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Caillou Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on August 3, 2013

Caillou Party Supplies

If your little one is a Caillou fan, then you have the fun job of throwing them a one of a kind birthday party with some of these Calliou birthday party ideas. Caillou is a sweet little boy that is simply fascinated by the world around him. So he goes on plenty of adventures with his family and he loves to use his imagination. Bringing Caillou and his world to life will not be easy but it will be plenty of fun and it will be the perfect party for your child.

Featured on this page are personalized Caillou invitations, colorful balloon sets and wall decals to incorporate into your party decorations, cake and cupcake decorating ideas, ideas for party games, foods, favors and much more..

Caillou Party Invitations

For the Caillou invitations Birthday Express has a great option that features Caillou with a big dinosaur. This is the perfect invitation for a little boy because not only does it have Caillou but it has a big dinosaur too!

There are also a wide variety of digital options available online that you can have personalized and then print at home. ArtFire has a particularly cute invitation option that features Caillou holding up a picture of your child.

Seven thirty three blog offers some free Caillou birthday invites along with some other printables that are easily downloadable, the only catch is that they are made for a 3rd birthday party and can not be editted. Other than that the invites feature a nice design and if your lucky enough to have your child celebrating their 3rd birthday party would be ideal.

Caillou Birthday Party Kit

Caillou Birthday Party Supplies
Caillou Birthday Party Supplies

If you want to pull the theme throughout the entire party and you do not want to spend a great deal of time hand making everything or buying everything to match, Birthday Express is your solution. They have fantastic Caillou party packs that include EVERYTHING you need to throw the perfect party for your child, including balloons, table cloths, a personalized banner, Caillou place settings, and even party favors. It is the perfect way to have a stunning and stress free Caillou birthday party.

Caillou Balloon bouquet
Caillou Balloon bouquet

Caillou Party Decorations

When it comes to the Caillou decorations it is all about fun and bright colors. Caillou wears blue, yellow and red so this is a great idea for your color scheme. You can use streamers and balloons to get the color theme throughout the house.

If you do want more of a hands on approach you can easily print out pictures from your child's favorite Caillou adventures and have them put around the house. These are not only bright and colorful decorations but they are very personal to your child. You can even create your own personalized banner by using Caillou pictures as backgrounds to the letters. Depending on the size you want you can do one letter per page or do four letters on a page. Then just cut out the letters and tie them together with ribbon and hang.

Caillou Balloons

Caillou Party Supplies - Foil Balloon
Caillou Party Supplies - Foil Balloon

Normal red, blue and yellow balloons can be brought from a local supplies store and that would add plenty of color to your party area but include one or two of these Caillou foil balloons to add that special touch to your decor and keep your party matching the character.


Caillou Wall Decals

Caillou Giant Wall Decals
Caillou Giant Wall Decals

If it's within your budget these Caillou wall decals would be the perfect way to decorate plain walls while brightening up any room. After the party you peel them off and stick them into your childs bedroom.

Caillou edible cake topper
Caillou edible cake topper

Caillou Birthday Cake

For the cake you can get some inspiration from Photography By Michelle. She created this stunning cake for her two year old son. The three tiers are simply frosted in blue, yellow and red. Then colored M&Ms created the perfect accents to add extra color and fun to the cake. For her topper she used a Caillou bath toy, but you can easily print out a Caillou picture for the top or use a Caillou toy.

If you want to get a little more personalized with your cake then you can go to Etsy and find some of their adorable edible cake toppers that can be personalized with your child's name. With a bit of icing both fondant and buttercream will work work you could have a great looking Caillou birthday cake. All that would be needed is a border around the image.

Caillou Cake Toppers

Caillou Backpack
Caillou Backpack

A simple way to decorate your cake and make it match the theme is to use mini figures. These 2.5" figures comes in a backpack style package and would be perfect for doing this job. They will also serve as toys for your litte one to play with after eating their cake.


Caillou Cupcake Topper

If your planning on including cupcakes you could make your cupcake toppers by using the free cupcake topper templates Seven thirty three made or you can order the custom made Caillou cupcake toppers from Custom Cake Creations and more ebay store.

Caillou Party Food Ideas

When it comes to food for the party, the best idea is to go with treats and snacks that your child and the other little ones will enjoy. You can even create a fruit tray that features the color scheme of the party with strawberries, blueberries and pineapple! Chicken fingers and sandwiches are also great choices for more hearty foods. You can also make cookies and cupcakes with primary colored frosting to really fit the theme. You can also get clear cups and then serve punch in blue and red for some extra color. Another idea would be to get small cups and make three different colors of jello for the kids to enjoy.

Caillou Party Favors

The party favors should be all about letting the kids experience the fun of Caillou at home. If you didn't purchase the big party package from Birthday Express which comes with party favors, you can purchase them separately or go with one of these great options.

One idea is to head to and purchase a set of Caillou books. This set of books can easily be separated so that each child can go home with their own Caillou book to enjoy. It is also a really affordable favor considering the value it will have to the child that receives it.

An easy idea would be to make little goody bags that are filled with candies or toys. If you make the cake above from regular bags of M&Ms then you can give out the other colors of M&Ms in the goody bags, which is a great way to get rid of extra candy that you don't want around the house.

Prefilled Caillou Party Favor Box

Prefilled Caillou Party favor box
Prefilled Caillou Party favor box
Caillou coloring pages
Caillou coloring pages

Caillou Party Games and Activities

For Caillou party activities the focus should be on creativity and imagination. If you are willing to deal with a little mess and can find some cheap aprons (or old shirts) letting the kids paint with primary colors is a great themed activity. They will get to unleash their own imaginations to bring some of Caillou's adventures to life.

Another idea would be to print out some dinosaur masks and let the kids paint or color them with their own favorite designs. Then have all the kids wear the mask and have a roaring contest, just like Caillou does with his dinosaur friend. If you know someone that is good with face painting you can have the kids get their faces painted so that they can pretend to be any sort of creature just like Caillou.

You can also choose to read your child's favorite Caillou book or watch their favorite show so that even the kids who are not familiar with Caillou enjoy the party.

Caillou Party Note

Caillou is all about creating an adventure out of ordinary things, so you will not have to worry about going all out or planning every minute of the party. Just give the kids some ideas of how to use their imaginations and then let them create the fun and adventure themselves. Whether you plan out all the details yourself or buy a party pack, your child will be certain to love every minute of their Caillou adventure.

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