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Celtic Christmas

Updated on January 16, 2015

Enter the dream of a Celtic Christmas

Beautiful knot work designs and ethereal and intricate melodies make up a Celtic Christmas. I have created an oasis where you can enter the lands of the Celts and find the things you need to create your own Celtic winter holiday.

The musician poets...

The bards of the village were meeting to perfect their new Christmas carols. On Christmas Eve day there would be a competition around the great bonfire in the village square in which each bard would present their carol. Whoever won, both by public applause and the panel of judges, would win a quarter of venison.

Celtic Christmas - A 3 CD Set

Celtic Christmas (3 CDs)
Celtic Christmas (3 CDs)

36 traditional Christmas songs accompanied by guitar, violin, harp, bagpipes, penny whistle, low flute, bass, bodhran, cello, and accordian. Includes God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, I Saw Three Ships, What Child is This?, We Three Kings, Away in a Manger, and many more.


The son of Light...

Lugh, whose name means "light", was putting the finishing touches on a song he was writing for Christmas Day services at the church. He was one of the judges of the bard's carol competition. His fine tenor voice gave him the position of lead musician of the village. He would be singing several times during the holidays, starting on the solstice when he would sing the sun back to life.

In a cottage down the lane...

Rowan heated pencil-shaped iron rods until just the tips were glowing an orange red, like the color of her hair. She used the heat to burn intricate knotwork designs into gourds. She had made the large cross that hung behind the altar of the village church in this same way. These small ornaments and wall decorations would be gifts at Christmastide.

Somewhere in the lands of the Celts... a place between here and there...

Brighid spun the wool to make warm hats, mittens and shawls. Into them she would knit magical designs to keep the winter bright and merry as the sun was reborn. She had already made the shawl pins at her workshop forge. The hearth was warm with crackling wood, the yeasty smell of the bread rising nearby. The autumn festival had just passed. The shortest day of the year would be coming soon. On that day she would go give the villagers the fruits of her labor. Then a few days later all would go to the cozy church and celebrate the rebirth of the Christ, another sort of son.

An Irish Christmas - Music by various artists

Which Part of Celtic Christmas Do You Like the Best? - ...and any other comments

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    • profile image

      BebesBaubles 6 years ago

      The Celtic Christmas gifts, especially shawl pins! I also make pins and jewelry in ancient forms that people often say look Celtic.

    • DieselJoe profile image

      DieselJoe 6 years ago

      Can't be time for Christmas yet, can it?

    • ghaelendlareh profile image

      ghaelendlareh 6 years ago

      Now I want to pull out all my crafting materials, lol. I linked to this from my Vintage Winter Solstice lens. Very nice

    • traveller27 profile image

      traveller27 6 years ago

      Nice ornaments. I will be featuring this lens on my Xmas Songs from the Emerald Isle lens.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I wish I would have found this lens before xmas but I will be using some of these ideas for next year. especially the Celtic music. thanks.