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Call of Duty Party Supplies

Updated on February 14, 2014

Call of Duty Birthday Party Ideas

Short for Call of duty party supplies and ideas? This page is here to help and will provide you with all the things you need to complete this mission.

So you have a gamer that wants to have a Call of Duty party huh. If you're like me the only thing you know about Call of Duty is that there is a lot of camo and people shooting. Now don't worry I've got some tricks up my sleeve that will just save this party and make you come out the hero, even if you are not the biggest gamer. After all what kind of mom would you be if you didn't throw the coolest party ever for the birthday boy?

Call of Duty is an ever expanding game that has been around since the early 2000s. It revolves around military like maneuvers and is very life-like in its visuals. Like any other military, Call of Duty is focused on the realities of war, so for this party you will want to set the mood with army green, camouflage and military-type decorations.

This party theme is definitely for the older child that wants to take their onscreen adventure and turn it into a wild birthday party. So now you know a little about the game let's get to work to make this party awesome.

Call of Duty Party Invitations

Alright so every great party starts off with great invitations. This is what is going to let your guests know that this is a party that they don't want to miss, your Call of duty invitations need to be spectacular. You can go with a letter printed out on paper that looks sort of like a draft notice and draft all the guests to the party. However, depending on the age of the guests the connection might get lost on them, and the digital invitations that you can find on Etsy and are just too nice to pass up.

The one featured here even showcases your child's picture flawlessly, it is perhaps one of my favorite digital invitations ever (and I've seen plenty and make my own). The great thing about these is that you can either print them at home on your own computer or you can send them to Walmart or another store to have them printed out for you. Trust me, your child and all their friends will love the invitations so it will definitely make it worth the price.

Army camouflage cake by artofsumptuouscakes
Army camouflage cake by artofsumptuouscakes

Call of Duty Cake Ideas

For the cake, I'm going to be honest, I have not found too many supplies to make it easy to decorate a call of duty themed cake. Perhaps the easist way to go about it might be to use a personalized Call of duty edible cake topper, of which you can pick up from etsy and They can even feature your child's name and other customizations.

Other ideas would include making a camouflage cake with fondant or even going all out with an army tank cake. You want to be careful because this is not a cake that should be "pretty." I would recommend some liquid food coloring or gel frosting to splatter some blood over the top of the cake (particularly if you plan to base the game around the zombie version of the game), just as an added touch.

If you plan on making the cake yourself and want to make something spectacular you could always try your hand at making cakes by lala's Call of duty Ghost cake or a Call of duty Black Ops cake with a fondant bullet belt and guns as seen in the featured video below.

Cupcakes are becoming the must-have now at birthday parties and so you might want to include them as part of your treats. For a COD theme there are a number of ways to go about decorating your cupcakes, try some of these decorating ideas for army style cupcakes;

*Use this green grass icing technique to make grass then place plastic army figures on top.

*Make camouflage cupcakes by tinting icing green and brown and applying patches on top of cupcake or you could sprinkle green, brown and black cupcake sprinkles on cupcakes after icing has been applied.

Free Printable Army Camouflage Cupcake Topper Templates

These printable army camouflage cupcake topper templates are available free courtesy of where you'll also find printable camouflage cupcake wrappers too and some great ideas for an army themed party.

How to make a Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Cake

Call of Duty Party Decorations and Tableware

Set up your party table with an olive green or black tablecloth. Add a camouflage runner (long strip of camo material will work) and some dull colored netting. Use black, dark green or Army mylar balloons as added decoration. Plastic army men can also be scattered around for an authentic touch. Use camo or grey colored cups and plastic tableware.

As an added twist in your Call of Duty decorations, and this may sound strange but you could incorporate Halloween decorations. Why? Because there are zombies in this game, yep I said zombies. So if you have any bloody decorations, zombie decorations or weapons that you use for Halloween they will be great for this party. Running with Three Boys used a combination of old Halloween decorations and some military decorations to create this awesome food table. She purchased the poster and netting from So this is a great place to start for some affordable decorations.

