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Camo Party Ideas

Updated on August 10, 2013

Camo Party Supplies For Armed Forces Themed Kids Parties

Camo party ideas for kids are a sure winner. My mission is to bring the best camo party ideas and supplies to your attention so you can plan this party like a military exercise and execute it with the precision of a finely tuned troop's drills. Military themed birthday party supplies come in all shapes and sizes. There are party packs full of plates, cups, napkins, kids party decorations and lots of fun party favor ideas that will make planning a camo party easy as can be. Plan some fun kid's party games including the Tank Pull-String Pinata, serve up a camouflage birthday cake, give out some fun party favors, paint some faces and have a great time with your birthday child and your party guests. Camo Party Ideas Rule!

Camouflage Kid's Party Invitations

Camo Party Invitations - Kid's Parties Start With Party Invitations

You can find several different style camo themed party favors for a kid's birthday party. There are packs of pre-printed ones, or you can order a personalized style. Once you have your invites, it's time to get that party list made and start to fill out your camo party invitations right away!

And That's An Order!

Both boys and girls like the camouflage party theme, honest! How do I know that? Well, I have two girls and two boys and I cannot tell you who enjoys this theme more. You can also tell because some of the camo party supplies come in pink and green, like the invitations below.

Camouflage Design Party Supplies

Camouflage Party Supplies

Get Your Party Plates, Cups And Napkins

They call your eating supplies Mess Kits in the military, but for a kid's camo party we just call them party supplies. There are lots of different party supply packs you can choose from. Check your guest list, add up your guest count and see which of these packs is right for you. The first party box you see pictured is a great place for a camo party planner to start.

It's The Camo Gear Deluxe Party Pack for 8 & 8 Favor Boxes and it comes with enough party supplies and party favor boxes for up to 8 party guests.

Camouflage Party Supplies - Get Your Party Plates, Cups And Napkins

There are different sized party supply packs you can choose from. Some will just have plates or cups in them, others will contain all the paper party products you need. Check your guest list, add up your guest count and see which of these packs is right for you.


Those camo shirts make an unusual plate for a kid's party. It's unique ideas that make parties more fun than ever, don't you agree?

Party Decorating With Camouflage

Camouflage Party Decorations

Green, White And Brown Or Black - The Colors Of Camouflage

Camouflage supplies make great camo party decoration ideas. You can choose from two different camo color styles these days. There are the lighter camouflage "desert" colors in shades of tan and white or the green, white and black or brown camouflage colors. Choose your camo party color theme, or combine them if you like. Getting your guests into a fun party mood will be easy as can be with this military party theme. Start big with a party banner so everyone knows exactly where the party is! Party banners are a very popular decoration at birthday parties these days. There are two banner styles I found to match a military camo party theme. You can choose between the flag shaped banner or the party banner you can personalize with your child's picture and name.

Camo Party Decorations - Decorate Your Party Room With Camouflage

When you are hosting a kid's party decorations are half the fun. Get some camouflage netting and cover the walls, float some helium filled latex and mylar camouflage decorated balloons around the party room, add some matching balloon ribbons and let the balloons free float around the room. Turn your party room or yard into camo central with lots of decorations featuring that well known pattern of colors. You can find streamers, banners, centerpieces, netting, fabric, favors and even fun games all with a camo theme.

Fun And Easy Camouflage Halloween Costume Ideas

Military Party Games

The Pull-String Camo Tank Pinata Is A Fun Kid's Party Game!
The Pull-String Camo Tank Pinata Is A Fun Kid's Party Game!

Military Party Games Kids Will Love

Camo Pull String Pinata

Here's a great kid's party game, it's the pull string Tank pinata. The pull string pinata is safe for kids and all you have to do is fill it with goodies and treats, hang it and let the kids pull the strings. Line your party guests up, put a blindfold on the first one, spin them and point them towards the pinata. They will have their hands raised to feel for the strings, let them pull this until someone pulls the string that opens the pinata and lets all the treats spill out. Then look out as the kids try to gather as many goodies as they can. The pinata game is always a fun party activity.

Tank Pull-String Pinata

The Camo Party Scavenger Hunt

Camouflage Plastic Eggs For Your Kid's Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt combined with Camouflage Plastic Eggs is the perfect way to arrange an Search And Seek Mission for your party troops. Fill these cute multicolored camouflage eggs with some goodies...try stickers, tattoos, little army men...and then hide them around the yard. When you say "GO" the mission begins. The kid's have to search around the yard seeking out as many camo eggs as they can find. When the time's up you say, "Attention". Each child gets to keep all the goodies and eggs they found. Scavenger hunts are fun, fun, fun and the camo eggs are perfect for your camo party ideas.

The Air Strip Challenge

The Camo Glider Party Game For Kids

Designate an area in your yard or party room and set up an air Strip and see who's Camouflage Glider travels the farthest! What's the challenge? No one can cross the runway line. Each child has to stand behind the line and give the glider a toss. Have the 5 Star General of the house mark the spot where each glider lands. The winner gets a special prize and everyone gets to keep the glider they used for this fun challenge.

