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Cake Decorating Caddy: Great Culinary Gifts

Updated on October 22, 2013

My oldest daughter is the baker in the family. I've always enjoyed baking as well, and she's come a long way from those days of licking the brownie batter off the wooden spoon. One of my first emergency room visits with a child happened when she stood next to me, helping with brownies, and slipped against the counter. She tore her frenulum and needed stitches. Fortunately, this didn't deter her in baking. She's had a lot of fun, and I relegate most baking tasks to her these days. This Cake Decorating Caddy was her Christmas gift last year, and it's providing a lot of fun as she explores techniques at her leisure.

The set includes a variety of basic pieces for the beginning cake decorator. While Wilton is well-known for those neat boxes of tips that close up into nice, tidy packages, I opted for this caddy because of its room for expansion. Just as my husband likes to have room to expand his tool boxes, I think my daughter should have lots of space for adding to her set of cake decorating tools. Contents of the 50-piece set include:

  • 19 icing tips (space to expand in tip containment area allows for up to 48 tips)
  • 1 flower nail
  • 1 soft icing bag
  • 18 disposable bags
  • Tip and pastry brushes
  • 2 couplers
  • Spatula
  • 4 Wilton icing colors (space to add allows for a total of up to 12 Wilton food color containers to nest in the upper portion of the caddy)
  • Guide for beginners
  • Practice board

In addition to the collection of tools, I also gave her a beginning cake decorating book from Wilton so that she would have additional options for learning.

I remember during my early childhood that my mom and aunt went to community classes to learn cake decorating techniques. From that point forward, Wilton tips and icings were a regular part of our lives. We enjoyed many beautiful cakes as I grew up, and Mom and my aunt even did wedding cakes for a couple of their siblings. They were so very creative, and I haven't managed to come close to duplicating their efforts.

Within a day of having her caddy, however, my daughter was producing beautiful leaves and flowers. She works at it when the mood strikes. For the same Christmas, our youngest daughter received an Easy Bake Oven. The two have worked together over the last year to create and decorate confections. I see another Wilton caddy in the future of the youngest daughter!

I find that holidays are great for encouraging my kids in the activities that interest them. In the case of the Wilton caddy, it's allowed for experimentation. It's also provided a reliable set that will last for many years to come.

Expanding her set in the coming holiday season is easy. Some of the products featured here are actual items that we already have. Others are always useful for the cake decorating afficionada. She may need to select her own tips for expanding in the direction of her choice, but I definitely can't go wrong with extra colors and icing bags.

Wilton Decorating Basics Course 1 English
Wilton Decorating Basics Course 1 English

This is the book that I selected to go along with the caddy.

Disposable Decorating Piping Bags, 30;4cm (12in), pack of 24
Disposable Decorating Piping Bags, 30;4cm (12in), pack of 24

Extra bags make it so much easier than in my mom's early cake decorating days. I never could get the whole process of making the icing tubes from scratch down.

Wilton Icing Colors, 12-Count Gel-Based Food Color
Wilton Icing Colors, 12-Count Gel-Based Food Color

Wilton icing colors are the best, excellent if you want rich hues. Any household that is going to do even minor cake and cupcake decorating is better prepared with a set of these colors.


Photo Gallery

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Creative cake decorating before the Wilton set arrived.A fun concept in camouflage, designed for her youngest brother's birthday!
Creative cake decorating before the Wilton set arrived.
Creative cake decorating before the Wilton set arrived.
A fun concept in camouflage, designed for her youngest brother's birthday!
A fun concept in camouflage, designed for her youngest brother's birthday!

Who will you be picking out a Wilton set for?

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