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Care Bears Birthday Party, Costumes and Party Supplies

Updated on October 5, 2012

Care Bears Party Ideas

Enjoy this one-stop resource for all your Care Bears Birthday party ideas and Care Bears party supplies! From decorations to food, games to party bags, solve all your Care Bears birthday needs in one place.

For a fun and caring celebration for your little girl or boy, why not plan a Care Bears Birthday Party? There is lots of Care Bears partyware to choose from, and this lens not only gathers them ALL together, but also has lots of planning ideas, recipe and game suggestions!

I simply ADORED the Care Bears when I was younger. I had books, videos and toys, and when I had children I wanted to introduce them to the Kingdom of Caring too, because they teach such wonderful values to little ones.

These values, coupled with the cheery colours and characters, form a perfect basis for a fun party. There is even a character called Birthday Bear, after all!

From Care Bear cakes to gift ideas, read on for your complete guide to planning a fabulous Care Bears birthday party, with everything you need here in one place for easy reference!


Who are the Care Bears?

The Care Bears are a group of special, magical bears, who live in the land of Care-A-Lot with the Care Bear Cousins. According to the Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation, the Care Bears and their Cousins were brought to this Kingdom of Caring as cubs, by True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse. They were given special symbols on their tummies, which they use in the "Care Bear Stare" or "Cousins Call" to blast the baddies with a hefty dose of caring magic power. They watch over all the children on Earth, lending a helping hand whenever there is a lack of caring in the world.

Their enemies have included Dark Heart and Professor Cold Heart.

The Care Bears are led by Tenderheart Bear and also include Bedtime Bear, Grumpy Bear, Funshine Bear, Love-A-Lot Bear, Cheer Bear, Wish Bear, Secret Bear, Champ Bear, Birthday Bear, Good Luck Bear, Friend Bear, Share Bear and Harmony Bear.

The Care Bear Cousins are a variety of different animals, led by Braveheart Lion, and include Playful Heart Monkey, Swift Heart Rabbit, Lotsa Heart Elephant, Proud Heart Cat, Loyal Heart Dog, Bright Heart Racoon, Cosy Heart Penguin and Gentle Heart Lamb.

Care Bears Birthday Party Themes

There are four main Care Bear Birthday party themed collections (plus of course individual items and vintage wares). They are:


This lovely range is still available - click on the individual images throughout the lens to find out more.


This is the newest and most readily available range - all product images throughout the lens are clickable to help you find what you need.


The 1st Birthday Girl line is sadly being gradually discontinued from many stores, but there are some still available. See the different sections below for individual product pictures and links.


The 1st Birthday Boy line is sadly being gradually discontinued from many stores, but there are some still available. See the different sections below for individual product pictures and links.

Care Bears Birthday Party Packs

If you are planning a large party, don't have time to shop around, or want a starter pack to build upon, then a Care Bears Party Pack is a great place to start. There are different sized kits depending on the size of your party and they contain all the basics such as plates, cups, napkins and party bags. More deluxe kits can include items such as table centrepieces and balloons.

Care Bears Party Packs from Celebrate Express

Choose from Basic Party Pack, Deluxe Party Pack, Deluxe Party Pack with Favor Boxes and Party Pack Add-On

Care Bears Party Packs from Pretty Party Place

Choose from Galaxy Set, Supreme Set, Deluxe Set and Colossal Set

Care Bears Happy Days Deluxe Party Kit

(8 guests) Child

Here are some more pack options to choose from.

Care Bears Party Pack for 16 guests

Care Bears Birthday Party Tableware

Getting the party table looking just right is very important! This is the centre of your party, used to present food, cut the cake, seat the kids for eating time, and also possibly to sit at for games and crafts.

Luckily there are some superb Care Bears tableware items available! Let's begin with these gorgeous tablecloths:

Care Bears Happy Days Plastic Table Cover

Care Bears Reusable Plastic Table Cover

Classic Care Bears Table Cover

If it is your little girl's very first birthday, how about this stunning 1st Birthday Girl pink tablecloth, complete with Love-A-Lot Bear? Isn't it gorgeous? I will be using this for my daughter, when she turns 1 later this year.