Camo Gear Party Pack

Army Camo Party Supplies Pack
Army Camo Party Supplies Pack

Another fun way to incorporate the army feel is with Birthday Express's camouflage party supplies. You can use it to round out the rest of the party room and any other areas that might need some dressing up. You can also typically find some military themed toys at your local dollar store to help have some weapons and grenades around the room.

Camouflage Netting Decoration

Forum Novelties Green Camouflage Netting, 6 x 8'
Forum Novelties Green Camouflage Netting, 6 x 8'

This camouflage netting would make a great backdrop and can even be draped over the party table or used as a party game accessory - a net that guest have to crawl under in a military training course.


Call of Duty Party Food Ideas

For the food, you really want to put together something that fits with the type of food that the characters might find in the game. One aspect of the game is to get different drinks to help out the main character as they defeat enemies. Running with Three Boys had the great idea to use Hawaiian punch bottles with some hand created labels. You can do the same or you can make your own colorful punches (if you want to use healthier options) and fill different bottles. However, some parents might prefer the sealed bottles. Instructables has instructions for using glass bottles and it includes great pictures of the labels so you can just modify it to use plastic bottles which is safer for the kids.

For the actual food you want to pick some of your child's favorite finger foods. Things that can be easily grabbed and taken while running around and playing, because when you're fighting the enemy or zombies you don't have time for a lengthy meal. You can also make sandwiches or other hearty finger foods that can just be grabbed and eaten.

Here are a few ideas and recipes to try out:

*Camo Chocolate apples

*Mini Hamburgers

*Camo fruit salad (okay so this isn't exactly a finger food or quick snack but it's a tasty healthy addition right?)

Add some candy treats too because It doesn't matter how old your birthday party guests are, candy is still a must-have. However, the way you display it can make all the difference between "babyish" and brawny. Try;

*Using recycled tin cans of varying size. Clean and remove labels. Paint olive green, black or try your hand at camouflage. You can also use Modge Podge camo paper on to these as well. Print out labels that correspond to the goodies inside - Twizzlers can be 'Rescue Rope', green, brown or black gumballs can become 'Blasters' and green and brown candy (M&M's) can become 'Camo Mix'

You can also purchase call of duty candy wrappers from Etsy, the store owner also has a number of labels for cupake toppers, water bottles and much more.

Free MRE Printable Labels

Courtesy of - Print of these free MRE (meals ready to eat) printable labels, paste them on paper lunch bags and fill with different snacks. The military have these packaged meals, when in combat. So incorporating this into the party will defintely add an element of realism and serve as a nice touch for an miltary themed party.

Call of Duty Party Favors

Now you're at the home stretch you just need something to send the kids home with to make them remember how much fun they had. In the game the main character gets care packages so Running with Three Boys had the great idea to create her own care packages to use as favor boxes. You can put just about anything into these boxes, like candies and toys.

Using keytags, Silver spray paint and cheap chains you could make your own dog tags for each guest. Although it will require a little more work on your part, it would be a nice personal touch.

EBay has some great squirt gun favors that will be sure to thrill your guests as well.Other good favor ideas include toy binoculars, military tattoos and stickers. There are even Call of Duty favor Labels and wrappers available for purchase, which will have all your favors matching the theme perfectly.

Call of Duty Party Games and Activities

For activities, there is one obvious choice, let them play Call of Duty! This is not only easy for you, but your birthday guests will have plenty of fun with it too.

You can also have some activities that let the kids run around and have some active fun. You can pick up some military style dart guns that fire soft and safe darts. You can either setup a regular bull's eye target or you can set up some zombie targets. Let the kids take turns shooting at the targets. The child that gets the most direct hits can get a special prize. has a set of three different camouflage weapons that you can get for a great price and the best part is that your child will love playing with them even after the party is over!

To get them sitting down, they could solve a military word search puzzle or color in some call of duty/army themed coloring pages (depending on their age of course).

Share Your Call of Duty Party Ideas and Thoughts - Let us know...

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      David B 2 years ago from United Kingdom

      They were available from a seller on but after checking I can see that they are not listed anymore. The best thing to do would be to contact one of the other sellers and see if they can make you one like the one shown above. Also check too because there are some great personalized Call of duty themed invites there as well.

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      Amanda 2 years ago

      Where can I order these invitations from?