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Candy Cane Costume Ideas

Updated on July 1, 2014

Candy Cane Costume Theme

Candy canes are a tasty delight during the Christmas holiday season, especially the traditional candy cane with its distinctive white and red stripes, which have the attracted the gaze of children and adults since I can remember.

That wonderful design also attracts the attention of those wanting a cute costume, with the implication of being sweet added to the experience and suggestion for those wearing the costumes.

There are quite a few different types of candy cane costumes, including those that are made in almost an exact replica of a real candy cane, and those that are loosely based upon the red and white candy cane design, but include a lot of creative interpretation of that particular design.

Because red and white go together so well, and the stripes usually incorporated into a candy cane costume look fantastic, there are a wide variety of costume designs to choose from, and almost all of them really look good.

For the more creative costumes, there usually are a touch of white and red stripes in the design, with a good amount of solid red added to complement the stripes.

Candy cane costumes for women sometimes include a white apron on the front of the costume so it isn't overwhelmed with the solid red. Either way, they are really cute, great costumes, which are available for babies to adults.

Mascot Candy Cane Costumes

One thing about mascot costumes is they're almost always an attempt at duplicating the look of the specific theme being made, and that's also the case with the candy cane costumes below, which are very close to the look of red and white candy canes most of us have enjoyed munching on one time or another.

When you look at these candy cane costumes it does cause one to immediately chuckle, as the big part bending over the head does look quite funny, and it would be hard to wear those to me and not have a good laugh to oneself.

One thing I wouldn't have thought of was going out as a group of candy canes, but I guess if it's something a group of people want to do it's not that bad looking at all.

Candy Cane Costumes


Women's Candy Cane Costume

This next candy cane costume is similar to the mascot costume above, but of course has some significant differences as well, although at a cursory glance it would be hard to see any immediate difference between the two.

Most obvious is the dress shape of the costume below, while those above have two legs on each one. The other thing is the design of the candy cane on the head, where the one worn by the woman below is worn more like a hat, with the neck open, while those above are worn more as a pullover with the neck covered.

And last is the inclusion of the green bow on the candy cane costume, suggesting it's a gift that is given

Mascot Candy Cane Costume for Ladies


Candy Cane Costume with Vertical Stripes and White Stockings

Of all the candy cane costumes made for adult women, this was probably the cutest one I found, with the red and white stripes in a vertical design, and the white long stockings that help create the unique look.

I like how it starts with the stripes and then goes down to the solid red dress, which has that nice shape, dropping off in the back from the shorter front. That helps separate the striped top and the solid white bottom.

Cute Candy Cane Costume

Candy Cane Costume
Candy Cane Costume | Source

Full-Size Candy Cane Costume for Women

A candy cane costume looks great on full-size women, as you can easily see below. Some candy cane costumes are designed differently, with just enough of the red and white stripes included with the costume to let those viewing it know what it is that is trying to be portrayed.

That's the case with this costume for larger women, with the sole identifiable candy can characteristic being the red and white stockings. The rest of the costume is very cute and feminine, with the solid red color accented nicely by the variety of white design elements.

Also looking great is the white apron, which acts as a nice center for the costume.

Candy Cane Costume for Large Women

Candy Cane Costume for Full-Size Women
Candy Cane Costume for Full-Size Women | Source

Red Dress with White Apron Candy Cane Costume

Next we have another really cute candy cane costume, this time with a solid red dress with fluffy white fringes around the bottom of the dress to create the snow effect.

The white apron is really nice, as are the green accents around the costume.

One of the differences between these three cute candy cane costumes for women are the way the sleeves are made. Look closely because each one creates a different look, but all of them look fantastic. Also different are the dress or skirt bottom on each woman's costume.

Candy Cane Costume with White Apron

Candy Cane Costume with White Apron
Candy Cane Costume with White Apron | Source

Candy Cane Fairy Costume

What an extremely pretty fairy candy cane costume that any young lady would enjoy wearing.

The shape of the dress is wonderful, as are the cute white wings with the red and white candy cane edges.

Standing out is the way the arms, top and legs are all highlighted with terrific red and white candy cane colors. The candy cane pieces in the hair confirm that this is indeed a candy cane fairy.

I don't think I've seen so much red and white in a costume in my life, and it really makes for a gorgeous little costume.

Fairy Costume

Candy Cane Fairy Costume
Candy Cane Fairy Costume | Source

Baby in Candy Cane Bunting Costume

For those with a little child or grandchild, how cute it would be to see them in a candy cane bunting costume like the one below. And that message of being cute as candy would definitely fit into the mindset of all that view their little package of delight.

Because of this wonderfully compelling costume, it would be a great opportunity to take photos to remember a magnificent moment like this that will also be etched in the mind for as long as someone may live, but brought to life by an awesome photo that captures the moment.

Candy Cane Bunting Costume

Candy Cane Bunting
Candy Cane Bunting | Source

Candy Cane Christmas Costumes

I was surprised at the variety and quality of the many candy cane costumes I found when looking for some costume ideas.

The few included in this article are just a small sampling of what are out there. Yet from these candy cane costumes you get a good idea of the designs you'll encounter if you're interesting in one, and how the color red and white can be used so effectively on the traditional candy cane colors used during the holiday season.


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      Jaylee Bingham 

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      Where did you get the Group Candy Cane Costumes?


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