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Ceramic Christmas Trees And Houses

Updated on July 6, 2016

Ceramic Christmas trees and ceramic Christmas houses give you joy year after year.

There is always a feeling of anticipation as December approaches, the Christmas smells of nutmeg and cinnamon start wafting out of the kitchen, as the Christmas puddings and mince tarts are prepared and the trill of "Fa-la-la-la-la" is heard once again in the shops and on the radio.

This year, to complement your special collection of Christmas ornaments, why not treat yourself to a ceramic Christmas tree or a ceramic Christmas house (or both) which can be enjoyed year after year. To help you decide on the best ceramic ornaments for you take a look below at the variety of Ceramic Christmas trees and houses that are on the market.

There are Vintage Christmas trees that you may remember from your youth; green ceramic Christmas trees with lights, beautifully decorated houses or villages and ones that you can buy unpainted so you can add your own special touch. Whatever you choose they will be a great addition to any Christmas.

Green Ceramic Christmas Trees

12" Green Ceramic Swing Tree Case Pack 4 - 891325 - A quirky addition to your Christmas home.

These Green Ceramic Christmas trees are small enough to place in various locations around your house. The style is very quirky reminding me of trees out of Dr. Suess' 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'. I'm sure these will appeal to the kids.Add a few houses to the collection and make your own Dr. Seuss Village.

Ceramic Christmas Trees and Houses Available on Amazon

It is great fun painting your own ornaments but there are many beautiful Christmas- themed village sets on the market. Department 56 is famous for its villages that include trees, lamp posts, people and many other accessories. They can be bought as individual pieces or as a whole set. Have a look at what is offered on Amazon. I have a friend who collects a special piece each year. She either buys a piece for herself or puts in her request for a piece as a Christmas present There is a lovely Dickens-themed set available..

Our Own Painted Ceramic Christmas Houses - Forgive some of the shoddy painting in places

On a cold wintry day or evening it is great fun to get the family together to put their creative input into painting a ceramic house to be displayed at Christmastime. The houses we purchased came with an instruction booklet indicating the colours to be used for each part of the house but, we never paid any attention, and painted the houses in our preferred colours so please forgive any quirky colour schemes.This picture shows an old-fashioned bank, movie theatre and post office and I have some new models to paint this Christmas. I will add them as soon as they are completed.

Vintage Ceramic Christmas Trees

Vintage Ceramic Poinsettia Christmas Tree Lighted

I think this tree is very special with its covering of white poinsettias. White poinsettias really stand out on the green background. We usually think of red poinsettias as they are more common but there is something very special about the use of the white poinsettia in this design. It is a tree that would be a delightful display especially in a frosty window at Christmas time.

Vintage Ceramic Christmas Trees on eBay - Memories From The Past

These trees hark back to the 1960s and 1970s. Our family didn't own one of these trees but I have a very clear memory of them being in many of my friends' houses at Christmas time. They really were the tree to have at the time They were produced as molds with lights and painted lovingly as a craft project. It was a very popular past time with classes being held at local shops. Unfortunately, as time went by many of the ceramic workshops went out of business and the molds were lost. I am glad to see some products being sold on eBay.

Three More Painted Ceramic Houses In Our Collection

These painted buildings come out every year without fail. We usually put them along the windowsill so they can be seen outside as well as inside. We still have a few unpainted houses in their plastic wrappers which we are looking forward to painting in early December while drinking some hot punch and munching on shortbread cookies.This photo shows the old 5 and 10 cent store, a toy store and a market building graced by a market clock.

photo the property of holly2

White Ceramic Christmas Trees And Houses

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Ceramic Bisque Unpainted Gingerbread Christmas Tree 14"h - A Painting Project For The Whole Family

It is an annual past time in our family to paint our own ornaments and houses in preparation for Christmas. The process usually starts sometime around the beginning of November with fresh acrylic paints and a podgy glue to glaze the painted project. We had a wonderful craft store at our local mall, which sadly no longer exists, that always had a display of interesting unpainted ceramic ornaments in the shape of trees, stars, gingerbread houses, Santas, candles etc. However, our favourite project was painting white ceramic houses and buildings covered in snow. We have painted a bank, a church, a 5 and 10 store, a market, a movie theatre and a post office to name a few. We have included some pictures of our own modest family projects in this article.

The white ceramic Christmas trees harken back to the 1970s when painting your own ceramic moulds was a very popular activity but they are just as relevant today. They may be purchased white and glazed or unpainted. These unpainted white Ceramic Christmas trees offer a blank canvas for your creativity. Create a beautiful unique Christmas tree in your own style. It is an activity for the whole family and will become a keepsake.

I found an interesting link about unpainted white ceramic Christmas trees which you will find below.

Ceramic bisque unpainted christmas tree with base 13"h
Ceramic bisque unpainted christmas tree with base 13"h

A well crafted tree ready for your own creative touch.


White Ceramic Christmas Trees - And Some Accessories ready for your personal stamp..

These are well crafted white ceramic trees and accessories offered by Amazon. Wonderful for personal hand painted gifts or to keep for yourself.

Ceramic bisque unpainted christmas tree topper 8.50''H X 3.75'W
Ceramic bisque unpainted christmas tree topper 8.50''H X 3.75'W

Paint your own tree topper. Great to give as a gift or to put on the top of your own tree.


Our Snowy Village Church

It took a bit more effort to paint this church. We wanted to put some detail on the brick work and highlight the brick work around the windows. The evergreen trees outside could have just been painted green but we decided to make them look like they are weighted down with snow. One can imagine that the village had a major snow fall the night before.

This picture is the property of holly2

We hope you enjoyed this article and that you are now inspired to collect these lovely Christmas trees and houses. They are beautiful pieces whether you buy them already painted and glazed or you paint them yourself.

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Do you collect ceramic Christmas trees and/ or houses? We would love to hear about your collection. - Thank you for visiting and Merry Christmas!!

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