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How to Make Front Door Wreaths for Christmas

Updated on November 5, 2016
Festive Wreathes
Festive Wreathes | Source

Front door displays like Christmas wreaths offer a warm welcome to your guests as they approach the main entrance door of your home. Likewise, they 'welcome' you back home with a warm feeling, every time you put your key through the keyhole at Christmas time.

The rising popularity of using pretty Christmas wreaths is growing each year and in the spirit of the festive season, they make welcoming statements like - "Merry Xmas", "Peace and joy", and the like.

Wreaths especially send out a reminder to all, that yuletide is here. This in turn uplifts their spirits and gives a warm feeling of peace and goodwill.

Wreaths with a Message

Many front doors Christmas wreaths have messages inscribed on them, simple two or three lettered words relaying best wishes for the season.

There are messages that are patriotic or romantic, and many that just wish you a merry time. Many come with short poems, or quotes about Christmas.

These types of Christmas wreaths are always a delight to read while waiting for the doors to open.

Step by Step Tutorial - How to Make Christmas Wreaths

Personalised Front Door Wreaths

Making personalised decorative Christmas wreaths may not be a common option amongst Christmas shoppers, because most people prefer to either pick up something pretty and colourful off the shelf, or simply order one online.

As Christmas suddenly seems to approach fast, rushed shopping commences. Many can't afford the time to start making their own front door display.

Of course there are a million other things to take care of. Christmas is just round the corner!

But you will certainly find creative people who do prefer to make their own festive wreaths or novelty lights for Christmas.

You also may wish to add your own personal touch and add some pizzazz to it. You may want something different from the usual.

If you plan to create your own personalised front door display, there numerous stores online that sell all kinds of craft items. You'll certainly find anything you may need to make your own Christmas wreath.

You can always make it in any shape, size, theme, design, anything. Your imagination is the limit. And don’t forget that giving it your own personal touch ensures you’ll use and enjoy it for many other holiday seasons to come!

How to Make a Personalised Wreath - Step by Step

Custom Wreaths

Custom made decorative wreaths are mostly made using fresh plants, some flowers, twigs, berries (real) and are absolutely beautiful.

If for example, you are a football patriot, there are custom made Christmas wreaths that sends out messages with football game themes, so that all your football fans friends, and family, letting them realise you have a passion about football.

Custom Christmas wreaths can also be adorned with festive garlands, team logos or tinkling bells. Some also come with automated sounds of Christmas music. Visitors will enjoy the classic versions of music as the front door is opened to receive them.

How to Make a Customised Wreath

Geo Mesh Wreath - Step by Step

Great Christmas Gift Idea . . . On a Lighter Note

Christmas wreaths also make great gifts for co workers, friends or family. Buy Christmas wreaths that depict themes of what they are passionate about.

It could be they have a passion for the round leather game, or tennis, or for just simple classic vintage themes. Some will absolutely love themes that are recreations of the nostalgic Edwardian or Victorian charms.

Many decorative wreaths are meticulously handcrafted and hand-painted by skilled artisans with luminous artistry, with many hand painted characters.

You can buy Christmas wreaths, and send one down to the local youth clubs, children hospitals, or even the orphanages, as a contribution to the decoration of the club, hospital or orphanage, all in the spirit of the xmas season.

Edible Gift Ideas - Cornflake Wreaths. Snowman Bowl. Chocolate Spoons.

Where To Buy Christmas Front Door Displays

If you want the 'pick of the pack', and are planning to buy Christmas wreaths and other Christmas decorations, then its good to buy early. There are tremendous savings to be found before the festive season begins to set in.

Purchasing Christmas cards and decorations some months before Xmas is best done online, and there are thousands of Christmas wreaths for front door displays at many web based stores, so now is the time to start searching and shopping.

You can also purchase decorative wreaths at Amazon, and they can come beautifully gift packaged. A great Christmas gift ideas for your neighbour, your sibling, a fan, or buy it just for your own home.

Buy Christmas wreaths to welcome all guests, and wish them a merry Christmas, right from your front door!

These are just a few examples of the various types of decorative wreaths you'll find on-line, for your entrance doors this Christmas,

© 2009 viryabo


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      INEZ 5 years ago


    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 7 years ago

      Hello Keira. Have a display on your front door. You will absolutely love it i know. You can get one of those you can use for many years. I find them so cheery and welcoming.

      Thank you and GodBless.

    • keira7 profile image

      keira7 7 years ago

      My dear Viryabo you are the only one that think of everyting. You are so generous. I never thought of decorating my door, but this christmas, I will. I have seen pepole doing it, but it never cross my mind.

      So I am going to say a big thanks to you for this really great hub. Take care my good friend. See you very soon:) God Bless.

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 7 years ago

      Hi G. How's it going? Thanks for your visit and nice comments. You are an encouragement to me.


    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 7 years ago from California

      Hey there you fab writer you! This is a fantastic hub! Great for the holidays......I DO love the big BOW on the front door.....I must really like bows! G