Care Bears 1st Birthday Girl Table Cover

Don't forget lots of napkins for messy mouths! One of the main Care Bears party ranges is the Happy Days range and these cute character napkins will certainly create plenty of smiles!

Care Bears Beverage Napkins (16)

Care Bears Luncheon Napkins (16)

The Care Bears range offers these beauties:

Friend Bear Lunch Napkins (pk 16)

Love-A-Lot Beverage Napkins (pk 16)

Or go for classic vintage Care Bears with this pretty set of napkins!

Care Bears Funshine Napkins

Funshine Beverage Napkins (pk 16)

Care Bears Luncheon Napkins (pk 16)

Love-A-Lot Luncheon Napkins (pk 16)

These beautiful Love-A-Lot napkins complement the 1st Birthday Girl range:

Care Bears 1st Birthday Girl Beverage Napkins (pk 16)

Care Bears 1st Birthday Girl Luncheon Napkins (pk 16)

Add knives, forks and spoons in a complementary pale blue - a perfect match for the Happy Days range!

Complementaty Pale Blue Plastic Cutlery

These are also available in other colours that will complement the Care Bears ranges - such as pink for 1st Birthday Girl and yellow for the Tenderheart and Funshine sets!

Care Bears Birthday Party Table Centerpieces

A great way to give your table the wow factor is to use a table centerpiece. This colourful Happy Days centrepiece features five favourite characters in the cute modern style, while the honeycomb option includes a whopping seven bears in the classic Care Bear design.

Care Bears Happy Days Centerpiece

Care Bears Honeycomb Centerpiece

These adorable 1st Birthday Girl and Boy centerpieces can be personalized with a photo!

Care Bears Birthday Party Top Tip!

If you want the modern Care Bears “cute” look, go for one of the modern ranges like Happy Days. If you prefer the classic Care Bears, look for the classic designed ranges or even hunt down vintage items on eBay!

Care Bears Birthday Party Plates, Platters and Bowls

The Happy Days range offers these sweet plates in 7" dessert size and 9" dinner size.

Care Bears 7" Dessert Plates

Care Bears 9" Dinner Plates

There is also the option of a heart-shaped version of the plates!

Care Bears 9" Shaped Dinner Plates

Plus these cool platters and bowls!

Care Bears Happy Days 9" Molded Plastic Plate

Care Bears Happy Days 20oz Plastic Bowl

The Care Bears range has these to offer:

Share Bear 9" Dinner Plates

Funshine Bear 7" Dessert Plates

Care Bears Kids Party Plate / Platter

While the classic Care Bear set comes in these lovely two designs:

Tenderheart 9" Dinner Plates

Care Bears 7" Dessert Plates

Here are the 1st Birthday Girl and Boy plates - if I can find a stockist I will add the links in.

1st Birthday Girl 9" Dinner Plate

1st Birthday Girl 7" Dessert Plate

1st Birthday Boy Plate

Have a look below to see what eBay has on offer at the moment. You might be able to find some 1st birthday goodies!

Care Bears Birthday Party Cups

To complement the plates and napkins, you can also get 9oz cups.

Choose from the Happy Days design...

Care Bears Happy Days 9oz Paper Cups

Or the Care Bears design.

Care Bears Tenderheart 9oz Paper Cups

The Classic Care Bears set offers this whopping 17oz stadium cup!

Care Bears Bedtime Bear 17oz Stadium Cup

And to complete the look, how about these brilliant Care Bears drinking straws?

Care Bears Silly Straws

The 1st Birthday Girl and Boy range offers adorable Care Bear beakers!

Care Bears Birthday Party Table Accessories

Accessorize your table with some fun novelty items! No party is complete without some party blowers. You could go for the Happy Days blowouts or the Happy Days whistles - both great fun and super cute!

