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Oh Canada!

Updated on January 14, 2018
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I am a personal support worker/writer in Ontario. Born and raised on the east coast. Happy reading!


The idea for the Canadian Flag we have today, was dreamed into existence by, George F.G Stanley (July 6th 1907 - September 13th 2002)

His design was primarily based on the Royal Military College of Canada Emblem, before it was later changed to the universal maple leaf we all know and love.

There were three choices to choose from in 1964, after, Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson settled a serious debate to change the flag, which originally was representative of the United Kingdom, Union Jack Flag.

George wanted a flag that would be simple and universally recognized, easily drawn by children, and that would not indicate any type of national or racist symbols that would cause division in any way. We are in fact multicultural in nation, so the maple leaf seemed a perfect fit, as it is the emblem of Canada since the early 1700's. It seemed a perfect fit much more so than the Fleur De Lis or Union Jack. So instead of the RMC college emblem, the maple leaf took precedence. It has forever lived in our hearts.

Fight For Parental Rights

Although the Royal Canada Military College, in Kingston, ON. was the place of conception for our beloved Canadian Flag, it would seem the birthrights were given to Brockville, ON. after Bill 57 was passed. It would seem while the voting was happening on our Canadian Flag, it was championed to the top by MP John Matheson, who was part of Lester Pearson's government at the time. Because Matheson was the representative who brought this flag to the winning spot, Brockville claimed to be the official birthplace of the Canadian Flag.

Flags First Public Appearance

As with any Royal Birthing, there has to a public appearance and introduction made. The Flag's first appearance was on February 15th, 1965. Flag Day is what we call it in our Canadian Calendar. It waved with pride, and forever has represented us well. It was raised on Parliament Hill in Ottawa for all to see. Our Flag represents Freedom, Unity, and Patriotism. The greatest place on earth to live, Canada!

First Flag Proposal To Parliament

Flag Of The Royal Military College Of Canada

The 1946 Special Joint Committee Recommended National Flag

Let's Vote!

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Oh Canada

© 2015 Amanda Dalton


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