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Catfish Plantation

Updated on September 13, 2011

Catfish Plantation Haunted Restaurant

The Catfish Plantation Restaurant in Waxahachie, Texas is as famous for being haunted as it is for serving up good food. The Catfish Plantation has been featured on numerous shows, including "Ghost Lab" on the Discovery Channel and "Extreme Restaurants" on the Travel Channel.

Several professional paranormal investigative teams have confirmed that at least three spirits haunt the Catfish Plantation. It is a true, confirmed, haunted house that is open to the public seven days a week.

About the Catfish Plantation

The Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie, Texas

Information about the Catfish Plantation

The Catfish Plantation is a haunted restaurant located in Waxahachie, Texas (about 35 miles south of Dallas). The building is a Victorian house that was built by a farmer named Anderson in 1895. The house served as a home to various families until 1970. During this time span, three individuals died in the home. It was later used as a commercial property. It was first a doctor's office and then housed three unsuccessful restaurants before finally being purchased by Tom and Melissa Baker who transformed the old home into the Catfish Plantation in 1984.

The Bakers ran the Catfish Plantation as a haunted restaurant for more than two decades, serving up delicious down home cooking with friendly service. In 2007 the Ladis family purchased the Catfish Plantation, ghosts and all, from the Bakers and have continued to provide good food, great service, and ghostly encounters.

Who Haunts the Catfish Plantation

The Spirits that Haunt the Catfish Plantation - Ghosts of the Catfish Plantation

  • Elizabeth Anderson -- Elizabeth inherited the house from her father who built it. She was found strangled to death in the house on her wedding day.
  • Will -- Will is a farmer who lived in the house in the 1930's. He was found dead in the house. The cause of death was unknown.
  • Caroline -- Caroline lived with her husband and family in the home for nearly 20 years. She died of natural causes in the home at the age of 80. She is the most active spirit in the home and professional paranormal investigators say that Caroline is unaware that she is deceased.

Ghost Stories About the Catfish Plantation

True Ghost Stories About the Catfish Plantation in Texas

Paranormal activity in the Catfish Plantation restaurant.

Many ghosts stories surround the mysterious Catfish Plantation. Paranormal activity has been said to occur daily in the old Victorian home, dubbing it the most haunted restaurant in Texas.

The most famous ghost story about this haunted house was experienced by the previous owner, Mrs. Baker. When the Catfish Plantation was a new restaurant, Mrs. Baker had the only key. She was the last to lock up at night and the first to arrive the following morning. One morning she unlocked the door to discover the welcoming aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Much to her surpirse, a fresh pot of coffee greeted her that morning, with no human to attribute it to.

Several members of the Waxahachie police department claimed to have seen a man dressed in overalls on the porch of the haunted restaurant. This apparition is thought to have been Will. He has been seen by many on the porch of the Catfish Plantation, but quickly leaves once he realizes he's been spotted.

Caroline was against alcohol of any kind. Numerous patrons to the Catfish Plantation have had their wine glasses spontaneously break. Paranormal investigators attribute this to Caroline because she is offended by having alcohol in her home.

Many workers since 1984 have complained of dishes flying across the room, levitating fryer baskets, doors opening and shutting, and lights turning off and on all on their own. Quite a few have actually seen full apparitions of spirits in the haunted home.

Guests too have had numerous paranormal encounters in the restaurant. There are two very large binders in the fourier that are filled with stories written by guests. While waiting for your table, you are welcome to read through the book of hand written ghostly encounters. If you have a paranormal experience while there, you are invited to add it to the book.


My Experience at the Catfish Plantation

My Experience at the Catfish Plantation

About my visit to the haunted restaurant.

I have visited the Catfish Plantation twice. The first time I was around twelve years old and went with my parents. My dad was disappointed that he didn't have a ghostly encounter while there; however, we all did enjoy the really good food.

The second time I visited with my husband after spending a busy day at the local Rennaissance Fair. We enjoyed our dinner there. It was quiet and relaxing. The food was great and the service phenomenal. We went because my husband has always been interested in ghosts. I was a huge skeptic. I went to the Catfish Plantation convinced that all of the ghost stories surrounding the haunted restaurant were dreamt up by the owners who were hoping to increase business. After our meal, I went to the ladies room and once inside the restroom stall, I felt a cold spot. I tried to shake it off until it got so extremely cold that no logical conclusion could explain it away. Then I smelled the very strong frangrance of roses. I had a terrible, oppressive sensation. My chest started to feel tight and heavy. I frantically fumbled to get the stall door open. As I raced out of the bathroom, I took special care not to glance at the mirror because I was filled with a strong sense of foreboding that if I were to look up I would see I was not alone. Once I stood safely in the hallway, I tried to catch my breath. A waitress took one look at my wild eyes and frightened demeanor and replied, "Oh, I see you met Elizabeth."

Have You Had a Paranormal - Do you believe in ghosts?

Have you had a paranormal encounter?

Have You Visited the Catfish Plantation - Been to the Catfish Plantation?

Have you ever been to the Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie, TX?

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Texas Catfish Plantation Location - Map it.

Catfish Plantation Haunted Restaurant:
814 Water St, Waxahachie, TX 75165

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Have You Visited the Catfish Plantation or Another Haunted Restaurant? - Thank you for visiting.

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    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      7 years ago from Canada

      The paranormal and ghosts scare the heck out of me so odds are that I will never visit the Catfish Plantation. For lovers of a good spine chilling adventure this spooky restaurant sounds like a great place to visit ;)

    • CastleRoyLisa profile image


      8 years ago from Rhode Island

      Great food and haunted I would love to go for a visit wonderful lens

    • aka-rms profile image

      Robin S 

      8 years ago from USA

      What a fun place to eat! That the food is good makes it even better!

    • kerbev profile image


      8 years ago from Upstate, NY

      Most businesses would try so hard to not be known as haunted. I love that they just embraced the notion and went forward.


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