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Captain America Costumes, Masks

Updated on March 27, 2015

Captain America Movie Adult Costume

Captain America and the Avengers

The wildly popular big screen depiction of the Avengers has brought a number of the comic book heroes into the spotlight, including one of the favorites: Captain America, which has also become a top choice for those wanting to tap into their inner patriotic, or dress their children into one of America's - and the world's - favorite super heroes.

As for the Avengers, former films unveiling Iron Man, Thor and Captain America have the general population more familiar with the Marvel heroes, but new ones like Hawkeye and Black Widow were introduced in the first film of the Avengers, along with the super villain Loki, who is also an arch-nemesis of Thor; both of whom are found in Norse mythology.

Landing the roles in the epic film were Robert Downey Jr., who played Tony Stark, aka Iron Man; Chris Evans, landed the part of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America; Mark Ruffalo is Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk; Chris Hemsworth played the role of Thor; Scarlett Johansson played the beautiful but deadly Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, Jeremy Renner landed the role of Clint Barton aka Hawkeye; and Tom Hiddleston got the juicy role of Loki.

As of this writing the film enjoyed the biggest opening day in cinema history, generating opening days sales of $207.4 million, and the following weekend set another record with $103.1 million in sales.

Cool Captain America Costumes

With that as a backdrop, it has reminded us of just how cool Captain America's costume looks, and how great it is as a choice for cosplay, costume parties or as a Halloween costume.

It's great for adults who want to portray the American hero, or of course children who relate to him so strongly. Even toddler and infant costumes of Captain America look great, as everyone loves to comment on those adorable little super heroes in costume.

Costume of Captain America: First Avenger

Many fans and casual onlookers of Captain America weren't as excited about the first costume worn in Captain America: First Avenger, as it wasn't as vibrant and included somewhat of a darker theme to the character.

For those of us who have been fans of Captain America in comic books, it wasn't surprising to see how he looked, as well as the theme of the movie, as his origins were in the time of the rise of the Nazis and the original stories included that as a theme.

In the Avengers movie, designers gave the Captain a more wholesome look than the original film, presenting him in a look that was more palatable to the general public. It obviously worked.

Homemade Captain America Costumes

It's always fun to take a look at how people design costumes, and it's no different with Captain America homemade costumes, which range from hilarious to pretty high quality.

While I'm used to looking at a lot of homemade things with various levels of quality, I had to laugh at the first one below, which was a very meager attempt to realistically look like Captain America, but was created more to conjure up a lot of laughs, which this costumed Captain surely received.

How funny is the use of an actual Budweiser case to create the Captain America costume? One thing that actually works, is Bud's colors here are the colors of the red, white and blue, at least offering up some authenticity.

Budweiser Captain America Costume


Homemade Captain America Costume with Mask

The first question when initially looking at this Captain America costumes is this: what is that feathered look all about?

Nonetheless, after the initial shock, it's not too bad of a costume. Imagine putting all those pieces together on the part that looks like feathers.

I guess if you want to differentiate and attract attention, this is definitely one homemade Captain America costume that will do it. It does bring a chuckle when you look at it.

Captain America Costume Looking Like a Bird


Captain America Costume at New York Comic Con

This pretty cool costume was awarded the ‘Total Dedication’ award at the New York Comic Con. That was because he made the costume in honor of his father who died a little before the Con.

It is very well done, especially the chest, shoulders and helmet, which are very sleek and realistic, showing off vibrant colors.

The shield of this Captain America gives the impression he had to take care of a few bad guys before taking time for more genteel things like award ceremonies.

Too bad the shield is blocking the rest of the costume. if it was as good as the top, it must have been great.


Captain America Costume

For those wanting to take on the look of Captain America at a party, special event, or Halloween, there are a plethora of choices of costumes to choose from if you want to buy one, including helmets, shields and gloves, among other items.

If you're the creative type, this will hopefully give you some ideas on Captain America you can make from hand.

Captain America is an icon in America, and increasingly around the world, as he is introduced to many new potential fans via major motion picture releases.

That guarantees we haven't seen the last of him, especially after repelling foreign invaders with his fellow super heroes on the Avengers team.


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      kelleyward 5 years ago

      My middle son would love this! I'm reminded of Big Bang Theory when reading this! Thanks for sharing these great ideas! Take care, Kelley