Care Bears Blowouts

Care Bears Happy Days Whistles

Care Bears Whistles 4ct

The Care Bears collection also include blow outs, featuring everyone's favourite, Tenderheart Bear!

For your 1st Birthday Girl or Boy, you can get these gorgeous little bibs that coordinate with the rest of the party range!

You can create a really fun table atmosphere with these adorable Care Bears Party Bubbles! They'd make great party favors too!

If you are good at crafts, you could also have a go at putting together some Care Bears crackers! Buy a cracker kit in a matching colour, such as this baby blue kit, and fill with tiny Care Bear treats!

Make Your Own Christmas Crackers

Glossy Pale Blue with silver trim /Pk 6

Care Bears Birthday Party Hats and Party Masks

Don't forget to add to the party table fun with some cute masks or party hats! Kids will adore these Care Bears party masks!

Care Bears Happy Days Party Masks

Care Bears Happy Days Party Hats

Care Bears Party Hats 8ct

Cheer Bear adorns these cone shaped hats for the Care Bears classic range!

Care Bear Cone Party Hats

And how about THESE amazing hats for a 1st Birthday girl or boy? Wow!

Care Bears Birthday Party Money Saver Tip!

If you have a lot of guests or adults at the party, supplement the themed designs with colour co-ordinated plain designs. Give adults plates and cups in plain matching colours (such as blue or pink).

If you want to create a big balloon display, cut costs by adding plain balloons in matching colours with the Care Bears balloons in the middle.


Care Bears Birthday Party Decorations

Decorating for a Care Bears party is easy with the beautiful range available, featuring balloons, banners and streamers. But there are some other ways to make the party look amazing too:

* Buy streamers, balloons, ribbons, confetti or other decorations of choice in the plethora of Care Bears rainbow colours!

* Use imagery from the Care Bears as inspiration for items to decorate with. Love and caring can be represented with anything heart-shaped - balloons, cushions, place settings, bowls and so on. If your design focuses on certain characters then use their symbols or associations - rainbows for Cheer Bear, four leaf clovers for Good Luck Bear, or pillows for Bedtime Bear!

* If you have them, put Care Bears figurines on the table or cake, or scatter cuddly Care Bears on the sofa!

* Decorate with wall stickers and art shapes! (Make sure you buy wall stickers as these will peel off easily after use! You could then use them to decorate your child's bedroom after the party!)

Care Bears Happy Days stickers

Care Bears Wall Stickers

Care Bears Wall Stickers

Brewster Care Bears Wall Accents

Brewster Care Bears Wall Border

Care Bears Birthday Party Banners

A banner makes a great statement at a party! This fab Happy Days banner opens out to announce a full Happy Birthday!

Care Bears Happy Birthday Banner

Care Bears Letter Banner 5ft

Care Bears Jointed Banner

Care Bears Birthday Party Streamers

Decorate the main party room with streamers! These awesome pastel colours are perfect for a Care Bears theme.

There are also official Care Bear streamers too! Go for the colourful star selection above or this blue 'Rainbow' option.

Care Bears Rainbow Streamer

Care Bears Birthday Party Balloons

There are some incredible Care Bears balloons available! This first one can be personalized with your daughter's name!

Care Bears Personalized 18in Balloon

As for this one, it comes with taffy sweets, a real treat when it floats up out of the box!

Care Bears

More birthday balloons include these metallic 'Have a Rainbow Birthday' balloons

Care Bears 18in Balloon

or this lovely helium-quality Happy Birthday one!

18" Care Bears Birthday Clip-a-strip

30 Inch Love A Lot Care Bear Shaped Metallic Balloons

30 Inch Bedtime Bear Shaped Metallic Balloons

Or how about these gorgeous Love-A-Lot and Bedtime Bear shaped balloons?

Care Bears Birthday Party Fun!

Who doesn't love Care Bears? They are so cute and kind! But can you pick a favourite?

