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Cat Christmas Stocking

Updated on July 31, 2015

Wonderful Christmas Stockings for our Cats

Besides dogs, cat Christmas stockings are the favorite among pet Christmas stockings, and there are a lot of fun ones to choose from.

Cat stockings have everything from pictures of funny looking cats on them, to stockings you can buy with toys your cat or cats will love to play with. You can in some cases discard them easily.

I also found some crocheted cat stockings with a mouse on it, and included one below to show how nice that looks. And speaking of mice, that is one of the favorite themes for cat stockings, as we can all relate to our cat helpers controlling the local rodent population, and we definitely want to encourage them in that pursuit.

Anyway, there are a large variety of cat Christmas stocking designs and patterns, and below there are some photos of a number of them to give you some ideas on what's out there to buy or maybe get creative and make one yourself.

Cat with Mouse Christmas Stocking

Now is that cat being clever and pretending he's not seeing that mouse, or is he giving us a sly look while about ready to pounce on that little guy? That's a question we'll never have answered with this fun cat Christmas stocking, which I really like. That little bow-tie is funny.

Crocheted Mouse on Cat Stocking

This is a great crocheted stocking which features a mouse to torment your feline friend with. A cat always likes to be reminded of the importance of rodent control in their important place in the food chain.

Below that is a stocking filled with mice for your cat, which is evidently for the super mouser out there. Lot's of fun and a great looking cat stocking.

Crocheted Cat Christmas Stocking

Cat Christmas Stocking with Mice

Cat Stocking filled with cat toys

Your cat will really like the contents of this pre-made cat stocking, and it's one of those that offer great fun for your cat. It also makes it easy to clean up and dispense of the stocking after opening up for kitty to enjoy. And we all know how thankful we are for that once opening presents is finished..

Cat toys stocking

Cute Cat Stocking

This is a great image of a cat on this Christmas stocking, and would be a fun one to hang out year after year for everyone to enjoy. The Christmas hat and scarf really look cute on him, and that smile seems to say he's ready to get into some hidden mischief.

Cute Cat Christmas Stocking

Great Cat Christmas Stocking

I love this final cat Christmas stocking. Do you see those mice scurrying around each cat in the photo? Funny! The attempt to get the fish in the fish bowl, along with the yarn, represent many types of things cats enjoy chasing, playing with, and getting into. Great cat Christmas stocking.

Multiple Cats Christmas Stocking

Enjoying Cat Christmas Stockings

Whatever type of cat Christmas stocking you choose, there is a lot of enjoyment in getting one for you cat or cats, and you can get everything from humorous stockings to stockings filled with cat toys. No matter what, we all know we'll probably enjoy them better than our cats. But that's part of the fun isn't it?


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      kitty 7 years ago

      this is cool