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Buy a Duplo Brick Box Gift

Updated on July 25, 2014

If you need to purchase a birthday, Christmas, or Hanukkah gift it is hard to wrong with LEGO. For a recent birthday party I purchased this LEGO Duplo 5516 - 71 piece set. It was a hit!

First of all, I love that it comes with its own storage box. That is so helpful for LEGOs. The fun diminishes as pieces get misplaced, so keeping them together is so important.

Second, there is a huge variety of pieces in this set. I like a nice mix of standard pieces and special pieces in the box. This set has plenty of Duplo bricks to build walls, towers, and buildings. It also come with a car/wheel platform. Building rolling things is super fun, so this is really important. A regular, flat platform is included too.

The other special pieces are a little man, a couple of flowers, and a window that can be opened and shut. The window was probably the most exciting thing for the birthday boy when he opened the set. He had never had a piece like that before.

Finally, the Duplo 5516 set also comes with a small leaflet book inside. It shows what pieces are needed and how to put together 10 different fun items, including a car, a plane, and a little house front. It is fun making the little patterns, but it is even more fun to just build something from your imagination. Skyscrapers have become really popular. Build them up and then knock them down!

I highly recommend this set to add to any Duplo collection, or as a starter set. Duplo blocks are recommended for kids ages 18 months through 5 years old. Great gifts for toddlers and preschoolers.

LEGO DUPLO My First Garden 10517
LEGO DUPLO My First Garden 10517

This cute little garden was another party present. It goes perfectly with the starter set that I bought. There is a farmer, horses, apple tree, etc.

LEGO DUPLO Toddler Build and Play Cubes 10553
LEGO DUPLO Toddler Build and Play Cubes 10553

This was purchased to go with the garden set and brought by another family member. Lots of fun special shapes in this one! A perfect add-on.

LEGO DUPLO My First Zoo 6136
LEGO DUPLO My First Zoo 6136

This cute little zoo set would go perfectly with any of the others. There are a baby elephant, a tiger, fish, a polar bear and a giraffe, plus a zookeeper to keep them in line!


Cute bunny builder not included.

Have you ever bought Duplo blocks for your own family or as a gift?

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