Who is your favourite Care Bear?

See results
Copyright Perfectsariah, Morguefile
Copyright Perfectsariah, Morguefile

Click HERE for The Care Bears Birthday Party Cookbook


* Use shaped cookie cutters to make sandwiches in the shape of hearts, clouds and stars

* You could also do this with other nibbles, like mini pizzas

* Arrange some healthy snacks, like carrots, celery and fruit, into Care Bear shapes

* Be creative with your display - arrange pineapple cheeses, sausage rolls or cocktail sausages on a large platter in the shape of a Care Bear!

* Display a medley of fruit by having red strawberries, oranges, yellow bananas, green apples, blue berries and purple plums in the shape of a rainbow


You can make some great cookies with heart, star, cloud and similar shaped cookie cutters! Use a basic cookie recipe and top with icing or other sweet treats. Cookie cutters like these are a great investment as you can use them throughout the year for everything from Valentine's Day to an everyday treat!

Care Bears Birthday Party Food

A party isn't a party without some yummy, yummy food!

Making Care Bears party food is easy with a little imagination. Think hearts, clouds, stars and rainbows!

Kaiser Bakeware Heart Cookie Cutter, Set of 6

Wilton Comfort Grip Double Heart Cookie Cutter

Wilton Mini Romantic Metal Cookie Cutter Set

R & M Ace, Club, Diamond Heart Suit 4 Piece Cookie Cutter Set with Gift Box


Cloud and Rainbow

Fox Run 6-Piece Star Cookie Cutter Set

Rainbow Cookie Cutter Die Shape


Or why not try this yummy recipe?

Care Bears Birthday Party Frosting Tea Party Cookies

You can also use bear-shaped cookie cutters to make Care Bear cookies and biscuits, and use frosted icing to design the tummies with Care Bear symbols!

Wilton Comfort Grip Bear Cookie Cutter


Or use this cookie pan to make gorgeous etched heart cookies!

Wilton Valentine 6 Cavity Hearts Cookie Pan


How about a Rainbow Fruit Parfait? Layer yoghurt, granola, fresh fruit (such as strawberries, blueberries, pineapple and raspberries) and top with whipped cream!

Don't forget the jelly and ice-cream! Serve Neapolitan ice-cream for colour, or a rainbow of ice-cream flavours! For jelly, use jelly or jello molds in heart or bear shapes! Or make real fruit ice lollies in lots of different colours!

SCI Scandicrafts Bear Mold 10.75-inch, 9-Cup

Carefree Kitchen Teddy Bear Shaped Mini Gelatin Molds

Carefree Kitchen Star Shaped Mini Gelatin Molds


For Rainbow Ice, you can use small molds to make shaped ice cubes in the freezer. Use water, or juices from different fruits like strawberries and blackcurrants to make a rainbow of ice colours to add to each child's drink!

Talking of ice, make rainbow smoothies with this delicious recipe! All you need is yoghurt, different colour fruits such as blackberries, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, and some ice!

Care Bears Birthday Party Games and Activities

Keep little ones entertained with a plethora of fun party games, crafts and activities!


Paint your guests with Care Bear and Care Bear Cousins faces, or a Care Bear symbol of their choice!

Here's a Care Bears Birthday Party recipe for some safe homemade face paint!


...Braveheart Lion? Playful Heart Monkey? Noble Heart Horse? Pick your favourite, print out a large picture of them onto card, and cut out enough pictures of their tail for each guest. Blindfold the children or get them to cover their eyes, and see who can pin their tail the closest to where it should be!


One-on-one knockout competition! Who can out stare the other person the longest?


Hide a cuddly Care Bear with some sweets or other goodies, and concoct a series of clues that are also hidden. Start the children off with one clue - they need to work this out to find the next one, which will lead them to the next one, and so on, until they eventually come to their prize!


This is Musical Chairs, but get the children to sit on cardboard clouds or hearts instead of chairs! If you only have a few children and happen to have some heart-shaped cushions or beanbags, you could use these also.


