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Cheap Heart Necklaces

Updated on October 7, 2013

Find Cheap Heart Necklaces and Pendants

You can buy fantastic jewelry for the woman you love without spending a fortune. Check out these cheap heart necklaces that are special and romantic. All the necklaces and pendants featured on this page cost less than $50, and many of them are even less than that. No matter what the occasion, you are sure to find a necklace here that will be just the romantic gift you are looking for.

You can find cheap heart necklaces and pendants in all different styles and metals. There are fun jewelry pieces that include gemstones and unusual shapes, or more traditional jewelry. Whether you are shopping for a gift or treating yourself, consider picking up one (or two!) of these necklaces.

Featured Image: White Sapphire & Sterling Silver Heart Pendant

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Sterling Silver Heart Necklaces

Sterling silver is one of the most affordable metals, so consider it first when you want to buy a cheap heart necklace. It will give the same beautiful look as a necklace made of white gold or platinum, but they are available in many more price ranges.

One of the first gifts of jewelry I ever received from my significant other was a simple, silver heart necklace. I still love it and wear it every day because it is the kind of jewelry that goes with everything. It isn't too elegant or formal, so I can wear it with jeans and a sweatshirt, but silver still provides a beautiful look for special evenings out.

Sterling Silver "You Hold My Heart Forever" Heart Pendant Necklace, 18"
Sterling Silver "You Hold My Heart Forever" Heart Pendant Necklace, 18"

A gift doesn't have to be expensive to be completely romantic. If you haven't told her that she has your heart, let a beautiful necklace say it for you. An engraved necklace is one of the most sentimental gift ideas that you can choose from, whether you are getting it for Valentine's Day, her birthday, or just to say "I love you."

This necklace is a part of's curated collection, a special selection of jewelry on their site which is hand-selected for its quality and packaged in special gift boxes, so your heart pendant will come in the perfect packaging.

This cheap heart necklace is also available plated in rose gold or yellow gold, so you can buy the version that suits her taste in jewelry. It comes on an 18-inch chain in the matching metal.

Sterling Silver Freeform Spiral Heart Pendant Necklace
Sterling Silver Freeform Spiral Heart Pendant Necklace

This sterling silver heart pendant is much more abstract than the previous necklace. So many women would love to receive a necklace like this! The spiral shape in the center of the heart is a symbol of new life and growth in some cultures. It is a wonderful addition to the heart, representing your growth together as a couple.

This necklace is also American made and has strong reviews from the happy customers who have already purchased it. Since buying jewelry online can be tricky, I always like to check out customer reviews before making a purchase.

Sterling Silver Small Box-Chain with Hearts Necklace
Sterling Silver Small Box-Chain with Hearts Necklace

Featured Image: Sterling Silver Small Box-Chain with Hearts Necklace, 16"

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Sterling Silver "Loved" Open Heart Pendant Necklace

Diamond Key to Her Heart Necklace in Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Polished Heart Locket Necklace

Sterling Silver Two Open Hearts Inside Larger Heart Pendant

Sterling Silver "Sisters" Double Heart Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Tri-Color Open Floating Three Hearts Necklace

Gold Plated Heart Necklaces

To keep your jewelry purchase under $50, you will probably not be able to find solid gold necklaces and pendants. However, you can still get the look of yellow or rose gold by finding a gold-plated heart necklace. From the outside, you won't be able to tell that these necklaces aren't gold, but because they are sterling silver or other metals on the interior, they are much more affordable.

14k Yellow Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Polished Diamond-Cut Triple-Heart Pendant Necklace , 18"
14k Yellow Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Polished Diamond-Cut Triple-Heart Pendant Necklace , 18"

Three hearts linked together in the center gives a substantial look to this beautiful gold pendant. Checking out the reviews, several people bought this necklace for their wives, who all loved it!

This heart necklace also comes from the Amazon curated collection. It uses created diamonds to accent the gold color and shape. Necklaces like this look very high end, without costing a fortune.

Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Heart Filigree Pendant Necklace, 18"
Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Heart Filigree Pendant Necklace, 18"

The delicate filigree of this necklace makes it something special. Instead of being plated with a traditional yellow gold, it has a pink-tinted rose gold. Rose gold is an allow of gold and a little bit of copper, which dramatically changes the color of the gold. Having the pink undertones is perfect when it comes to a heart necklace.


Satya Jewelry "Tender Heart" 24K Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace

Small Floating Curved Heart Pendant White Gold Plated Necklace

Heart Pendant Necklace with Diamond Accent with Rose Gold Plating

DiAura 14k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Diamond-Accent Heart Pendant

More Beautiful (and Cheap) Heart Necklaces - Add Gemstones for a Pop of Color

While most of the heart pendants featured so far just focus on the metal and shapes, you can also incorporate a little color into your jewelry purchase. Although many of the gemstones you will find on cheap heart necklaces will be created versions, that doesn't make the jewelry any less beautiful. These pieces combine the stones and metals to create a special look that would be perfect this Valentine's Day.

More Cheap Heart Necklaces on eBay

There are tons of new and vintage heart necklaces available on eBay, and many of them are quite affordable. You can find a beautiful vintage piece for a girl who rocks a retro look, or purchase jewelry made by small artisans who use the auction site to grow their business. Check these current auctions to see what is for sale right now.

Do you have any tips for finding beautiful (and affordable) gifts for the one you love? Which one of these necklaces is your favorite? Share your thoughts here!

What do you think of these cheap heart necklaces and pendants?

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