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It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Updated on December 4, 2012

Peanuts Halloween Cartoon

Hello Peanuts Halloween fans! Here you'll find information on the spooky Peanuts cartoon classic "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." We'll have fun trick or treating with the Peanuts gang, bobbing for apples with Linus and Lucy and listening to the Peanuts Halloween theme "The Great Pumpkin Waltz."

Read on for Snoopy Halloween pictures, Charlie Brown Halloween wallpapers, Peanuts Halloween images and of course Linus and his sincere pumpkin patch anxiously awaiting the arrival of none other than the Great Pumpkin!

Happy Halloween from Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang by Charles Schulz!

Joe Cool Halloween
Joe Cool Halloween

Charlie Brown, Snoopy and The Great Pumpkin

A Peanuts Halloween

If you're like me, chances are you grew up watching Charlie Brown and Snoopy cartoons. Every holiday season, whether it was Halloween (It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown), Thanksgiving (A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving) or Christmas (A Charlie Brown Christmas), every Peanuts cartoon really captured my heart.

There's a simplicity and endearing innocence about the Peanuts characters and their world. Many of us knew a kid growing up that was attached to a security blanket like Linus. Sally had a crush on her "Sweet Baboo." We all rooted for Charlie Brown as he ran toward that football, only to have mean little Lucy yank it away at the last moment. And Snoopy? Wow, what can you say about Joe Cool and his faithful avian sidekick Woodstock?

So if Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and the other lovable Schulz characters bring back great memories for you as well, this page is for you. Enjoy your stroll down memory lane as we spend Halloween with the Peanuts gang.

Linus and Snoopy awaiting the arrival of the Great Pumpkin - The most sincere pumpkin patch, Snoopy Linus Jack O' Lantern

Linus and Snoopy in the pumpkin patch
Linus and Snoopy in the pumpkin patch

The Great Pumpkin Theme Song - The Great Pumpkin Waltz

Click the image to the left to listen to "The Great Pumpkin Waltz," the wonderful theme song from It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Peanuts Halloween
Peanuts Halloween

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

An Overview of the classic Halloween cartoon

Originally airing on October 27, 1966 on CBS, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is a beloved television special based on the comic strip Peanuts by artist and author Charles M. Schulz. The Great Pumpkin is the third Peanuts special which was produced and animated by Bill Melendez. CBS played the special annually through the year 2000, at which point ABC Family acquired the rights in 2001.

The Great Pumpkin has been nominated for an Emmy award and is available on VHS, DVD and Blu-ray. Warner Home Video released a remastered deluxe edition of The Great Pumpkin in September of 2008 with the bonus feature "It's Magic, Charlie Brown" (which originally aired in 1981).

A retrospective book on the Great Pumpkin was published in 2006 to celebrate the classic cartoon's 40th anniversary. This wonderful Peanuts book includes the entire script, never before seen photographs, storyboard excerpts and even interviews with the original child actors who portrayed the Peanuts characters.

It's the Great Pumpkin DVD, Great Pumpkin Blu-ray - Great Pumpkin bluray, Great Pumpkin decorations, Peanuts Halloween flags

Snoopy and Woodstock Halloween - Peanuts Halloween Celebration, Woodstock Snoopy Jack O Lantern

Snoopy and Woodstock celebrate Halloween
Snoopy and Woodstock celebrate Halloween
Great Pumpkin cartoon
Great Pumpkin cartoon

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Plot

Great Pumpkin storyline

The storyline of The Great Pumpkin primarily revolves around Linus Van Pelt's obsession with "The Great Pumpkin," Halloween's equivalent of Santa Claus. According to Linus, legend has it that every Halloween eve a magical creature named The Great Pumpkin will rise from the most sincere pumpkin patch. The Great Pumpkin will then deliver toys to all of the good little boys and girls across the world.

Despite the rest of the Peanuts gang's ridicule, Linus persists and writes his annual letter to The Great Pumpkin. When Halloween night arrives, Linus convinces Sally to skip trick or treating and await the arrival of The Great Pumpkin in his pumpkin patch. Sally, wanting to believe her sweet baboo, decides to take the risk. The others go trick or treating and while everyone else receives candy, poor Charlie Brown gets a rock.

Late into the evening, Linus sees a shadowy feature begin to rise from within the pumpkin patch. In all of the excitement, Linus passes out. The "shadowy figure" turns out to be none other than Snoopy dressed up in his WWI Flying Ace outfit. Furious that she missed out on the festivites, Sally storms off.

Early the following morning, Lucy realizes her little brother isn't in bed. She ventures out to the pumpkin patch to find him asleep on the ground. Lucy brings Linus back inside and tucks him safely in his bed. The special ends with Charlie Brown and Linus commiserating at the neighborhood brick wall. Linus vows that next year will be the year that the Great Pumpkin will finally show.

Linus and the Great Pumpkin - Most sincere pumpkin patch

Linus awaits the arrival of the Great Pumpkin
Linus awaits the arrival of the Great Pumpkin

Watch It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown - Charlie Brown I got a rock

Linus and the Great Pumpkin - The Great Pumpkin

Linus awaiting the arrival of the Great Pumpkin on Halloween night!
Linus awaiting the arrival of the Great Pumpkin on Halloween night!

Which is your favorite Peanuts holiday cartoon?

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A Peanuts Halloween Special - Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin

Linus and the Great Pumpkin
Linus and the Great Pumpkin

Great Pumpkin Wallpapers - Charlie Brown Halloween pics, Snoopy Halloween pics

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Comments - Do you watch The Great Pumpkin every year? Are you a Peanuts fan?

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    • fyrdragon350 profile image

      fyrdragon350 4 years ago

      i try to watch it when i can each year, always has been one of my favorite holiday cartoons.

    • Deadicated LM profile image

      Deadicated LM 4 years ago

      Yes every year; it wouldn't be Halloween without it; been watching it since it made its debut. Cool Lens, Love it!

    • TeacherSerenia profile image

      TeacherSerenia 5 years ago

      Yes I am a fan but no I don't watch much peanuts on TV.

    • christopherwell profile image

      christopherwell 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Joan4 5 years ago

      My children enjoyed Charlie Brown, and now my grandchildren are delighted as well!

    • Tagsforkids profile image

      Tagsforkids 5 years ago

      Definitely one of the classics and a must watch every year. I have been a peanuts fan for many mango seasons.

    • LisaMarieGabriel profile image

      Lisa Marie Gabriel 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Absolutely I do! :)

    • marigoldina profile image

      Heather B 5 years ago

      I don't even think I've ever seen it! (I know, I feel rather uncultured at the moment!) I used to watch a Charlie Brown Christmas every year, though.

    • profile image

      jseven lm 5 years ago

      What a great lens and well done!

    • Nancy Hardin profile image

      Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I love the Peanuts gang and my kids always did too. I really love this lens, and you tell the story perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

    • EMangl profile image

      EMangl 5 years ago

      Charles M. Schulz was a genius!

    • LisaDH profile image

      LisaDH 5 years ago

      I still watch this every year, and then at Christmas I watch the Christmas special. They're timeless classics that I'll never grow tired of.