Print out Care Bear pictures onto card and cut them out into cards of equal sizes. Make sure you have two identical pictures of each different bear or cousin. Then play Apples and Pears! Players have to turn over two cards at a time and remember where those cards are, in order to match up pairs. Keep going until all the pairs have been found!


You can provide lots of colouring and puzzle fun by scanning and copying pages from a Care Bears activity book like this one (use stickers as well-done gifts!)

Over the Rainbow Trail Care Bears Sticker Activity Book

(Care Bears Sticker Activity Books)

Other ideas include:

* Making a batch of Care Bears birthday party salt dough and getting the children to make their own Care Bears!

* Finger painting

* Making a card or paper item to take home, such as a Care Bears cone hat or garland

* Running a competition to design a Care Bear! This could be in the form of drawings, paintings or sculptures made from Play-Doh or salt dough. Give out prizes for the best bear, best drawing, best name, best tummy symbol and so on!

REMEMBER: Be safe! Make sure you have enough adults to supervise children when making crafts, have table covers and aprons at the ready to keep everyone clean, and always ensure adults do anything like cutting out if your guests are very young.

Care Bears Puzzle

Don't forget you can get out the official Care Bears games and quizzes too! From dominoes to board games, here are some ideas to inspire...

Care Bears Birthday Party Fun!

The Care Bears are helped in their mission of caring by the Care Bear Cousins. But who is your fave animal?

Who is your favourite Care Bear Cousin?

See results

Care Bears Birthday Party Bags and Favor Boxes

Every great party ends with a goodie bag to take home! These can be filled with all kinds of treats - you'll find some helpful ideas in the next section!

To store your guests' sweets 'n' treats, choose from these!

Care Bears Happy Days Loot Bags

These lovely loot bags will complement your Happy Days party.

Care Bears Happy Days Party Favor Boxes

Alternatively, you can use a favor box instead! These come pre-filled!

Care Bears Treat Bags

Tenderheart adorns the classic range!

Care Bears 1st Birthday Girl Loot Bags

Finally, the 1st Birthday Girl collection also has a matching set of lovely loot bags!

Care Bears Birthday Party Bag Gift Ideas

Okay, so you've chosen your party bags... now, what to put in them? Along with some chocolates or candy, put little Care Bears-themed gifts inside! There are LOADS of Care Bear trinkets available that are small and inexpensive enough to pop inside. Here are some ideas!

12 Button Pinbacks Care Bears Party Favor Free Personalization

Care Bears Sticker Sheets

Care Bears Happy Days Notepads

Care Bears Molded Rings

Care Bears Puffy Picks

Care Bears Twisty Turns

Care Bears Party Favor Activity Books

Care Bears Party Bubbles

Care Bears Figures

Series 2

set of 8

Wholesale Lot 12 Care Bears Party Favors New

Care Bears Figures Set -- 32 Vending Machine Toys

Care Bears Whistles 4ct

Care Bears Crayons

Care Bears Cell Phone Strap Figures

Series 2

set of 8

Care Bears Pinatas

What the Heck is a Piñata?

Originating in China and Mexico, the piñata is usually made of cardboard or papier-mâché, decorated colorfully to match the birthday party theme and filled with confetti, candy or chocolates, and small toys. Long colored strings are attached to the bottom, which conceals a trap-door. Near the end of the party (traditionally after the cutting of the cake), the piñata will be 'broken'. Children get an empty party bag and gather under the piñata. Each child holds one of the dangling strings. One the count of three, the children pull their strings, which opens the trap-door and breaks the piñata. The children are showered in treats and confetti, which they can then fill their party bags with!

As an alternative to filling a goodie bag, you could go the pinata route which is lots of fun!

Care Bear Party Pinata

Bedtime Bear Costume

Care Bears Birthday Party Costumes

If you want to go all out on the Care Bears party theme, then these fabulous costumes will be right up your street! Available in baby and toddler sizes, these will cause much excitement as lots of little bears start running around!

