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Celebration Planning

Updated on January 13, 2014

Celebrate Good Times!

We all have reasons to celebrate the events in our lives, as well as those around us. No matter how big or small - all it takes is a little planning to make any get-together enjoyable. It really is all about the small details that make the bigger picture a fun experience!

Big or small any celebration is just a plan away!

Party Plan
Party Plan

Planning 101

Make A List - Check It Often!

Planning an event takes time and patience. The first thing any planner should do is get organized and stay organized! It doesn't matter if you are on the prom committee or planning your sister's baby shower, you need to think of a few simple basics first.

1) Objective -

Why are you having this party? This is the most important decision because it sets the tone for the rest of your planning!

2) Theme -

Now that you have narrowed down why you are having this party you can choose how to decorate it by deciding on your theme.

3) Guest list -

Who should be invited? Invitations set the tone for what guests are to expect from this event as well as what would/should be expected from them, such as bringing a gift or just their appetite.

This list could go on and on but the reality is all the rules will overlap and run together. Where you hold the celebration may just impact your theme or who would be on your guest list. When you would like to host this event may also impact those decisions.

The basic idea is to make a plan on what you would like to achieve, then fine tune how you are going to get this done. I suggest making a list of Who, What, When, Where and Why. That should make planning the celebration much easier!

Complete Party Planner!

Complete Party Planner
Complete Party Planner

Here Annabel Karmel gives you hints and tips throughout the process of planning. Its one book that has many ideas and recipes to help you plan the perfect event!


Memorable Entertaining Guides

Planning 102

The Invite!

The next step in planning will be invitations! You already know who you would like to attend now you have to get the word out! There are as many ways to invite people as there are types of parties to plan. Take a moment and decide which way will work best to reach those you would like to attend.

Ways you can invite guests:




Social Network or Text

Courier Pigeon (I haven't had success with this method!)

Make sure your invitation tells the guest what to expect. If you are allowing them to bring a guest make sure your invitation states that, as well as if you would prefer they didn't. Consider RSVP if you need to know for sure how many are attending your party. If you choose the electronic method of inviting please remember those messages are easily forwarded - so make sure to include 'Do Not Forward" in your invite.

Let's Get This Party Started!
Let's Get This Party Started!

Planning 104


So now that we have the guests invited and the menu planned its time to figure out the entertainment! Your theme will help you decide what your event needs.

The options are endless! You could play music, hire a D-Jay or even a band. Make sure you include fun things for your guests to do.

No matter what the celebration is about make sure you take time to mingle with your guests. Do as much work ahead of time so you can relax and enjoy the fun! Cheers!

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