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Caramel Apple Wrap Kit: An Easy Treat

Updated on September 20, 2017

Yes, I made a caramel apple with a kit!

I know all of you have seen the Caramel Apple Wrap kits hanging by the fresh apples in the grocery store. I know that you have been tempted to buy a package, too, but you were afraid that they would not taste good. I gave in to temptation and bought one of "the original" Caramel Apple Wrap packages so I could find out if the process would be "Fun For Everyone!" as it was stated on the package.

The wrap is made by Concord Foods and appears to be assembled in the USA. I do not know if the caramel and the sticks come from the US, but, the company is located Brockton, MA.

I made two caramel coated apples; one in the microwave and one in my regular oven. Both methods were easy. The stove oven is the best way to make more than one apple, by the way. I used Honeycrisp apples for both methods--they are my favorite apple to eat. Too bad one can only find these delicious apples in the fall of the year.

Make sure to scroll down the page to see the photos I made of both ways to make a delish caramel apple using this kit.

All images: Mickie_G

Concord Foods Caramel Apple Wrap (you add the apple)

Concord Foods Caramel Apple Wrap (you add the apple)
Concord Foods Caramel Apple Wrap (you add the apple) | Source

Great Caramel Apple Stuff on Amazon - Wrap those apples up!

One can find the very same brand of caramel apple kit on Amazon. I have also included a link to a candy apple kit from the same company. Both kinds of apple treats are very popular in the autumn of the year. I hope you will make some soon.

Kraft caramels are also good for dipping apples to make the traditional treat.

I recommend this Caramel Apple Wrap:

Concord Caramel Apple Wrap 6.05 oz Package (Value 3 Pack - Makes 15 Fresh Caramel Apples)
Concord Caramel Apple Wrap 6.05 oz Package (Value 3 Pack - Makes 15 Fresh Caramel Apples)

This is the package I purchased to make the Caramel Apples shown on this page.


Instructions for making a caramel covered apple are right on the back of the package! - Easy treat to make!

Instructions on back of the package for making the caramel apple
Instructions on back of the package for making the caramel apple | Source

Step #1 A small, clean and dry Honeycrisp apple waiting for the caramel to drop!

Small, clean and dry apple--a honeycrisp, btw.
Small, clean and dry apple--a honeycrisp, btw. | Source

Can you see something wrong with this picture? If you notice that it is upside down, you are correct. I use my iPhone to take all my photos and sometimes I forget to check where the lens is. This time the camera lens was on the bottom. I downloaded the image from my photo stream on the "cloud" to my laptop. Since the image did not go straight to iPhoto, I did not rotate it before I used it here. Sorry, I am just being lazy.

Step #2 Take the paper off the caramel round: - Save the paper!

Peel off the paper from the caramel round
Peel off the paper from the caramel round | Source

If the caramel sticks to the paper, the package instructions say to put the caramel rounds in the refrigerator for a minute. Mine came off just fine. I think the caramel round had shrunk in size since I first opened the package a year ago. That tells me that one should make the 5 apples the day one opens the kit. Use the paper on the baking pan to place the covered apple on so the caramel will not stick to the pan.

FYI: this image is upside down, too.

Step #3 Lay the caramel on top of your apple:

Put the caramel round on the top of the apple
Put the caramel round on the top of the apple | Source

I used a small apple. I think the caramel would be too thin for a big apple, but you might like your caramel thin.

FYI: I noticed where the lens was before I took this picture!

#4. Fit the caramel round on the entire apple - Stretch the caramel to wrap the apple:


Gently press and stretch the caramel round to reach the bottom of the apple. I do not really think it is necessary to cover the bottom completely.

#5 Put apple in 200 degree oven for 5 minutes


Using an oven is the easy way to make more than one caramel covered apple. Make sure that the square of parchment is under each apple so the caramel will not stick to the pan.

#6 Roll the warm caramel apple in chocolate sprinkles


Work fast as the caramel hardens very quickly. It might have been better if I had used melted chocolate to first dip the caramel covered apple. Then I could have rolled it in nuts or other candy sprinkles.

Picture Perfect Caramel Apple rolled in Chocolate Sprinkles

Picture Perfect Caramel Apple rolled in Chocolate Sprinkles
Picture Perfect Caramel Apple rolled in Chocolate Sprinkles | Source

Photos: How I used the Microwave using the same Caramel Apple Kit: - Remember, you provide the apple.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

My opinion of the Caramel Apple Wrap:

Not as good as real hand-dipped of apples, but a very real timesaver!

This is not a bad product for saving time. I paid just under $4 for my package. Too much, I know. The taste is just fine but the caramel is not thick enough, in my opinion. Even though I used a small apple, the thickness was just not right for this tester. If I had used melted chocolate in the step before I put the sprinkles on, that might have made the caramel covered Honeycrisp better. I think I will just go buy my caramel dipped apples at the candy store that I found in Monterey, California. Of course, it would cost a lot of dough to fly out there from the southern USA! Hey, wait. I bet you can order really good hand-dipped, chocolate covered caramel apples on line!

Debate/Duel: Are you more likely to make a caramel apple using a kit--- - Will you use bagged caramel candy (like Kraft)?

When I was a 11 years old, I had a bad experience with a caramel apple. I had broken my front tooth and had just finished the process for getting a cap. I was so glad to finally have the semi-permanent cap in place so the kids would stop calling me "snaggle-tooth". I know what you are thinking: "kids can be so mean". My mother decided to make caramel apples for Halloween Treats and I was trying one out. Bet you know what happened. My cap came off! Unfortunately, caramel is really sticky. Luckily, I did not bite down too hard and crush the cap. Since that time, when I eat a caramel apple, I cut the "bites" off with a knife.

Whew, glad that is off my chest!

Now for the "debate":

If you wanted to make caramel apples would you buy the pre-made wrap or dip your apples the tradtional way?

© 2012 Mickie Goad


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