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Chanukah Lights by Robert Sabuda and Michael Rosen

Updated on September 26, 2013

Chanukah Lights - New for 2011

Chanukah Lights is a new pop up book for the 2011 holiday season. The book is designed and illustrated by paper engineer Robert Sabuda and authored by Michael J Rosen - the book is inspired by Rosen's Chanukah Lights Everywhere book.

In Chanukah Lights, Sabuda uses the clean white pop up style that he often uses in holiday pop up books. The result is very elegant. Watch the video below to see the book in detail.

Chanukah Lights Pop Up Book

Festival of Lights

Robert Sabuda's latest popup book is inspired by Michael J Rosen's poem of the same name. It uses classic Sabuda white pop ups with just a little color. The book has 16 pages of awe-inspiring pop ups.

This elegant pop up book follows the Festival of Lights through history and covers various locations including Herod's Temple and a shtetl in Russia, a refugee ship bound for the New World, and an Israeli kibbutz.

Chanukah Lights is full of intricate detail and meaningful references to Jewish heritage.

Chanukah Lights Virtual Book Video

Watch this video virtual book tour to get a real feel for how gorgeous the book is:

Chanukah Lights

@ Amazon



The standard edition of Chanukah Lights. Available in late September 2011.

Chanukah Lights Signed Limited Edition in Slipcase

@ Amazon



A limited edition signed version of Chanukah Lights. Sabuda limited editions are very collectable so expect these to disappear fast.

Chanukah Lights Close Up Picture

Chanukah Lights - Rosen and Sabuda
Chanukah Lights - Rosen and Sabuda

Chanukah Lights Everywhere

@ Amazon


Chanukah Lights Everywhere is the book by Michael Rosen that inspired the Sabuda / Rosen pop up book.

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Chanukah Lights

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    • compugraphd profile image

      compugraphd 6 years ago


      That is a beautiful book -- thank you for sharing it with me. Happy Hanukka.