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Beautiful Candles for Christmas

Updated on November 9, 2015

Xmas Candle


Candles for Christmas

Having beautiful Candles for Christmas can make all the difference to your Christmas decoration display. Getting candles can light up your display into another dimension. Light is a powerful image. Not only will the candles look great but they will enhance all your decorations shedding a delicate glow across the room or a bright bold look in your front yard. Candles will reflect of of your other ornaments sending sparkles of light and joy to everyone who enters.

Live Candles - Handle With Care

Please remember to be careful when having live candles in the house. They look fantastic but make sure you use them with safety in mind. Keep away from other thinks like trees, ornaments, cards or other paper decorations. Keep away form curtains etc. and make certain that you keep them in secure safe containers while on display and blow them out when leaving the room.

Yankee Candles


6 Fun Ways to Choose Scented Candles for Christmas Candle Decoration

Sometimes I spend ages lust looking at the candles trying to decide on which scent to have. Why I don't know as there are really only a couple I really like, but hey sometimes it is good to try something new. The manufacturers make it easy; they deliberately make scents that you would associated with winter and Christmas.

With our sense of smell being one of the first senses to develop while in the womb smell has a strong meaning for most of us.

Here are some quick tips on choosing candle scents.

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Yankee Candles on Amazon

Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle, Christmas Cookie
Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle, Christmas Cookie

Smell is About Feeling

What feelings are you trying to evoke with your candles? Be careful here as not everyone will feel the same way about the smell.

For me I love the hot spicy smells as they remind me of home curled up in front of a real blazing fire with a glass of wine listening to music or chatting to the family waiting for the kids to sleep so we can bring down the presents.

What feelings do you love about Christmas that you can get by creating a scented room?

Themed Scents

What theme do you have if any.

Just Go By Your Nose

There are great combinations of smells in candles that bring out feelings of Christmas. Spiced apple, mulled wine, cinnamon etc. Just pick one you like

Scents that Go with your Colour Scheme

Now my sister has blue and silver Christmas decorations and doesn't worry if the scent works with it or not just as long as she likes it. What would you do? Pick a cool scented candle that would go with this or just choose cinnamon because you love it?

Buy a Candle Make or Scent That Doesn't Irritate Your Nose

Last year I made the mistake of buying a scented plug in - Oh boy not a good plan I just sneeze all the time. Some candles can also have this effect so make sure you get good quality natural ones.

Pick by Personality

Choose a scent that suits your personality.

These are the delightful smell of Christmas Cookies. There is nothing like the smell of cookies baking with the sound of music in the background to get you in the Xmas spirit. Although 110 hours of cookies might get you feeling a bit hungry. All the Yankee candles come in stylish containers and look beautiful.


LED Candles for Christmas

Why use LED candles? They just aren't the same as the real thing. But they have advantages over real candles. These days the led Christmas candle can look just as good. Also they are much safer than having lighted candles in the house that can be tipped over or forgotten. You can put them on your tree where as you shouldn't put real ones on your tree. You could go for a string of candle shaped lights for your tree.

Outdoor Christmas Candles


Outdoor Xmas Candles

Outdoor Christmas Candles are becoming more and more popular as the popularity of outdoor lights grows. In the US it is very popular and in the UK the popularity is growing. It is important to get the right ones as with any electrical item outside the rain or snow is a very real danger.

There is a huge selection of great lights and candles that can add that extra something to your Christmas decoration display.

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