Grumpy Bear Costume

Cheer Bear Costume

Tender Heart Costume

Champ Bear Costume

Care Bears Birthday Party Invitations and Thank You Cards

Okay, so now that you hopefully have lots of ideas for your Care Bears birthday party, it's time to think about who to invite! There are complementary invitations and thank-you cards in each range, so you can be Care bear-themed right from start to finish!

Care Bears Happy Days Invitations and Thank You Postcards Set (16 pieces)

The Care Bears Funshine Invitations (8 pieces)

The Care Bears Tenderheart Thank You Cards (8 pieces)

Care Bears 1st Birthday Girl Invitations

Care Bears 1st Birthday Girl Thank You Cards

Care Bears Thank You Cards with Envelopes

Care Bears Thank You Note Cards

Care Bears Thank You Cards

Care Bears Birthday Presents!

Of course, a Care Bears party isn't complete without some Care Bears birthday gifts for your little one! Here are some suggestions!

Care Bears Magical Care-a-lot Castle


V.Smile Baby:

Care Bears Play Day

VTech V.Smile Learning Game:

Care Bears "A Lesson in Caring"

Care Bears Dominoes

Care Bears Smart Check-Up- Tenderheart

Care Bears

Grumpy Bear w/ Umbrella

Care Bears Pop-Up Storage Chest

Cuddly Care Bears for USA Kids!

Care Bear Beach party

Funshine Bear

Care Bear Beach Party Bedtime Bear

Care Bears:

Fancy Tea Party 7.5" Wish Bear

Care Bear Pink Love-A-Lot Cub with Blankie and Stuffed Animal

Care Bear Bedtime Cub with Blankie and Stuffed Animal

Care Bear Cubs:

Tenderheart with Blankie and Teddy Bear

Care Bear

Love a Lot & Tender Heart

A UNIQUE Personalized Care Bears Birthday Gift!

How's THIS for a special present? Your child can have their own personalized DVD and watch themselves have a Care Bears adventure!

"Your child joins the beloved cast of the Care Bears including Grumpy, Tugs, Hugs and Champ as they learn to overcome fears. Watch as the Bears encourage your child to try out new activities, from ice skating and tobogganing to skiing.

What better way to encourage your child to try new experiences than with the help of these classic characters. Champ Bear also speaks to your child by name throughout this fun filled video.

You will receive an information kit explaining how to send in your child's photo. Send the postage-paid envelope back and you'll receive the completed video or DVD (along with the original photo) in about 2 weeks."

VINTAGE Care Bears

Create a picture with Stick and Lift Transfers


Made by Jotastar from the 1986

Care Bears Vintage Professor Cold Heart PSmall Plastic Figure

( about 4" inches tall ) By American Greeting Cop In 1984

The box is in poor Condition

Brave Heart Lion 1985 Care Bear Cousins 13" Plush Vintage Care Bears

Vintage Care Bears Plush 13" Friend Bear from 1983

Care Bears Birthday Cards

Finally, accompany your Care Bears birthday gift with a Care Bears birthday card! These superb designs come in virtually every character, so you can pick your child's favourite!

Care Bears 1st Birthday on eBay!

Great news! Much of the 1st Birthday range for both girls and boys is available on eBay! Including complete party packs, cups, napkins, table centerpieces and even pinatas!

Care Bears Party Supplies

I hope that this lens has been inspiring in your search for Care Bears party ideas!

You can find party ideas for lots of other kids party themes in my lenses box at the bottom of this lens.


Thank you to GR Sites for the textured backgrounds and borders HTML. You can create your own web backgrounds at

Have you had a Care Bears birthday party or do you want to hold one? Do your kids love Care Bears, or did you love them when YOU were a kid? I know I did, and I still do!

Please share your Care Bears memories, party stories and general feedback here! Thank you for reading!

Have You Had a Care Bears Birthday Party? - Please Leave Comments and Feedback Here

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