The Military Obstacle Course

Plan an Obstacle Course in your yard with the help of military and camo decorated items. The idea of an obstacle course it to have kids race a course with obstacles in their way. Each child must maneuver around these obstacles to finish the race. Turn this challenge into a team relay race by forming two squads and creating two courses. The first squad to finish, wins. Some fun ideas for obstacles include:

  • Camo painted cardboard boxes
  • Empty cardboard boxes piled up high covered with a camo netting
  • Paint floor tile pieces of cardboard in camo style and create a stone stepping area
  • Run through inflatable tires
  • Run around cones
  • Potato Sack jumping race

Any and all of these fun kid's games would be ideal at a military or camo party. Use them together in an indoor or outdoor relay race or use them alone, each makes a fun game on it's own. You can add a bit of streamer paper or safe kid's paint to make the more colorful game pieces look like camouflage.

Military Basic Training Drills

Every guy or gal who wears camo in the Armed Forces was in Boot Camp at one time or another. Why should your camo party be any different? Get these troops into formation and watch some jumping jacks, knee lifts, running in place and don't forget a bit of recitation for them to yell out while marching around the yard...yep, I'm talking cadence. Here's a quick and easy cadence for the party troops to sing out. "This Is Johnny's Camo Camp, Everybody Gets A Stamp, If You Like The Camo Theme, Everybody Give A Scream, Sound Off, 1, 2, Sound Off, 3, 4, Cadence Call, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, ...3,4!" Fill in your own child's name and rhymes. What's the stamp? Give everyone a temporary tattoo or one of these camouflage kickballs!

Camo Party Food Ideas

Give Your Party Grub Some Military Names

Grub, Mess, that's what food is called in the military, and don't forget the MREs...Meals Ready to Eat . There are some foods that are always on a kids menu and here are a few ideas for your kid's camo party ideas. The Mess Tent is serving the following Grub:

  • Hot Dogs Called GRUNTS
  • Corn on the Cob Called MISSILES
  • Burgers Called MRES
  • Potato Chips Called BAG NASTY
  • Mac And Cheese Called HOORAH
You get the idea, give your food fun military names. Put some signs up telling what the Mess Tent is serving tonight. Decorate your foods with some military camo style food picks. Have fun with your party food!

Military And Camo Birthday Cakes

Military Birthday Cakes

Decorate With A Camo Cake Topper

You can decorate your birthday cake with camo colored icing. That's easy to make with food coloring and regular cake icing. You can use camo colored cupcake cups, military army picks or one of the military cake topper kits pictured below. It is so easy to make your own homemade birthday cake with fun tools like these.

Camo Birthday Cake Ideas - Make A Camouflage Military Cake For Your Kid's Party

Camo cake decorating ideas for a kid's birthday party.

Camouflage Face Painting

Easy Camouflage Face Paint Kit For Camo Parties Or Halloween Fun
Easy Camouflage Face Paint Kit For Camo Parties Or Halloween Fun

The Colors Of Camouflage

Is Camo Actually A Color?

Camouflage isn't a color in itself, it is whatever blends into the colors of your surroundings. The two styles of military camo we are familiar with come in beiges and greens. Camo fatigues, or standard combat uniforms, are actually called Battle Dress Uniforms, the beige colored ones are called DBDUs, with the D standing for Desert. The green camos are called WBDUs, or Woodland Battle Dress Uniforms. The beige camo is called Cookie Dough Camouflage, or the Six-Color Desert Pattern. It has 5 colors in it and they are light tan with patches of a pale olive green color, some browns, and black and white spots all over. This is worn when attempting to blend into a desert area. The Battle Dress Uniforms were made up of green, brown, tan, and black. Both styles have been changed over the years, but the basic idea and colors remain the same. Some may be made up of more tan, or more green, depending on the needs of the soldiers.

So, camouflage isn't a color but a blend of colors that allow the wearer to remain undetected in a certain area. Sounds like it could be a great game theme, or at least a fun party activity. How about a little Camouflage Face Painting? A great way to entertain your party guests at a Camo party is to paint their faces with camouflage paints. Your little soldiers are going to enjoy this fun painting session. Make sure to have your camera handy so you can take pictures of every face before and after the camo painting!

Kid's Face Paints - Find The Right Colors For Camouflage Face Painting

Did you choose a the Desert BDU theme or the Woodland BDU camo colors, or did you combine the two? You can find a face painting kit for either color theme.

Fun Camouflage Party Favors

Camo Party Favors

Military Party Favor Ideas

There are so many fun military and camo party favors! I am going to start with the helmets, they are very cool.

Camouflage Favors

Here's a fun filled party favor box with a camo theme that's perfect for a kid's military themed birthday.

Camo Party Fun Ideas

Military And Camo Kid's Craft Ideas

Kid's Military And Camo Party Activity Ideas

You can supply some extra fun at your camo party with these fun craft ideas kids will enjoy...very much! It's always fun to create a design or complete a project, or have some coloring fun. I found a huge set of military sticker and coloring books that would be perfect to use as a party activity and to send home as a party favor. Here are some easy and fun crafts you can get for your child's camo birthday party.

Camo Party Costumes - Dress Up In Camouflage For Your Party

Invite your party guests to wear camo clothing. Check to see how many have it! What fun this party theme would be if all the guests dress up in uniform. Camo uniforms aren't just for kids, folks. Mon and Dad can dress up in camo outfits to MC the kids at the party.

A Few More Fun Camo Party Ideas

Here are some last minute fun ideas I decided to include in this page. These camouflage gliders are cheap, the camo lollipops are unique and the camo kick balls are fun! I hope you find some fun camo party ideas that will help to make your next kid's birthday party more fun than ever!

Are You Planning A Camouflage Themed Party? - Camo Party Or Not?

Are You Having A Camo Party?


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