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Candy Cane Outfit for Kids and Adults

Updated on December 26, 2013

Candy cane costume is great for Christmas or Halloween

If you're looking for a fun costume that can do double duty for both Halloween and Christmas, a candy cane outfit for kids or women may be what you're looking for. They're perfect for the Christmas holidays, but can also be used as a silly Halloween costume. For kids, you can get an outfit shaped like a candy cane, or with red and white stripes, and for adults, there's a sexy candy cane costume for women. See below for fun options in a candy cane outfit!

(Image of candy cane costume for kids from eBay. See link below.)

Finding a cute kids candy cane costume online can be a challenge, but this eBay seller offers them at a reasonable price (less than $20) and that includes FREE economy shipping. Also, this seller has over 30k feedback ratings, with a 99.4% positive rating, so you know that you should be happy with your purchase. If you're looking for a Christmas candy cane costume for kids, be sure to check this out.

(*Prices, shipping and seller rating are accurate as of this writing, but please click the link below to check eBay for the most up-to-date prices, policies and ratings.)

More Candy Cane Costumes for Kids

Baby and child costumes

Another good place to find cute red-and-white striped outfits is Amazon. Here are two costumes for kids.

Baby Candy Cane OutfitCHECK PRICE

Fairy Candy Cane Outfit for KidsCHECK PRICE

Candy Cane Costume for Women - A sexy candy cane costume for Christmas or Halloween

This women's candy cane outfit includes a striped dress, headband, gloves and boot tops. One size fits most adults.

Many people have seen candy cane poems that suggest the confection was invented to honor Jesus. History doesn't seem to fully support this idea, as the shape, color and flavor of candy canes changed over time. But the treat did get their familiar "J" shape in church.

In the 1600, a German choirmaster wanted a way to keep the kids in the choir quiet during long services, so he took straight white candy sticks and bent them into a "J" shape to represent a shepherd's crook. The stripes and peppermint flavor that we now associate with the candy, however, weren't associated with candy canes until the 1900s.

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      These are cute costumes! I think it's a great idea to dress up as candy!