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celebrating international day of the lefties

Updated on August 25, 2012

Celebrating International Day of the Lefties

August 13th is a memorable day for the ten- percent of the world's population who are left-handed. It started in 1976 and has been an annual celebration ever since. This day is celebrated with parties and ceremonies to create awareness about the challenges faced by this individuals daily.

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Celebrating International Day of the Lefties

A Holiday that is worth Celebrating

There are so many holidays in August that counting them could involve all the fingers of my left -hand .One of those holidays is the international lefties day .Although most people are not aware of this day ,it is a day that we celebrate ten percent of the world's population who are left-handed .The first one was celebrated on the 13th of August 1976 and has been an annual event since then, though celebrated discreetly without much media coverage.The history of this holiday would not be complete if i didn't mention that during the 16th century left-handed people were regarded as witches and warlocks.

Many factors has been adduced to the origin of left-handedness .According to the British journal ,women who gave birth at a later stage in life has higher chances of producing a leftie .Other researchers believe it is a sex-linked gene transmitted mainly by females . In-order-words, mothers who are left -handed have higher chances of producing a leftie child.The department of psychology Umea university Sweden believe that most children delivered prematurely are prone to be lefties because of the trauma on the brain during child -birth .

Most cultures especially African cultures forces their children who are left -handed to use the right- hand .Elders would reject anything if it was offered to them using the left -hand . I have witnessed a situation where a child's left- hand was bandaged to compel them to use her right -hand.People still fear anything on the left -side including left- handed people .This fear of left -handed people is known as sinistrophobia .Be it as it might ,in the world there are prominent people who are lefties and the list is endless .Some of them include Barack Obama, Oprah,Bill Clinton , George Bush .Not forgetting to mention Jack the ripper and Albert Henry Desalo , A k a Boston strangler.

This is why August the 13th of every year ,we should join them in celebration by inviting them to parties .This type of parties, everyone must eat and drink with the left-hand . Also people must wear t -shirts bracelets and banners that create awareness about the left-handed individuals and their challenges . Further- more it is a time to send e-cards to left-handed celebrities .Everything has been said and the only thing left is to say that lefties have rights and use the right brain. happy lefties day!

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Lefties Joke

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Are you left-handed or right handed - Are you aware of the challenges faced by leftties

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Are you left-handed - Do you know they face challenges

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      6 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks for the comment

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      6 years ago

      I always think being a left-handed is cool.


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