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Christmas Songs that Should Come Back Year after Year

Updated on January 11, 2013

These songs capture the spirit of Christmas

Christmas that truly magical time of year the lights, the great food, fun times with family and friends, and most of all wonderful music that makes your heart feel joy. Here are some songs that should get airplay every year

White Christmas by Bing Crosby-White Christmas has been done by many artists but the first version is the still the best version. Bing Crosby had such a wonderful tone to his voice and in this song he makes you feel every lyric. You yearn to walk through a winter wonderland. He relates what we wish for all of those we love “may your days be merry and bright…” without this song Christmas wouldn’t be the same.

Christmas Canon by Trans-Siberian Orchestra-I first heard this song as I rode in my car. It captivated me immediately. Using the Canon in D, a beautiful song in itself, the song begins with piano and builds into layers with strings joining in, and then heavenly voices of a children’s choir and the results are a song that warms your heart and calms your spirit. It is a beautiful Christmas song.

The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole-Nat King Cole gives a classy rendition of this song. It is arranged simply and Nat’s voice is given the spotlight. His wishes for a Merry Christmas give the listener great memories of Christmas’s past and future. It is a timeless song that will never sound dated.

Winter Wonderland/Let It Snow by Bette Midler and Johnny Mathis-This wonderful duet has two great voices breathing new life into these two songs of fun in the snow. Bette Midler has never sounded better and Johnny Mathis is the go to guy for great Christmas singing. They make a wonderful pair. Hopefully one day they will record a whole Christmas album together. There has never been better harmony with a duo.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Andy Williams-This is the song to get the decorations going in the house with. Andy sings with enthusiasm and reminds the listener of all the great things that can happen during this season. “There will be parties for hosting, marsh mellows for roasting…hearts will be glowing when loved ones are near” Andy created a classic Christmas song.

Deck The Halls by Percy Faith and his Orchestra or Nat King Cole-Deck The Halls is a carol that is so happy sounding that makes you feel festive. There are two great versions of this song. One is an instrumental by Percy Faith and his Orchestra. It has the sound that truly is Christmas the strings, the jingle bells, and other bell sounds it will have you singing along in good measure. Another fantastic version of this song is by Nat King Cole. In this version we have lyrics to sing along to and Nat does make you want to make you sing along it is a classic.

Tiny Little Christmas Tree by Guster-In 2011 Target had some great Christmas songs to go with their commercials that year. They even let people download their album called Christmas Gig for free. This is one of the stand out songs from the album. Any song that starts with bells jingling and then goes to the bell sounds can’t go wrong. It automatically brings to mind Christmas. This song has a great hook to it and you will get into the Christmas spirit listening to the song.

Ave Maria so many great versions of this song hard to narrow it down-Ave Maria is such a beautiful Christmas song. To do it justice I think it has to be sung by a person who can bring power and emotion to it. A few artists come to mind that handle this feat. One is Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli to name some of the best. They can put a chill up your spine singing the words and hearing the melody of this sacred song. It is a perfect Christmas song.

Get Down For The Holidays by Jenni O- This is another good song that came from the Target album 2011 entitled Christmas Gig. It is a sweet song of socializing during the holiday season. So many gatherings so little time.

Driving Home For Christmas by Chris Rea-This song has so much imagery to it. You can imagine being in the car traveling along to get to the ones you love for Christmas. The song has a steady beat with the drums, the piano it sounds like you are traveling. It is a great song to play while you are driving in your car.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Barenaked Ladies- They took a traditional Christmas carol and brought new life into it. This song has a groove and you can see why it has endured after all these years.

Christmas by Blues Traveler-a song that wishes everyone a merry Christmas and a hope that the feeling will last all year long. Christmas is so special one can empathize with this sentiment the world would be a better place if it did.

Please Come Home for Christmas by The Eagles–What a great song and so many people have done a memorable performances with it, but The Eagles were the first group that I heard sing this song. They do a wonderful rendition. The bass thumps along with a steady drum beat, and great piano accompaniment, and Don Henley gives a moving vocal of the one who just wants his love back for Christmas. It is a good rock song and a wonderful Christmas song.

Sleigh Ride by John Williams and the Boston Pops Orchestra-A lively song that makes you feel as if you were taking a Sleigh Ride. Clip Clops, whip snapping, bells jingling, horns and strings all join together for a joyous sound for the listener to hear. This song has Christmas written all over it.

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee-Brenda Lee sings her heart out in this rockin Christmas tune. Decking the halls with boughs of holly, everyone dancing merrily, the saxophone playing it sounds like a party. This song has that feel good feeling to it. How can you not want to tap your foot along with this one?

There are so many great Christmas songs and so many great arrangements of the songs by different artists that these songs will never be old. It is too bad Christmas comes but once a year, but I guess that is why songs like these will stay in the listener’s mind and heart and have them anxious to hear their return when the Christmas season returns. Happy listening everyone.


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