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Steampunk Couples Costume Ideas

Updated on January 6, 2017
Steampunk Couple
Steampunk Couple | Source

Find the Right Steampunk Couples Outfit For Your Next Gathering

Steampunk costumes should reflect the real sense of the Steampunk culture - currently, a subgenre based on a mix of alternative timelines, sci-fi, and fantasy.

The main character model associated with Steampunk is inspired from Victorian times associated with Great Britain as well as styles from the Wild West of America. Often fantasy or sci-fi will be exhibited by common Steampunk outfits.

Read on as we explore a few Steampunk outfit ideas.


Exploring the Steampunk Sub-Genre

A new sub-genre involving science fiction, alternate history, and fantasy, Steampunk is generally recognized as beginning in the 1980s and early 1990s, although it has roots going back much further.

When you talk Steampunk, you are usually discussing a world or setting that revolves around machines or technological innovations powered by steam. The settings generally look like something from the Victorian era but also have elements deriving from fantasy or science fiction.

Steampunk clothing may seem quite strange to some with mechanical cogs and gears incorporated into them. This fashion line is very popular among many cosplayers. It isn't uncommon to see people strolling around in Steampunk outfits dressed as pirates, explorers, vampires or Victorian socialites.

Turn of the Century Steam Engine
Turn of the Century Steam Engine | Source

Steam is the Theme

The envisioned scientific-technological know-how of Steampunk may include analog computers, mechanical devices, and lighter-than-air vessels. Philip Pullman and Scott Westerfeld are modern-day writers who actually have described some of these imaginary machines in their work.

The technology that is typically included in both Steampunk culture and Steampunk clothing is often steam-power. Steam engines power homes, machines, and airships along with other gadgets used throughout the culture.

At times, Steampunk outfits also integrate scaled-down, transportable steam engines to produce power for gadgets that may be attached directly to the ensemble itself.

One of the more common features of the Steampunk style is the fact that all of the self-made gadgets are operated using a system involving equipment normally made of brass.

Pair of Steampunkers
Pair of Steampunkers | Source

How to make a Steampunk Outfit

Today's Steampunk Style Blends the Old With the New

Steampunk is a sub-genre of sci-fi that often involves fashions from the Victorian era.

Steampunk clothing plays on this theme and focuses on dress styles that were around when steam power was pervasive. Many of the Steampunk outfits are based upon works that are based in science fiction or fantasy.

As an example, works such as The Time Machine by H.G. Wells took into account both science fiction and fantasy and a lot of Steampunk clothing play on the ideas that works like this imagined.

Steampunk outfits and fashions rely lately on more recent fictional works such as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, in which the aforementioned Captain Nemo and his submarine are characters, and the Guy Ritchie film, Sherlock Holmes.

These wonderful clothing combinations bring back the history and romance in the fashion of bygone times to make wonderful modern day costumes not only for Halloween but to wear anytime the mood grabs you! Select a ready-made outfit or pick out the pieces and accessories to create your own personal style.

Steampunk Basics

The basic idea behind Steampunk culture, fashions, and outfits is an alternative history where the industrial revolution has begun but electricity has not been widely employed. Because of this, technological innovation is based on steam-driven machines which history has shown has its limitations due to the size and unwieldy nature of a steam piston engine.

Steampunk clothing can include elements of swashbuckling airship pirates and Wild West cowboys while retaining a look set in a dark and gritty dystopian era.

Popular designs for males and females includes the Steampunk Basic, Gentleman, Showgirl, Mechanic, Airship Renegade, Zeppelin Pirate, Victorian Lady, and Mad Scientist.

The expanding choice of Victorian and 19th century period clothing permit buyers to join the Steampunk nation while transforming from a curious newcomer into a time-traveling veteran.

Steampunk clothing often reflects a dark and somewhat bleak theme. Outfits are typically made by modifying existing outfits from older eras and adding mechanical accessories.

Hats, gears, and goggles are popular along with modified toy guns. Clothing colors tend toward shades of metal, such as bronzed oranges and yellows, rusty browns and dark reds, and various shades of gray and black.

Steampunk Lady and Gent
Steampunk Lady and Gent | Source

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