and your child like, you can at that time adapt the design and colors of the butterfly face painting to complement the costume.

But whether for Halloween or another event, butterfly face painting is just a lot of fun, and girls especially are attracted by the beauty and delight inspired from real butterflies.

Face Painting with Rainbow Butterfly Theme

Butterflies and rainbow colors were made for one another, and they go great together as a design theme.

What many people do when making these designs is to have an idea of the shape of the butterfly wings, and then put the color on first, while adding the shape of the wings later.

In the one below, it seems that that was the methodology of choice, with the addition of the touch of light blue later one. This is why you see what appears to be color outside of the lines of the wings.

Some of you with certain dispositions to not color outside of the lines, may not like this, but when you look at it from further way it actually looks very nice. I also like the choice of using a rhinestone as the head of the butterfly in the middle of the forehead.

Butterfly Face Painting


Face Painting of Purple Butterfly on Little Girl

Butterflies offer terrific opportunities to incorporate other elements into the face painting, including rhinestones and stars, as this face painting shows.

The wide, dark lines give another look at how you can design a facial butterfly, and works fantastic with the purple wings. The shiny rhinestones also work great with the dark outline.

Also making this look good is the subtle but effective light blue color a the bottom part of the wing on both sides.

Purple Butterfly


Face Painting of Blue Butterfly

There is a lot to like with this blue butterfly face painting, with the great shape of the wings and the wonderful head of the butterfly in the center.

The black outline is awesome in this butterfly design, with the numerous lines protruding out to accentuate the overall look of the wings. The white dots scattered throughout the black outline also looks magnificent, as the white dots in the lighter part of the design do.

Including the darker blue on the top and sides, blending down into a much lighter blue and almost white color really helps this butterfly pop out beautifully from her face. The glitter also adds a gorgeous touch to the design.

But my favorite part of the butterfly design is the head of the butterfly itself, with that cute white color on the right side as we look at it, which gives it a somewhat three-dimensional look. The antenna also look fantastic.

Overall it's just a great face painting of a blue butterfly.

Blue Butterfly


Butterfly Face Painting Video Tutorials

Next we have several butterfly face painting video tutorials with various degrees of quality and complexity.

None of them are beyond the average person as far as being able to pick it up fairly easily and duplicate the designs.

Just use your imagination and take the tips and designs and change and adapt them to your own desired outcome, or your child's.

Face Painting a Butterfly

How to Face Paint a Simple Butterfly

Pink Butterfly Face Painting Tutorial

Simple Face Painting of Gold Butterfly

This face painting of a gold butterfly is an interesting one, mostly because of the contrasting elegance of the gold color itself, along with the rather simple outer wing design.

If you look closely you'll also see a light greenish color on the outer part of the wings, which works well with the inner gold color.

I am sometimes surprised when I see face painting like this because of the quality of inner color, suggesting the person had a sense of choosing the right colors. But then there is the rather moderate quality of the outline of the wings themselves, seemging to make the one doing it stronger at a vision for the butterfly face painting, but weaker on designing it.

What works with this one is the beauty and uniqueness of the gold, which helps overcome the overall weak outline of the butterfly wings.

I mention this to those who fit into the category of not being a great or confident illustrator. As along as you have some great color that can distract from the outine it will be the focus of where the eyes of people look.

So don't be discourage or fail to do it because of weak drawing skills.

The only reason you really see those aspects of the final work here is because it's an extremely close up photo. In real life most people would see it from far away and not notice the incongruity.

On the other side, it also shows how simple it is to create a butterfly face painting for a child that is more than good enough in the majority of social situations (I mean by that if it's for normal use and not a contest).

Gold Butterfly


Face Painting of Pink Butterfly

This is a little bit of a different face painting style for this pink butterfly. Here there is a looser outline for the wings, with the artist deciding to leave some gaps in the connections of the lines. It works pretty good in my opinion.

Again, the additional color outside of the wing outline really isn't that noticeable, and it takes little away from the cute look ... unless you're an extreme art critic.

Very cute is the teardrop-looking butterfly body on the nose. The little glitter on the end is a cute touch.

As you can see, using the darker color on the outside of the wings and working in with a lighter hue works in almost every color choice.

Pink Butterfly


Purple, Orange and Blue Butterfly Face Painting

In this last example of a butterfly face painting, there is a unique design and group of colors which portray, at least to me, the sense of being underwater. It also has the feel of being part of "The Little Mermaid," in the sense of the colors and overall design. It may have nothing to do with it, but it does have that appearance.

The color choices for th butterfly design are right on, as they flow together beautifully. What also looks really nice are those twinkling stars scattered throughout the image. They add a magical sense to the butterfly.

I always like to look for things in a face painting design that aren't obvious from a casual glance, and that is here with the small addition of green directly around the eye. There are also some different colored sets of three dots throughout the design.

Altogether it's a terrific butterfly face painting.

Unique Butterfly


Butterfly Face Painting Examples and Tips

After looking at these beautiful butterfly face painting designs, you can see why they're so popular with little girls on Halloween and other special occasions.

The color you can use to create them are endless, and whatever the skill level you have, you can create a fantastic butterfly face for the children in your life, as you can put the color on first and work the outline of the wings and body from there.

And if all else fails, you could acquire a butterfly stencil to aid in the process.

No matter which way you go, choosing a butterfly theme is a great decision for face painting, and also for adding a butterfly or fairy costume to the look.


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    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 5 years ago from Minnesota

      Very neat! I am doing face painting for a fundraiser this weekend and these tips and ideas will be helpful!